Malaysia Urban Legends – Haunted Karak Highway

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I know I’ve blogged about an incident about the infamous haunted Karak Highway but this one is a story that has been told to me over numerous times by different people of different background levels. Most of the time the stories about Karak Highway varies, afterall, its an urban legend! But this is one story that I find creepy but at the same time hard to believe. You be the judge.

It was late at night when a young couple and their baby was travelling in a car along the Karak Highway. They were trying to get home, like the rest of the other Malaysians because it was nearing festive season. And like the many other Malaysians, they choose to travel at night to avoid the traffic jam and also the heat of the sun when noon gets in the way.

As they were travelling along the lonely stretch of Karak Highway, suddenly, the car gave a sudden jerk and started making weird noises. The husband was fairly surprised because he remembered to check the car before travelling long distance to ensure the safety of his family. Soon, they had no choice but to stop by the roadside. The husband got out of the car to check the car engine while his wife and baby was waiting in the car. After a few minutes, he came back and reported that he could not see anything wrong and tried starting the car again. However, the car just would not budge. At loss, the husband made a difficult decision to either wait until another car comes along or walk to the nearest phone booth.

Not wanting to leave his family behind, they waited. After some 20 minutes or so, the highway remained quiet. The husband wondered why was there such calmity on the highway when festive celebrations are just around the corner. Perhaps it was due to the late night, he thought to himself. After what seemed like eternity, the husband decided to take the second option.
Advising his wife to lock the doors and take care, he left them behind with a heavy heart. His wife, on the other hand, watched her husband walk away with worries on her mind. She prayed hard that someone would eventually notice their stalled car and offer help. She was also worried that accidents might happen.

Hours passed by and soon she started getting even more worried. She was worried something might happen to her husband. Worried, she fought with herself over if she should just keep on waiting or leave the car behind and look for her husband. But where should she start looking? In the end, she decided to get out of the car to stretch her legs. As soon as she came out of the car, she realized that something was staring at her from behind. As she turned, she saw the bodiless head of her husband with his eyes and mouth wide open as if in shock staring back at her. Til this day, no one has found the remains of his body.

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76 Responses to “Malaysia Urban Legends – Haunted Karak Highway”

  1. Malaysia Urban Legends Haunted Karak Highway at Malaysia Today and Beyond Says:

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  2. earl-ku Says:

    hmmmm the one i heard has a diff ending ….

    as the women waited, for kinda long time edy, suddenly there was the red and blue light from a patrol car, then he saw this policemen walking to their car, and lay low while signalling her to open the car door, then asked to walk out and not look up, and remind her all the time not to look back or up the car … just walk …

    as she reached the safety distance of the police car, she looked back and saw this thing on top of her car munching on her husband …

  3. jenny Says:

    I never heard about these urban legends in karak highway. But from both of the stories, really scary.

  4. d_D Says:

    Scariest yet!

  5. moo_t Says:

    Sounds like jack ripper movies. :p

  6. Ic3Que3n Says:

    earl-ku, yes! I’ve heard of this ending as well!!! That’s a pretty freaky one also.

    jenny, well, we will never know if this is a true story or not

    dd, this is just one of the endings.

    moo_t, unfortunately, we will never know if its really jack that did this.

  7. Kenny Ng Says:

    Karak Highway really got lots of ‘weird’ story. But this story quite different from what I heard.

  8. ic3 Que3n Says:

    kenny, care to share your version?

  9. Jules Says:

    First off i love this site and its effort to compile people’s experiences with the paranormal, or the not easily explained happenings, great work!

    Karak highway has its fair share of stories, two of those stories i know of happened to two close friends of mine, but that is for another time to share. (floating head anyone? yes both are regarding a floating head and totally different settings)

    For those who are not to sure of this story, this one is a lovely variation of a common urban legend. (you got to love those urban legends) Its setting has been altered to fit a more local flavour but a few key concepts are still there, car stalling, lonely walk to get help, and gruesome ending on the roof of the car. I have heard both the US setting and a few local variations as you all have heard, with/without the police. I finally found the link for the story
    While its highly unlikely it happened, it still makes an excellent story to tell.=]

