Haunted Ria Apartment, Genting Highlands

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What was supposed to be a happy holiday turned out to be a nightmare to a friend of mine, Sheryn, when something unexpected happened to she and another 2 girlfriend of hers. Planning to enjoy the cool breezy hilltop resort, they planned out to travel with a group of friends. What they didn’t know was their choice of accomodation, Ria Apartment, Genting Highlands was haunted.

It started out when a group of them planned for a stumptuous dinner at thier rented apartment. So it turned out that a group of them went out to enjoy the breeze, another group of males planned to checkout the whole resort and as for Sheryn and another 2 of her girlfriends, they decided to be the chefs and stayed back to cook the dinner.

All was fun at the kitchen when she and her friends gathered to prepare the ingrediants when suddenly they hear noises from the living room. The noises were really loud and sounded like people enjoying themselves with a game of mahjong. Sheryn could hear people talking loudly and calling out the game’s card and thought that her group of friends were back from their short walk. She then get a glimpse of the living room to see who was back and asked them to help out instead.

As soon as she stepped out of the kitchen, the noises mysteriously stopped. To her astonishment, there wasn’t a single soul. Curious that she might hear things wrongly (although she was positively sure she heard the noises), she walked back into the kitchen wondering. Again, the noises started as mysteriously as it stopped. Her 2 girlfriends looked as frightened as she was when they realized that the apartment was haunted

Quickly, she and her girlfriends decided to stop cooking and hang out at the living room instead. All the 3 girls were still very much afraid when the walked into the living room. Because they were so scared of hearing the mysterious noises again, one of her friends suggested to turn the radio on.

The 3 of them walked towards the radio when all of a sudden Sheryn heard someone from behind calling her “Wui!”. Automatically, Sheryn turned her head to have a look at who was that and yet, there was no one except her 2 other friends who were too busy meddling with the radio’s switches.

Author’s Note : Sheryn never told me what really happened after that but I personally stayed in the apartment before and there’s always a creepie feeling about the whole location

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167 Responses to “Haunted Ria Apartment, Genting Highlands”

  1. sahar Says:

    stayed in 1st world this july…. fortunately nothing happened! really amazed to read the stories here…

    yup, GH is HAUNTED!!!!!!!!

  2. Abang Pro Says:

    I went there everytime but nothing happen oso?

  3. The MIZ Says:

    Wow read every single story from the very start
    realised plenty of experienced
    i remember when i was young stayed there once
    but no such experience knew that only thing in my mind
    is that the entire journey is cold and unforgetabble~

  4. Ferr Remy Says:

    Whoaaa! Love this site and love to read all those stories written here. The more I read all the creepy stuff, the more I wanna go the that Ria apartment. I hope eventhough now it’s 2011, it still haunted. Cant wait!!!

  5. kampung boy Says:

    wah Daraan… got tiger sound aswell.
    its like d whole jungle of haunted things is inside d apartment.
    My experience, told by my friend who used to work at maybank genting at d casino’s moneychanger.
    maybank has their own units at the apartment ria for their staffs to live as d hoetel lah. so my friend gets 1 apartment with 2 housemates who are married with kids but they also live at d downhill also so not necessary for them to live at d apartment.
    on the 1st day of his duty after the long hours of working, he went back home to d hostel lah. just imagine 1ST DAY!! =

    1) at the lift, he felt sumone pinch him on his arm. he was alone.
    2) in the apartment’s bathroom during taking bath, he heard sound of a whispering woman during the water dropped on to his head and suddenly the SHAMPOO CHANGED PLACE!!
    3)things happened also at the kitchen during drink water.
    4) at night, when he tried to sleep (he slept on the queen sized bed) he heard the sound like an Indian woman’s leg bracelet coming closer to him. he said he was so scared until he cant even move his body. After that he felt like sumbody slowly sat next to him as he can feel the downpushed slowly until his body would move really close to the ‘thing’ next to him. luckly the thing never touch him but its not finished, after that he can feel that sumone pulled his sheet down n down slowly as he also pulled the sheet back to cover his head untill the thing pulled it again strongly and he immediately ran to the light switch. guess what, only the sheets on the floor. that night he slept with the lights on but he still can hear the sound of the knocking windows from the outside. this things really ‘like’ him so much.
    5) more less same things happened during taking a bath on the next morning.


