Another UUM Ghost Story

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Author’s Note : I thought that I might as well post this story since its still fresh in my head after hearing from my colleague today who used to study in University Utara Malaysia or better known as UUM when she was younger

Yes, University Utara Malaysia (UUM) does have it share of ghost stories. Have you heard of the bus incident? Yes? Well, I’ve always thought that it was nonsense right until that very day, it changed the way I thought about ghost stories. It happened during the holiday break when the campus is most serene. It was already late in the evening and being one of the committee members that holds the induction for new students, I had to be there to prepare the hall for the newbies.

At that time, we were at the Hall known as Dewan Peperiksaan when my friend asked if I wanted to follow her to the washroom. I thought why not and we walked together to the washroom. The washroom was located at the far end of the corridor and we had to pass a place where the Surau is. The corridor was pretty dark except for some occasional lights and the even the Surau was pitch black. As we were passing by the Surau, I suddenly heard sounds of children playing and laughing. I was pretty puzzled since I could hear very clearly that the noises came from the pitch black surau. My goosebumps immediately appeared and I asked my friend if she heard anything. My friend did not respond and merely just asked me to walk faster. We increased our walking speed, hurried to the washroom to finish our business and walked back to the Dewan Peperiksaan.

It was not until we reached the bright hall that my friend admitted that she heard exactly what I heard. You see, as my study term came to an end, the stories I hear about of girls suddenly going hysterical out of a sudden to the extend that they even act and speak in different voice was common. I even personally had an experience myself. It happened when I was showering when I saw the gentle charming girl I knew acting all crazy running around and screaming in a man’s voice. The next thing I knew, all her friends were chasing after her trying to hold her down and after more people came to help, they brought her to the Ustaz (religious teacher) who managed to “calm” her down.

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7 Responses to “Another UUM Ghost Story”

  1. pisang Says:

    my brother oso have a story while he at UUM
    I know…. I try to digg fom him.

  2. Purple-Mushroom Says:

    That sound is very common. During my secondary school days, I stayed in seremban and my room was the back room, with the window looking out to the dark back alley. There wasn’t any houses behind as our house was situated at the last row. It was a single storey house. I often hear children laughing (just for 1 second) when i was studying for my SPM late at night. I always looked out of the window to see who was there but there was no one. I heard this many times. It never came across my mind abt those things.

    When I talked abt this with my friends, some of them said that they hear the exact same thing. Children laughing but it’s just for 1 second. I wonder what kind of ghost does that. I think its the same kind of ghost or something that always goes around and laugh like a kid when they see someone studying late at night.

  3. onizuka26 Says:

    Purple-Mushroom… Seremban which part ? I’m from Seremban and please, hope that place not near my house… hahaha… which school you went ?

    By the way… just got to know about this website and been reading since lunch time till now. LOL Awesome website

  4. barreneye Says:

    Hearing children playing and laughing.. I had this experience. Back in 1996.

    I been in school-hostel for 5 years, everytime during school breaks, i spent most of the time staying at,after i finished my SPM…i filled in my ample times going outdoor,from the evening ’till the next morning.It was around 2 p.m when friends and i decided to go to a spot by a beach,spend the night.we cycling there, and it took us around half an hour before we reached the destination.

    This part of the beach is quite isolated, there are not many people going there even on weekend, day-time. By the beach, there is a pretty big square steel raft anchored by a rope tied-to a tree, stranded by the shore.I dont know the exact name for it,but the oil&gas people using it to transport all those massive pipes by the sea.

    This one is left stranded because,there’s a wreckage on its when the tide is high, the water will get inside the segment that supposed to keep it floating. This buoyancy segment is, quite spacey, but there is no way we could get inside, the wreckage is too small to anyone of us.but of course, wide enough for us to poke our head inside and look around, in case there were any trapped fishes of eatable crabs in there.

    However, that morning, around 3 something a.m,under starry sky, bright moonlight,on this wrecked steel raft(or whatever it is) … a friend directed his torchlight at my face,later to the wreckage, sheepishly smiled and said ‘ i think i heard kids laughing, like they are playing some sort of a game or something.’… “Huh?!!, u got 2 be kidding,it must be the tide,bashing to the steel wall, resonates kids’ laughter” , … ..”.Errm ..maybe .. but seriously, it sounds like nothing else but children,try,take this torchlight, put your head near (the wreck-hole).” If he was in paled blue face,shivering,swallowing his own voice or maybe peed in the pants , i’d straight away say- let’s get outta here !!,but since he was looking cool, plus that sheepish smile, i agreed. So i took the torchlight, squat-down, checking out the parameter, i dont want to get a silly crab ambush and clutching my ear or nose or wherever possible on my face,that’d be scarry too ( we were pretty far from the rest of the world u know,and no handphone).
    After i was pretty assured that there’s no such crab, i took a closer look, approaching ..I was just about to get my head inside the wreck when this laughters of children (probably,age 4 – 8 ) filling in the space (buoyancy segment),cut off my intention drop dead fact, i stood right up like a rocket been launched under a pre-mature order; i was shocked ! s.h.o.c.k ; shock!!! The laughters even actually echoed !!
    for a while,i stood there speechless, looking at the hole with the torchlight, trying to rationalize, what was that i heard(?), then i directed the torchlight at my friend in the face, he was still sheepishly smiling,’did u hear it?..sounds like bunch of children laughing,..u heard it too right? At that moment, i think i overall misunderstood his sheepish smile; he’s not kidding or trying to make fool. Imagine kids in the kindergarten during their recess time,or imagine children in a playground on weekends,that is how exactly the picture. Then i told my friend, maybe we should leave this place for a while, join the rest at the beach, then come back again after the ‘Subuh’ prayer.

    So, at 6.oo a.m approx., my friend and i approached the same spot, the wreckage .. i could only hear the sound made by the tide,and the wave bashing the steel wall,no children laughters or anything like it at all.

  5. barreneye Says:

    ooopss … it’s 2 in the morning .. 2 a.m

  6. unsightly Says:

    Oh yeah, reminds too that I heard a lot of children laughter ever so often but it dissappears as soon as they appear. I would only hear this kind of sound in my room situated at the 8th floor of the dorm where I stayed and it is very unlikely to have children around.

    As I said, I have been hearing those laugthers once too often that I decided to trace where they came from. It was kinda hard to trace coz evertime I moved from my table, the sound dissappears. So I decided to stay put at my table & angled my ears to where the sound came from. Guess what, the laughters came from my hungry tummy and and the hollow metal under my table reflected the sound making it sound like children’s laughter. Lesson learned, be more attentive to your stomach, all it needs is listening ears.

  7. J Says:

    dear unsightly,

    i tried, u see but today im fasting.happy raya!

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