Pangkor Island Ghosts Experience

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Author’s note : Have you ever heard of ghost stories told by someone who happened to someone they know of? Its funny to think that most tourists spots or attractions have their share of rumoured hauntings? Like Port Dickson, Malacca, Genting Highlands, Cameron Highlands and even Penang especiall Penang Bridge? Perhaps the more the merrier? Wait until you read about my friend’s experience at Pangkor Island!

Pangkor Island Malaysia, Pangkor Island, pangkor, island malaysiaSunny Boy and a group of his friends of about 12 people went to Pangkor Island for their holiday destination. Exactly when this happened, I do not know. What I remembered was Sunny Boy’s look and trembling voice when he related this incident to me.

It was late at night, approximately about 10 p.m plus, when he and his group of friends decided to take their rented motorbike up to the hills. It was said that up above this hill, there was a lighthouse. This lighthouse could oversee the scenery of the whole Pangkor Island and its nearby Lumut town. How beautiful the scenery was, Sunny Boy never came to see. Why? Because along the hilly road, they met an accident.

It started out that one of his friend’s motorbike crashed into the road divider. Thinking that perhaps his friend was pulling pranks, the group continued on the journey. Afterall, it was a minor collision. Then as sudden as it started, another two of the motorbikes that 4 of his friends were riding on collided with each other. Once again, everyone thought that it was malfunction in the motorbikes. They even inspected the bikes on the dark road with only the streets light but could not find any clues why the motorbikes lost control. Perhaps it was something more serious. They continued their journey up.

Pangkor Island Malaysia, Pangkor Island, pangkor, island malaysiaAfter some few minutes, suddenly, Sunny Boy’s own motorbike lost control as if it had a mind of its own. The front tyres of the motorbike raised up to the sky throwing the passanger behind Sunny Boy off. Shocked and freaked out, Sunny Boy and his friends had enough for the night and headed back home because they were afraid of what would have happened next if they insists on continuing their journey.

On the next night, Sunny Boy and his friends decided to chill out at the beach instead. That was about 11pm at night. The group were having fun watching the skies and fooling around with the water when one of their friends pointed out,

“Hey everyone! Look! Did you see that girl just beside the shores over there?”

Everyone looked at the direction that Sunny Boy’s friend was pointing towards. The funny thing was, some claimed they saw the girl whereas some claimed they could not see a single soul. Everyone was still looking at that direction. Those that could not see kept on asking, “Where? Where?”. Those that could see the girl described to their group of friends as a girl with long hair just standing in the middle of a waist deep ocean. The funny thing was, no one could see her face clear enough to get a good description of how she looked like.

Sunny Boy after some time thought something was wrong because there was no one at the beach except for them. How could they including him have missed a girl in the middle of the ocean? He felt chilly and immediately requested to his friends to leave.

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9 Responses to “Pangkor Island Ghosts Experience”

  1. Jason Says:

    I been there b4, but nothing happen to me, may be next time will try to plan to have a jungle tracking. :))

  2. earl-ku Says:

    walau damn freaky man … some weird shit a friend of mine had there too …

  3. Sunny Boy Says:

    Actually i saw nothing, but these people feel so scary & asking me go back… i quite remember this case becoz the motor back light cost me about RM25! #$%%^#$

    RM25 cost a lot to me when i was form 5…

  4. Lockee Says:

    hi… i no belif ghost… but just come in here see see… hehe :p

  5. ic3 Que3n Says:

    Jason, perhaps you are lucky not to see anything?

    earl-ku, freaky!!~~ there goes my plans for Pangkor!

    Sunny Boy, tell Jason wat u experienced is true!

    lockee, just come yit lau har also okay one. like reading books like da vinci code, you dun have to believe it. just enjoy the process!

  6. Yatz Says:

    omg omg omg..nothing happened to me too when i was there long time ago 🙂

  7. ic3 Que3n Says:

    Yatz, Lucky you!

  8. maximus Says:

    been there 4 2times, one wiv my frens n 2nd wiv my ex-gf. nthg happen even though stay at the beach till 4am

  9. maximus Says:

    well, been there for da 3rd time …………. da most spooky one driving alone around 1am …. rounding here n there

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