  10. silent night Says:

    is it true?…..muhahahahhahaa…since i 8 years old my father use karak highway until now i’m already have 2 children and often used this highway to back our home town nothing freaky thing happen to us…muhahahahahhaha…maybe not karak highway kut,maybe north south highway..muhahahhaha…

  11. aNa Says:

    yeah~~ earl-ku, i’ve readed that!! i have the book but too bad my uncle borrowed it and never return it~

  12. imran hassan Says:

    well a good story then..but if i told you mine would it be ok?’s a real life experience from my dad hassan momong who is a GM (kesihatan dan paramedic) in yayasan sabah in kota kinabalu. well for sure i am not telling lies because this are the story that blurted out when he “accidentally”spoken about his eerie encounters when traveling ‘out station’ to visit the pedalaman people in sabah. ok to cut story short he was from an area called ‘sungai-sungai in sabah’ wanted to go home to our house in menggatal.. so he has to pass through kudat telupid and ranau (district or kampungs.) lucky for kl highway user got sos telephone booth to call for help is a break down occurs..but at sabah theres no such things as sos phone booth..all you rely is your hp (if got signals) and the car (4×4) to be exact. ok he was going home traveling from telupid to ranau (along the way theres no habitual place or ppl living there due to dense jungle) gaung and mountainous area..quite straight road and a bit hilly road (near kaki gunung kinabalu) along the way when he was climbing the last hill that supposed to took hin arround 15min at speeds of 80-90kmj (tared road)using 4th or the 5th gear to reach the top(usual). mysteriously his 4×4 become so buredned or heavy like bearing heavy laden equiptment he is resulted to climb the not so steep hill at 10-20kmj using his 2nd and 1st gear all the way to the top(a km or so) he told a jocking way he say to me his diesel is still half full so what the hell is he’s gona climb the hill using all 4 wheels that guzzels more than driving with normal transmission. ok funny thing is he’s driving alone and he think mybe his engine is playing on him so he tries again 1st gear then 2nd but when entering the 3rd gear it’s just going to stall.. the hill isn’t so steep like 10-20 degrees maybe.. so he turned to the radio staton with the ppl reading quran.. not much diffrence he says this not usual to him been traveling that same road for almost 15yrs evry time he’s out station.. when he reached the top of the hill and start descending down he taught he could picked up speed but same thing happened.. this “drag” continues untill he reach near pekan ranau wher habitual of human could be found then tis 4×4 could roll on normal speed again..he told his experience to his lower staff what happen the day after and cracked a joke that mybe all the “datuk’nenek,moyang,cucu etc of a jin” is hitch hiking his 4×4 all the way to ranau and got off near the pekan..although no sightings by him but the feeling of your suddenly being heavy forcing you to use 1st gear while decending a hill is not in the law of physic (yes he checked the brakes and hand brakes and no theres nothing wrong with the transmission of the 4×4 its a company car so all service is burdened by his company after all travelling 10-15km with 1st and 2nd gear would make you checked with the gear box being damaged isn’t? ) he’s still didnt talk much buut ghost sightings or spooky things to us he rather keep the secrets to himself though..

  13. aieyda anieys Says:

    ooh i heard the same stiry too… the policeman came to bring out the lady..

  14. joewin Says:

    yeah, i heard the same story as well but i heard it differently.
    The woman was waiting in the car when she her some banging on the top of the car. as her husband told her to stay put, she remained in the car. then the police came. they told her to come out and to remain calm of wat she will see. what she saw was her husband’s head on the top of the car. apparently it was banged onto the roof a couple of times.

  15. rayden chan Says:

    Obviously, some clever malaysian have change this story and make up an Karak Highway Joke.

  16. Kiko Says:

    So yeah I was once on the Karak Highway too, and I saw a Ghost! What did it look like? I don’t know! I don’t care! It was a ghost!

    The End

  17. Ken Says:

    The version i heard say the wife and police sees a pontianak eating the flesh of the husband at the end

  18. g0thgh0st007 Says:

    man……… luckily, i’m staying in sabah…….. and i’ve never travelled from ranau or telupid or kudat in the middle of the night…….

  19. KC Says:

    I heard this story before but its the version of the police man bringing the wife to the police car and ask her not to look back, but when she look back she saw a pontianak eating her husband’s head, while the body was found few meters away. And the version i heard happened on the way downhill from Genting Highlands.

