Ghosts in Phoenix Plaza, Cheras

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Yes, ghosts. Not one but many. You see, my friend Jason visited Phoenix Plaza in Cheras not long ago. Phoenix Plaza happened to be quite an old shopping complex but back in the 80s, it was one of the hot spots of Cheras. Jason went there because as he was invited to a game of badminton and apparently, there is a badminton court indoors that are ready for rent to those interested in this sport.

It was the first time that Jason went there and he did not know where to park his car so he went around the parking lots looking for a suitable carpark. After deciding to park in this specific floor, he looked around for the exit and asked his friends (who were already there in the middle of the game) where was the location of the court. After searching for a while, he decided to go to the toilet first and then only search for the court. Because it was already late in the evening, he did not think of anything weird about the emptiness of the parking lot. He did not even think that there was anything weird when he heard footsteps following behind him walking towards the empty washroom.

After releasing himself, he went to wash his hands and realized that the washroom was empty. It was then that he thought, “This is weird, I thought I heard someone following behind me into one of the cubicles. But, I did not hear the person leaving the washroom as the door would open and close with a squeaky noise”. As he walked out of the washroom, he noticed the chinese restaurant filled with people and was pretty busy. Again, he thought to himself that the chinese restaurant must really have good food since the business was so good even in the weekdays!

After walking for a few minutes following his friend’s instructions, Jason finally found the court and met up with his friends for a good game of badminton. As they were leaving, Jason had to pass by the chinese restaurant again as his car was parked around there. He immediately noticed that the chinese restaurant was closed and boarded up. This time, he thought to himself that the chinese restaurant really closes early!

The following day when Jason and his friends commented about the game they had yesterday, Jason promptly spoke up about the chinese restaurant he saw and suggested to his friends that they could go there for dinner someday. Immediately, all his friends kept quite and looked at him funnily. Finally, one of his friends told him that the chinese restaurant had already been closed for some years. Jason immediately told them that it was impossible as he saw many people and even waitresses and waiters serving hot steaming food! It was then that Jason realized that the chinese restaurant was boarded up because it had been closed for many years!

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34 Responses to “Ghosts in Phoenix Plaza, Cheras”

  1. pisang Says:

    he is one luckly guy……
    because he didn’t go to have a drink 1st before going to game……

  2. ic3_que3n Says:

    ahahahahaha… i’ll let him know!

  3. purple-mushroom Says:

    Hmmm.. could it be a different restaurant? Was he hallucinating? Hmmm… that actually was a spooky place. Business all closed down there.

  4. purple-mushroom Says:

    You know Shaw Parade near Jln Pudu? That place is haunted too. My mum used to have a beauty saloon there, and there were some incidents.. yeee… i scared. Dun wanna talk now. It’s late night.

  5. SoGua Says:

    Hi Purple Mushroom, mind to share your experience ar? i used to visit Shaw Parade during when i’m still a kid 🙂
    That time Shaw Parade has a different name it’s “Kelly”.
    anyway, the light at that place looks dim n place seems dirty and “cold wind blow blow”


  6. pisang Says:

    you know JUSCO Bukit Tinggi Klang?
    Ha….. I heard there haunted too. not in front of 1 eye but in front of a groups of eye’s

  7. ic3_que3n Says:

    pisang, tell some! tell some!

  8. pisang Says:

    i still dig the story ……..

  9. ocho Says:

    weii. i remmber during my time at the Phoenix Plaza, i remembered that restaurant .. and if i remmbered correctly the color of the table cloth and most of the things in the restaurant are in deep red.
    and yes the badminton court located somwhere at the floors. Last time there were even Toy’R’Us and Cinema in Phonix Plaza. I am not sure why it is closed.

  10. shun2u Says:


  11. raydenleo Says:

    Hi dude, I’ve been staying near Shaw Parade Pudu for many years…as far as i know, there’s nothing wrong with that building…
    It used to be rent by Kelly Leisure Mall…then change owner to The Store…and now become Eu Yan Sang…
    There use to be a cinema there, maybe that’s why u all heard of spooky things there…
    apart from it, i think no problem lar…
    This building fengshui no good anyway, people work there no business one..

