The MSN Messenger Ghost

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Pinky have always known that the space in between her cubicle & her colleague’s cubicle (which was empty), lies a ghost that claims the location to be “his” or “her” or even “its” place. Ever since their boss installed some shelves at the space in between, the ghost shows its dissatisfaction by either “visiting” Pinky’s or her colleague’s cubicle.

It was also then that Pinky’s luck wasn’t always on her side. Not only was she always sick, she also felt very cold. Couldn’t stand it much longer, Pinky complained to her next door colleague that the ghost must always have been disturbing her since she was cold and sick even she was wearing her denim jacket zipped all the way up. Her colleague ask her not to talk so much nonsense and keep quiet instead. Later that day, Pinky noticed her neck had a blue black mark and was pain. She quickly asked her colleague to check it out and wondered where she got the mark from.

Her colleague replied that this was because she complained too much. The ghost probably felt insulted by Pinky’s earlier remarks and decided to punish her. Already feeling a little freaked out, Pinky said out aloud sorry and wrote on a piece of paper her apologies and was only expressing her feeling as she was indeed feeling very, very cold. As soon as she finished writing, a toy on her colleague’s table suddenly started playing music, singing by itself although her colleague swore she did not touch the toy. Pinky wondered if the ghost was trying to communicate by saying that the apology was accepted

Later that night, her colleague’s MSN logged on. See, no one would have thought anything unusual about it except that her colleague had 2 MSN accounts, one only used on her laptop and the other was only used at her office pc. Usually, her colleague would log on using her laptop msn regardless of wheather she was in the office or home. Naturally, Pinky was surprised that her colleague was logging onto the office MSN since it was already late at night.
Pinky was even more surprised when her colleague suddenly messaged her “HELLO” in big caps. Feeling funnily weird, because her colleague do not usually greet her that way, and moreover, it was already nearly 11pm. Pinky thought of asking her colleague why did she use this account but decided against it. Instead, she called her colleague to ask. The phone kept on ringing, no answer. So she thought of sms-ing her as well, no reply. After a while, the account logged off.

The very next morning, her colleague called and asked what was the urgency and told Pinky that she was already fast asleep when she called. Stunned, Pinky could not think of who was the one that messanged her the previous night since her colleague was home and not in the office. Her colleague concluded that it was probably the ghost trying to communicate with her since she was trying to communicate with her only that afternoon.

Footnote : Do you think this is really a Hi-tech ghost or just Pinky’s colleague playing pranks?

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8 Responses to “The MSN Messenger Ghost”

  1. Kenny Ng Says:

    I think is some kind of sabotage?

  2. ic3 Que3n Says:

    Kenny, I thought so too when I read this story

  3. suanie Says:

    nope it wasn’t 🙂 i’ve known pinky for some time now and quite well, and know of her colleague who memang has third eye ability.

  4. strangethings Says:

    Hmmm… must a techie ghost. Any checks on what previous happened to the x-staffs that work and sit on the place before?

  5. Navinesh Says:

    maybe a spam?

  6. 1998's Guest Says:

    a spam/virus or ur coleague’s msn was hacked la LOL

  7. Madmosielle Unknown Says:

    IT WAS HACKED!!! And I have no proof….

  8. nicholus Says:

    nowadays ghost very Hi-Tech. Its happen to my brother once. He always back home very late. One night, after mid-night he back home and ask my mum why keep calling him on phone but when he answer the phone nobody there. just a silence. Mum told him she sleep early and she not even bring her phone to the bedroom. The phone was at living room down stair. (btw at home only mum at night. nobody else at home)

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