  20. suomynona.eno Says:

    I’ve heard the ending the same as earl-ku did (word for word) but the location I heard was not Karak but the stretch between Kuala Kangsar – Jelapang iirc. Urban legend maybe but honest to God nearly 6 years ago when I had to make the trip up north for a relative’s passing, it was a late night dash. Upon reaching that particular stretch, there was this “out of the ordinary” massive JPJ-PDRM joint ops going on (unusual because of the timimg it wasn’t festive like Raya or CNY and particularly annoying since it was like located just pass a flyover) that I had to go through. After the usual customary salutations right after I wound down my car window, the “pakcik polis” gave me a once over with his flashlight and proceeded (politely I might add) to request me to pull over.Since I was pretty sure that I kept to the speed limit and are relatively legit at all aspects I willingly complied coolly just to get that part over with.Turned out that my left headlight was slightly weaker than the other and he just wanted to make sure that everything else was in order. He let me off while suggesting that I SHOULD make efforts to have it looked at once I arrive to my destination. What puzzled me until today in relation to the topic is, this police officer also added:-

    (in Malay, I’ll translate everything afters)
    “Dik (short for -Adik- or younger brother in Malay since I’m younger than him).Pandu elok-elok, jaga sikit brek lepas tu jangan lupa tengok-tengokkan minyak tu.Beberapa kilometer lagi ni jauh jugaklah depan tu, jalan ni “keras” betul kau jangan main-main.Dah ada satu kes ngeri kat sini.Kalau apa-apa hal jadi kereta breakdown ke apa, KO JANGAN SESEKALI KELUAR DARI KERETA!Guna handphone call kitorang atau PLUS response team pastu duduk diam-diam.Ko jangan keluar sampai kitorang datang!”

    Translation:- “Drive carefully,watch how you apply the brakes and keep that fuel gauge in check.It’s gonna be a good amount of kilometers more further off here and this stretch is “a dark one” don’t you f*** around.There’s already a previous horrifying case that has happened so if anything goes wrong, your car stalls down or whatever YOU DO NOT LEAVE OR GET OUT OF THE CAR UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE!Use your cellphone and call us or PLUS’ response team and then sit tight.DO NOT GET OUT OF THE CAR until we get to you!”

    Moving on to conclusions, I made it in good time and thankfully nothing bad or out of the grid had happened to me but the officer’s stern cautions that fateful night did left me hanging more on curiosity rather than fear.Was the story really is a true event? Did it happened there? Because I honestly had dismissed this tale as an urban legend at 1st, prior to my related event above but now I’m not quite sure what to make even if it’s a feature.Whatever is it that had happened there as the good police officer’s told me about that “case”,I don’t know but it may have been substantially serious.

  21. Vasily_Hknen Says:

    Hi everyone,

    Suomynona’s tale looks true and scary. Were the policemen speaking of the truth? They seemed to be serious about this pontianak case.

  22. Kai Says:

    I heard the same version like earl-Ku..but some other points added:

    1) It was in early 70’s
    2)the couple was an indian husband and wife
    3) Happened somehere around Genting Sempah.
    4) the police are from the GOF ( General Operation Force, a half military police for or what Malaysian called as Jungle Squad or PPH back then)
    5)before the police came, there was a loud bang ,like something fall on the car roof but the lady was so afraid to go out and check it out.
    6) there were some cars passing by..and the cars keep honking and flashing the beam whenever they passed her car.
    7) the police arrived and shot something on the car roof. and then using loud speaker to ask the lady to come out and dont look back.As the lady safely reached the police jeep, she turned around and saw her dead body of her hubby (with head) with tormented sratch and most of his internal abdomen were scattered on car roof.’s some different version about the ending: The police said, they saw…

    Version 1:
    – A Banshee ( Pontianak) was eating her hubby on the car roof

    – A big hairy-furry humanoid creature, like a werewolf ,just with a pair of wing…was eating her hubby on the car roof.

    i dunno which version is real but i did asked my uncle , who was a police recruit back then and he also heard about the story ,passed over by his instructor and seniors.He said, the most told is the banshee version.

    And lastly, i remember ‘Mastika’ , (a Malay Magazine that resembled Readers Digest) did cover the story about this.They had interviews with some veteran policemen who actually were at the scene and involved in the investigation of the case..but not single one of them want to share and exposed the ending.It’s like a really big confidential case and no one in the police department dare to open their mouth.. X-file, perhaps?