  12. SoGua Says:

    hi raydenleo, hmmm i’m not quite sure if it’s haunted.
    but purple mushroom seems having some extra ordinary experience with it.

  13. Chubi Says:

    juz wanna correct sumthings..
    it’s scary but not tat anything bad happened there before..
    so why the vast number of ghosts?
    n phoenix plaza wasn’t even built yet in the 80’s…. >.<

  14. Chubi Says:

    another thing ppl..
    how long you all din visit shaw parade dy?
    its no longer dim dim or dark dark..
    n companies ter actually have great business..
    but one thing..
    and true story as wel..
    there are at least 2 ghosts in the female toilet..
    on 1st floor as well as 3rd floor..
    they usually hang on the wall of the last cubicle..
    juz a friendly warning..
    but i dun think they wud harm anyone anyway..
    more than one of the employees working ter have witnessed it..
    scary huh?

  15. raydenleo Says:

    For shaw parade, i have a bad encounter before…
    Should be around 10 years ago, when my mother is applying to work with the cinema (now closed down)..
    There’s one day she bring me to the 3rd floor ( a level where the screening room located) by the lift, we actually reach to a dark creepy level.
    When the lift door open, both of us see an open car park, but it’s dark and cold, like an abandon level.
    Then my mum close the lift fast and get back to the bottom..

    Since that encounter, i still using the lift, but i will never see that floor again.

  16. Michael Says:

    Could this possibly have been a time slip incident rather than a haunting? I have read stories where people step into a place that looks to be from the past and everyone acts and dresses the way they would have in that particular time period. An example is a group of British tourists in the 1970s who stayed in a 19th century hotel in France. On the way back, they could not find any trace of the hotel.

  17. whatever Says:

    are you sure this about this story? Most Cheras people know that Phoenix Plaza is completed in the early nineties and not in the 80’s as you mentioned here. furthermore, it was never a hot spot for Cheras people…

  18. watermelon Says:

    last time got isetan in phoenix plaza leh…back in 96 if im not mistaken coz i been there…but the place really creeps u out now…i think the invisible tenant more den human liao now…

  19. Nicklee Says:

    I was told a story by my uncle who worked at Phoenix Plaza. His colleague was one day taking the lift to the food court. When he stepped into the lift, he noticed a very surprising thing. There was a naked woman squatting at the corner of the lift. It seemed that the woman was crying or something. Usually, by normal reaction ppl would ask if the girl is fine and all. However, instincts and something told him not to approach the girl and leave her alone. Something did not feel right and he felt chilly!

    As the lift was approaching the food court floor, our friend could still see the girl squatting there (facing the wall). However, when the lift reached the destination and the door opened, the friend turned back one more time before stepping out and the girl just disappeared. She was no longer there! :S

    Apparently, there had been many similar sightings of a lady wandering around the Plaza (not always naked). My uncle even shared that once when he was going to the toilet on the ground floor, he noticed a lady dressed in white walking into the gents. He thought it was weird and strange, but when he went into the gents…to his surprise, he did not see any lady or person in the toilet.

  20. dragonslayer Says:

    I pass by phoenix plaza recently and I think the Proton Dealer was still there. But i didn’t stop to ask abt business or anything, heard too many stories. They should DEMOLISH that monstrocity of a bldg and start fresh, BUT first get a priest to ‘redeem’ that place. other faiths also can. OR maybe all together. Feng shui NOT good also. Too many cars going round and round……bad ill winds….

  21. lion923 Says:

    Yalo, that plaza was not establish in 80s. Moreover there is no Isetan over there. My parent own a shop there selling foods. We closed down because of the management raise the rent for almost 30%. Fajar superstore was the most severe affected. That why when it closed down, many small business stores like us.