  23. Reen Says:

    Urmm… i heard of this story before…. but my version is like KC’s… It’s in the genting tunnel… the very long one… & the car passed by quickly the wife got curious… & the polis came & told her to get out of the car & dun look back… she did & saw her huband get eaten by 3 things… one eting his head, one his body & one more… his legs or something….

  24. RAZE Says:

    emmmm… i’ve heard once that one car, i think back in early 90’s, got banged by something on the drive side door and something scratched the roof top with a claw, straight down the back on karak in early morning. i still can’t believe the story. but i believe it exist.

  25. prem anand Says:

    i start shooting momok jangan panggil aku next year and the stretch that we are shooting is the karak highway this time the movie will be more scary than the first one

  26. icequeen Says:

    hi anand, appreciate if you could quote my website in your FB page. TQ!

  27. prem anand Says:

    its done ….. thanks for sharing this and more the part of the karak highway ghost stories that we are using is little boy that lost his mother and yellow volkeswagon

  28. prem anand Says:

    since the fb page has non participants i wonder u guys whould help spread more urban legends from the karak highway

    this is the link to my group page

  29. Jake Says:

    i refuse to believe this but suomyna’s posts seems very convincing. maybe it was a true story but you know stories get told and passed on from mouth to mouth till finally the ending’s all fucked. but seriously suomyna,it was a really disturbing fact that the policemen gave you all that advice,if i were you i’d shit in my pants lol.

  30. mawar Says:

    truth is, that area is notorious with paranormal activities, even during its construction days. my father was the chief mechanic back then, and he reported that several ghost encounters as well as poltergeist activities occur almost everyday/nite. namely pontianak, dark-hairy-tall creature sightings, machineries and vehicles would suddenly stall/broke down, and eerie howling / screaming at wee hours.

  31. kak dah Says:

    seriously dude… its very scary.. im in my ofice at 1.30pm… reading all the ghost stories ( saturday maaa.. no mood to do work.. haha) it gives me goosebump.

    i’ve also know abt this karak higway story. i’ve heard 2 version one with the head on the car roof, the other is the bansee eating the husband.. but either one.. still creeps me out…

  32. try2help Says:

    usually demons attack humans.. ghost don’t.. the attacker might be one asshole demon….

  33. john91 Says:

    so many diff fren told me almost the sme thing except for the husband came back to the car and advise his wife not to go out…he stayed with her in the car until the police arrived..they ask her to step out of the car…ONLY HER…she tot mybe her 1st then her husbnd..when she arrived at the jeep..she looked bck and saw her husband getting eaten on the car..who was in the car?? could be his spirit helping her or sumting…thats how i heard it…

  34. Navinesh Says:

    haha.. i live near karak highway.. and sometimes.. i travel to genting by taxi or bus.. mostly taxi.. once an old taxi driver showed me the placed where this incident happen.. what really happened is his wife was so worried and started crying.. a loud bang on the roof.. mist was around everywhere.. few cars pass by were honking and flashing headlights.. lucky a police car came and officers got very shocked of what they saw on the roof.. she was crying and so afraid.. when she saw the police.. they told her to come out.. she was relived carried her baby and ran to the police.. she was crying and yelling complaining abt her husband.. they pulled her to the police car.. while the police man was pulling her to the police car door.. she looked behind at the roof.. a white thing with long hair.. muching the head.. and somehow she got insane after few years.. the baby was raised by her relatives..

  35. Navinesh Says:

    then.. i have this story.. my frens brothers.. atually both of them are friends.. and one of them is my frens bro.. he was driving in a tunnel.. i dont really remember where.. it was 2008 when my fren told me.. they both was in the car.. the tunnel was empty.. at night.. 9 pm.. then the driver felt uneasy.. like smthings touching.. a chill.. he saw the front mirror.. a long hair looking down.. white thing.. holding the both front seats..
    both of them saw it and hit the pedal.. they were elderly ppl.. n they are familiar with these things.. they was not afraid but furious.. hit the oil and speeded to the end.. it dissapeared when they were about to reach the exit.. and they headed to the temple.. to avoid being followed.. wash feet outside their home..

  36. Navinesh Says:

    btw.. there another one.. how would you feel if u saw your fren sitting with her eyes wide open and licking her own head ?.. A LONG TONGUE !!!

  37. mischaduchmond Says:

    i heard d same story frm my mom…spooooooky…

  38. supertitiousgirl Says:

    gosh.. i really enjoy all the comments and stories published by you guys! this is seriously a horror story adi. wondering why this karak highway can be so creepy..

  39. Fiera Says:

    Guys, I do love this story and all the comments, yeah thats truly scary, creepy and frightening, the ending is very sad coz of her husband death tragically, I really cant accept the death lol, why coz if me the wife I will follow my husband come out too and i will reciting al-quran coz it is dangerous if come out alone and no one there,or better just staying in the car and make sure your car’s light blinking otherwise prepare torch light and play with the light.. I dont want say too much coz its creep me up now, coz i always pass through the karak highway, might be white bear and family ate his husband coz of hungryyyyyy…..

  40. aloya Says:

    Wah so seram wan, never heard of this story before. I used to drive in Gua Musang years back at 3am. The road were so white with midst, visibility was only 50 meter. My friend were sleeping beside, no radio signal. This bugger have only Black metal cassete in his car, bloody hell. I can’t stop saying God’s name while driving..

  41. Yip Wee Says:

    My policeman friend confirmed the story. The stretch is in fact to Janda Baik. Old people will tell you not to travel up or down the Janda Baik road at night.

  42. helmy abdullah Says:

    Reading the story and all those comment really scared the hell out of me right now

  43. prem anand r Says:

    i recently finish the movie called momok jangan panggil aku where the story takes place on the karak highway to pahang wherewe used some ofthe urban legends like the yellow vw and the kid that knocks on window …. and the selesa homes ….

    i am the asst director for this movie which comes outin march nextyear

  44. Sheila Mona Says:

    hmmmmmm ~

    its same like to the urban legends here in Sabah that i had read before in a book called borneo ghost stories (not sure the title of it but something like that ?)

    but yet thanks for the post the story then

    I enjoyed read it !


  45. GH Says:

    I feel its true cause i’ve gone to karak highway n the karak old road for ghost hunting…..
    Its really scary…..freakin dark,no hp signal…..
    Dun ever challenge those ur thr…..go n come back quietly..

  46. ray Says:

    hmm…talking bout ghost stories…
    im in kuching…
    n few days ago…
    i was wif my fren go jln2 from kenyalang to bako n from bako to 4th mile jln kreta api…
    as we use the road from central park…
    there’s this 1 lonely stretch of road with houses…
    but the house of coz all occupied la…
    but as we past this 1 house..
    my fren suddenly yelled out..
    ‘wa…!!u all use this road ka..?watever u all do,don look left right,\don look bak,n dont mention anything until we past this area…’
    then we reamain silence…
    reali panic la tat time…aduhhh..~!
    i was wondering…
    wat stories or hauntings do they hav at tat particular area..?
    sum1 who knows…
    can tell me..?=)

  47. Lynn Goh Says:

    did the thing follow your group back??

  48. RIza Says:

    ghost eat man? wahahahaha… what a crap! hey pontianak karak come & eat me la if you dare!

  49. Lene Says:

    I’m from Sabah and the version of this story that I heard supposedly happened on the Sandakan – Ranau highway, a place that is in fact, quite known to be haunted. Anyway, in this version, after the car breaks down and the husband leaves to get to the nearest village, the pregnant wife begins to smell a sickening sweet scent, laced with a putrid smell. Right then, strange knocking noises start to happen on the car’s roof. At first, the wife brushes it off, since it’s drizzling and they’re on a road surrounded by trees (could be falling leaves, twigs…etc). Eventually though, as time passed and the husband was still gone, she began to get worried. Then, in the distance she spots a car’s headlights. She nears the window to ask for help, and the car seems to slow down as well, just as the driver’s head pops out to question her. However, as the driver gets closer, he looks up, freaks out, and speeds away, leaving the woman behind. Perplexed, the woman’s worries intensify, all while the smells and the knockings continue… After a few minutes a police car approaches, and like the car before it, slows down, abruptly speeds up, but then stops a few metres away from the wife. One of the officers comes out and calls over the loudspeaker for the woman to run over and to NOT, under no circumstances, TO NOT LOOK BACK. Freaked out, the woman does as she’s told, almost passing out from the smell of rot. As the officers get her into the car, she tells them that her husband is still out there. And right then…she turns around. And there, on the top of the car, is a pontianak, bloody and rotten, devouring the crushed head of her husband. This story end with the woman screaming in agony as the police car drives her away.