  22. pohsang Says:

    Phoenix never got any ghost or anything …. used to went there during child times … remember once i stop at cinema level .. that time i was alone n tot to go there have a look that cinema been closed down least see something how it’s look like – never enter cinema before – when reach that floor outside was so dark cause shut down , but i saw the light from right side as the main entrance – once i went out – i realised the door locked and my behind was terrible dark cant see anything … what to do , slowly walk back to the lift n see where is the button , luckily the button got some light – red colour … managed to get in n go back to g floor …. nothing spooky but since they should lock the lift in stead ppl can access – not bout ghost anything – who knows some robber intention make some ppl walk out n do something on them since it’s dark n dorr locked – no ppl can helps u …

    GHOST IS TO SCARED U – BUT HUMAN CAN MAKES U JOIN GHOST TEAM (MEAN KILLS U) so human more scary than ghost actually

  23. skydrake Says:

    hmmm.. anyway, i stil wants to knows which restaurant is tat he mention. i wants to go there c c

  24. Kenny Says:

    Lol i live somewhere near Plaza Phoenix. Actually witness when it was ready and then how it grow and dead now. Indeed it has Toys’R Us and Isetan. It also have a convention centre and sports centre in it. It’s a big deal back at it’s time. Then business went down the drain after Fajar took over the main chainstore. I recall Pizza Hut and all the major fast food in there. One level only sells computer games and hardware.

  25. Navinesh Says:

    if theres really ghost busters.. i would be sooo happy and not fear..

  26. Patrick Says:

    Yes, I have been living in Taman Bukit Anggerik (near Plaza Phoenix) since 1990 and been through the whole saga of Plaza Phoenix… sigh, it is a pity that it has now became an abandoned building 🙁

  27. freckie Says:

    I never been there but everytime I pass by Plaza Phoenix, it always cloudy or raining in that area. my friend told that area seems like a rainwater catchment area and that’s why the building looks old as the paint cracked.. i dunno may be it juz a coincidence..

  28. Bernie T Says:

    Initially, there were Isetan and Toy’R’ Us at Phoenix Plaza but never lasted. After sometime, left with Fajar, Pizza Hut and Mcd. Always dine at Mcd when I visited my friend around the area in the 90s. Bad fengshui for a shopping mall.

  29. WilliamTeo Says:

    I heard my mom said that plaza phoenix is no longer right now…
    Now they rebuild a new shopping mall and hotel (Like the Berjaya Time Square)

    Im curios about anyone still dare to live the hotel? o.o

  30. Gestapo Says:

    here’s something to clear the air… the “monstrosity” will most likely not be demolished in the near future as there have been caveats issued on that property following a legal battle between its owners and with all sides having tonnes of cash, I don’t see any party gonna budge anytime soon.

    William: Nothing there still

  31. touch_iPod Says:

    Looks like they’ve started redeveloping that half-dead Plaza Pheonix into the upgraded Cheras Central… And as a result, hopefully banishing those ghost stories for good! But is there really some caveat on that property, like what Gestapo said?

    If yes, then such a waste for Mayland Development, who, IMO, managed to purchase a future shopping gem in the emerging Cheras area!

  32. Nur Joo Han Says:

    Hi there…really like your blog/website…just want to comment that they will be redeveloping it and and rumor has it, they are making a MRT station there…the Proton dealership has left Plaza Phoenix…only thing you can see there are deconstructions and a shop selling lights and furniture which has been built beside the car park area…also if u past by the Plaza Phoenix to go to Taman Bukit Anggerik, you will see a burnt/abandoned car at the car park area (exit)…not sure what happened to that car…probably and accident had happened and the people pushed the car into the car park…

  33. Anonymous126 Says:

    Phoenix Plaza was completed in the 90’s. I dont think the construction started even in the 80’s. Anyway i used to live in Taman Lensen, is walking distance to Phoenix Plaza. I used to hang out there after school and on weekends for music classes. Nothing spooky to be. Dont think too much =P

  34. kittenheart Says:

    There was an Isetan when it first opened. Used to be my park-toh place.
    My bf (now hubby) and I would walk over from Connaught.
    It was bustling with activities when it first opened, my friends and I went to the KFC there a few times.
    Then, business dipped after the novelty wore off bcz it was not conveniently accessible.
    And one by one the shops closed, including Isetan.
    And Fajar took over, but it failed to help pull in the crowds.
    then, left only some shops scattered here and there and finally, kaput.
    Now it’s become Cheras Sentral and Silka Hotel
    But basically, business not that good also, can foresee alot of closure in the months to come, especially at the upper floors.
    probably the design of the place, too many corners and people wont simply walk there except near the centre area.

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