  50. BoeBot Says:

    Looks like this Ms Ponti is a serial killer.. same killing MO only different in execution.. ehehehe..

    Anyway.. suomynona.eno story was confirmed as well by a legendary police officer who was at the scene. Yip Wee’s police fren may have encoutered a diff case (refer to my top line)

    Prem Anand : great that you’re promoting your movie.. please dont dissapoint.
    Also, not trying to correct you, but a good friend of mine had the yellow VW chasings personally at the K.Kangsar – Jelapang stretch as well. Starts before the tunnel, vanished in tunnel, then passed the VW after tunnel (saw only heavy smoke, like burning leaves kinda smoke) then vanished while nearing toll, passed again after toll. Thing is, he was the only one paying the toll at the only opened booth. no cars behind, suddenly the VW already in front by the roadside.

    Riza: The Hard Truth! (but beware) this goes to everyone also…
    Ghosts are demons/ Djinns tends to take form of a person’s imagination (of what he/she would be scared of.. hence the cik ponti and whatever not).. thus why a person will get really scared seeing one.
    For the religious viewers, ‘It’ will have to ask permission (doa) from God to even show itself to a human, due to them being in a world not seen by human naked eyes.
    For not so religious viewers, here’s where ‘a figment of your imagination’ is created.

    Since most of us believes the existence of these entities.. let me just say, understand that they’re there, but harm a person they cannot unless permitted. (Riza… jaga2..) and that they are a creation of God as much as we are.
    And most of us knows that we (humans ) are the best of God’s creations.

    Point is, look back into history (religious books) and be fond of the greatness of ‘human power’ to control these beings. For we should not be afraid of other creations (but respect), we should be scared of our Creator, for He is the only Being that can take one’s life in a blink of an eye.

  51. Sufi Khal Says:

    OMG, this story has been spread by people all over singapore.
    I first heard it from my aunt, when i was 12. I didn’t know it was real until i read this post, and all the memory i had came back. This story here is real no doubt. This is what my aunt told me EXACTLY the same. So people, beware of this place.

  52. rujhan Says:

    I’ve heard this story once.the old karak road/highway.isn’t it?one of the haunted and scariest story in main malaysian highway.till now.hope this story never ever happens again for all malaysian citizens especially who often uses this higway.

  53. saifudin gombak Says:

    come lets watch KaraK !

  54. barreneye Says:

    las year on 1st may, i went to a mzic n camp event somewhere at the hillside of janda baik,anyway,it’s a camping site.the event started at 9pm-5a.m..longest jamming session i ‘ve ever had. a friend is a residence there, i did asked him about this story if he ever heard of it..or maybe his parents who’d been staying earlier than him of course,ever heard of this horror story,said he never heard such story, there.However, yes..the road to the hillside village Janda Baik is really errm .. chilling, to my bones. since it was my first time, half-way driving there, i actually decided to head back to the RnR Genting Sempah,n call my friend if i were on the right route, he said yes ..n it was already gathered all my nerve,driving along that seemingly neverending corners,uphill,downhill and thankGod, made it with no ghostly hassle or whatsoever but just battling with my own fear of the unknown.

    Frankly speaking, it is a very unique to stay overnight like chalet/resort is not a problem,at all .. a very-very pleasant place to chill-out, n if u ‘d like to go googoogaga,it’d take only half an hour from there to genting highlands, because at Janda Baik, 7 p.m upward is all set for anykind of horror movies for the first timer, but as the second time i went there .. it is real pleasing as i believe in what my friend said to me, there’s no such thing.

  55. aurelius Says:

    karak highway memang br ni,sy pg ke terengganu ikut jalan tu around 9pm..n the road is so quiet..berkabus…tak tau pulak jalan tu berpuaka..lps tgk karak movee br perasan…mmg menyeramkan..dah la gelap…kalau drive sorang sorang elok jalan siang je..

  56. I have No life Says:

    You see guys. This is why I play World Of Warcraft all day long. Call me a social retarted…No life… BUT meh, the outside world is freaking scary.

  57. Prem Says:

    Hey guys, I really am scared. I really am. I want to know if it’s true! I want to know more about this!

  58. Nihal Says:

    i heard a different story…………..the 1 i heard is that the car stop infront of karak highway……..then the husband went into the jungle to find water……..then the wife waited for hours and he didnt come back………then suddenly the wife heard banging noises on the roof of the car……then she raan away without looking bck…….then when she looked back she saw a ghost banging her husbnd head on the roof……

  59. Hanee Says:

    This truly is a true story yeah.. I want to watch Karak..

  60. Rogier Says:

    This is the most complete nonsense I have ever red. I heard about this story, looked it up and ended here.

    People that believe this urban legend should go to the clinic to get their brains checked out, it’s ridiculous that people nowadays believe in ghost stories. Ghosts don’t exists!!! Grow up and move on.

    Btw. ever considered that we have wild animals in that area??? Maybe noises are being caused by them??? Just the fact that we have so many versions of the same lame story already tells me enough. Another interesting I like to share with you all, most of the Urban Legends are from Malaysia when you look at the stories in South East Asia. People here are just suspicious that it becomes hilarious. I live in Malaysia now for a while and the number of ghost encounters are bizarre, and the funny thing is, I haven’t seen any!!!

    Grow up, and don’t believe in Urban Legends, its called a Legend for a reason……………….

  61. Raizzen Says:


    If I were u I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss this kind of thing. In Islam, Muslims acknowledge that not everything could be explained through science. There are some force unseen to the naked eyes at work.

    No disrespect to whatever religion you’re practicing – so here’s a point am trying to make:

    A couple years back, my late uncle used to be a cab driver. And as most cab drivers could attest, these encounters are quite common. And there was this one route that so many drivers refused to drive through because according to them – there was this lady who hails a cab, ride it and left her ‘baby’ in the car. Her baby – you guess it – a graveyard headstone.

    But there was this Singh guy who would go around rudely dismissing this news he’d heard. And as time would have it. He was hailed by a woman and unsuspectingly allowed her to get in the cab. Just for her to be missing leaving with her a rotting scent. Well I don’t wanna get into too much details as am typing around 2.00 a.m after watching this Karak movie. It sucks. But still……………

    So my point is, it could happen to anyone really.

    Good day mate – No pun intended.

  62. Afiq Says:

    You will remain an unbeliever until you saw one, trust me this thing do exist probably due some exaggerations by the public the story had alter a bit from time to time, I admit never saw one of it before but believe me it’s a thing you don’t want to mess about.

  63. kenneth Says:

    very nice n spooky story!I think we must be aware of these kind of supernatural things if we don’t want to end up dead.

  64. kenneth Says:

    i think we r lucky to not encounter with these kind of things.

  65. Qistina Says:

    Hi. Can I tell you my story? This happened to my dad when I was a baby. It was late night and my grandmother called to go back to our kampung because my greatgrandmother was ill. So all of us, my dad, my mum and the baby me had no choice but to go back to our kampung. So while my dad was driving suddenly he was shaking and started to recite some of surah. My mum was dumbstruck but she don’t want to ask my dad because she was with a baby and she was scared as well. As soon as we reached kampung, my dad told my mum that he saw a tall ghost or as we malay call it, hantu galah. He just drove the car the open spaces between the ghost’s legs. Alhamdulillah nothing happened though!

  66. miz scatterbrained Says:

    i’m totally get ol my hairs were standing…… though it is evening but dusk….. i hev feel the horrified spooky terrible and full of crazy ghost stories….. u ol got me shaking….. i’ve been look ol ’round me when i read ur posts….. but thanks i think i can share this page wit my fwen n let them enjoyed the horrifying, frightening stories of urs….. so just get the story updated……n mb i’m also wish 2 send a post of my ghost stories n the stories that i’d hear from my relatives n fwen…….. :)

  67. Old Snake Says:

    Wow~! This story was true one loh..But dont be suprise because the road was their so-called territory. So better be travel during dawn time because when is night time, >> MIST + UNKNOWN ATTACK.

    Don’t need to waste the time disturb the policemen because the witness may not be able to tell the actual situations. Why? . Just imagine that condition, nervous + fears, so who can describe the actual moments, all described above is true but not accurate.The victim is at the car roof(True) but some say biting, some eat eating the heads, some say sucking the blood off, some say with wings, and some say is long hair. Which is the one then? All-in-one? Spirits or wild animals or vampires?

    I think sometimes we are quite lucky in our country as the spirit(NOT PONTIANAK)seldom causes threat to Malaysia locals. Not like other country such as Indonesia and Thailand, whereby the “spirit” will really harm by posession and control his/her body and doing fatal acts. I had a lot of this experiences + encounters but is not good way to describe at this topics. I think there are no appropiate topics for me to post them. So i will continue keep my stories shut…

  68. hey - ghost! Says:

    What the?! omg, im chilling to the spine now! at this hour reading all those spooky + obnoxious + funny comments really thrilled me. idk, i mean, standing myself to believe such a legend (or it might be true) or it just a mumbo jumbo created by people obviously a stories came out from their fantasies. so, let say i just standing in between of those. but i believe in ‘their’ existence becoz i’ve seen once, i’ve heard once the sounds they made to scare the hell outta me(in my house).

    Nevertheless, it just doesn’t only happened in Karak’s anywhere could be the spot of fright. somehow it’s us who make it real. seriously, u dare to walking alone in a lonely and dark place (like u have a guts hanging around ur body), happen to be ignorance, foolishly acting on ur own, sorta Bonaparte-like huh? please, they are demons and have swore to God to derailed us from the right path and maybe threatened us.

    Let the scary thought out from ur brain and think it’s just nothing but yet to believe in ‘them’.pretend it is nothing, dont be too afraid and pray our safety to God.

  69. just a guy Says:

    i see this guys having fun at janda baik

    but seriously it still freaks me out.. bcoz many had share this stories.

    The thing is?? karak or plus highway?

  70. Ferr Remy Says:

    Seriously I heard the f***king creepy story to when I was a kid. Dont hv any idea wether its true or not that time, but it gave me goosebump whenever my parents and I using highway at night.

    But yeah, I heard the version that the woman heard a big bang sound on the rooftop of the car and then the policemen come and blah3 so on just like the other story.

    Actually I believed it’s not happened at Karak Highway, yeah the road is haunted, but I still believed it’s not happened in Karak Highway.

  71. fernandez Says:

    ferr remy: no,it was happened in karak highway!

  72. kriz Says:

    i have heard some said happened in north south highway,some said karak and genting.,which one??or does it happen at all of the highways??

  73. french fries Says:

    Every saturday night, 988 chinese radio station has a segment that allows us to call in and tell unexplained stories. I remember clearly there’s one lady who called in and gave similar story of how a woman had waited in the car for her husband to fetch some petrol. It’s dark and all followed by sound of thumping from the car roof. She was afraid to exit her car and check but passing cars would slow down and upon reaching her side, then accelerate. Some would honk and flash lights. So eventually police patrol car arrive and got her to exit her car and not turn back and look. The story end with the policeman trying to fire at the ‘thing’ that was biting on his husband’s head. The lady who called in also said 20 years ago, it’s published on the newspaper which she had kept till now. So the story just ends there unless the paper cutting has all the details. If this was a news, then it’s odd because just casually reading through above comments, not all Malaysians are aware of this news o.O

  74. Ghostbuster Says:

    i believe something did happen but after being told over and over by different generations, the story were spiced up and fictions were added. nevertheless Karak seems spooky when you drive at night. Even more scarier is the way bus driver behave on the road and they are actually the real evil.

  75. ajay Says:

    regarding the floating head story… its true. i have seen it with my cousin. it was floating along the side of road and passed our car. taught it was a plastic bag but it wasnt cuz it floated on a straight line. i did stop the car after a few hundred metres to check if it was windy.. but no wind at all.
    i didnt believe ghost in karak highway but now i do after that incident.

  76. sochai Says:

    what’s even more spooky is that a patrol car will simply popped out of nowhere, out came a uniform traffic officer with a saman book in his hand and ask for ‘ duit ‘ kopi to settle things there right and then. Headless ghost or HANTUS are not as frightening as these ‘ duit ‘ kopi vampires b’cos if you no duit you susah lah……

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