    6) he was in trauma and he went back to his hometown and his mom got him some ritual things lah to wear on him and also he brought the cd of ritual prayers readings to play on but after he came back to the apartment. so 1st thing he do is to play on the cd but the cd player turned off by itself.
    7)same things also happened at d kitchen, bathroom and hall.

    he decided he cant live there anymore so he asked his other friend who lived down one level unit of maybank’s apartment.


    8) the friend agreed and he slept on the same room just below the haunted room that he supposed to sleep and guess what, the thing made a very loud sound from the upside like dropping the whole things inside the room like the cupboard and everything. i told u that ‘thing’ really loves him so much. 🙂

    so on duty he asked his friend which is by-right also his housemate about the haunted story and he was informed that one of their housemate was actually hv seen the real ‘thing’ that forms as an indian woman with blood all over the body and also supposed to wear a leg bracelet as it makes sound but tragically the thing was actually got no leg or foot at all. so the guy who hv seen the real thing only left his belongings inside, never return

  6. ConfiusGirl Says:


    hmmmm..i’ve been there before (stay apartment ria-Selangor side) …nutink happen..al goes smoothly…GOD grace …

  7. vanilla sakura Says:

    errr read alot of the spok this came out from genting ria apartment… n btw will stayed there next week with 2 more couples…..
    when i told my hubby about this,he say one of the guy friend have stayed there before n nothing happen >_< n i think i might enjoy the experient soon

  8. kruel Says:

    been there last year..went for part time job during the school holiday for two weeks. nothing happen tho…but i heard that if u are using the lift, when u enter go stand at back of the lift…if u stand in front near the door there will be sumthing waiting for you at the back…
    also during that there already some suicide cases around that area..cant remember where

  9. meet Says:


  10. Anda Says:

    “something unexpected happened to she” ???…now i am really scared!

  11. SAKAI Says:

    Many of the accounts are true and its best the management cleanse the place nby engaging priests medium holy man to pray for the spirits

    those whom write stories for entertainment are harming people whom can and stay and no idea of the things happening. i stayed 10 years ago and til this day have goose pimples reading… my story is like many others hearing noises in the hall and upon coming out to check there was nothing or anyone… these noises went on throughout the night

    Be warned … don t try to be unbeliever or a hero and bring your bible, quran, holy book and tapes praisiing God if you really have to stay and good luck

  12. Neocyke Says:

    Haiyerr… you ppl are scared waaaaay too easily. the whole blardy genting is haunted lar. no matter where you stay. even maxims got ghost.
    my friend works there and has been there the last 10 years. he confirm. even you walk outside at nite can see ghost one… so why care? just let them do their stuff..

    back to Ria, i just stayed there like 2-3 weeks back. floor 20, unit 2019, selangor tower. left after exit lift. i was there with gf, her sister & sister’s bf. 4 peeps one unit. checked in around 7pm. Place was ok ok only.2 bedrooms. Me & gf took master bedroom. the nite while sleeping, there was this knocking sound coming from the bathroom. like someone was knocking on the door. at first ok la. then after a while got annoying since the bathroom door is next to the bed.. so i told the fella, oi.. orang mau tidor laa. it stop. then after few mins, start again. so, same thing lor.. told the fella to stop and it stopped. a bit later the knocking start again.. this time really tulan, told the fella.. you don’t stop, i come in there kick your ass wei~
    knocking stopped finally. that was already around 4am… really beh tahan with that fella.. kacau people sleep..

    next morning, go b’fast at marrybrown. so i ask the rest, you all got hear anything or not. both the sister and bf confirm they also got hear knocking on their door and also at the front door. they just make dunno only.. and continue sleep whole night..

    my point is, don’t let small things and stories scare you. yes, the whole of genting is haunted, but the most is, they don’t let you sleep only…
    like that door knocking fella…

  13. Neocyke Says:

    Oh, btw, anyone who got ghost story, please state which apt / room number you were staying and which place, ria, first world, theme park etc.
    especially the one got girl ghost one.. i wan to try something.. LoL..

    Oh, and, selangor tower has 2 lifts, one small, one big. if you scared got things behind you like the folks above. take the small one. i personally always stay at the back of any lift. safe from being pickpocket-ed. also, both towers now got lotsa people. and no, the 13th floor is not empty. got people staying there now d. i can confirm since just been there..

    and if you hear knocking or any kind of noise at all from the MAIN DOOR, DO NOT go and check to see much less open the door. That’s the STUPIDEST thing you can do in ANY hotel. That’s how people get robbed. Effing bastards try to scare you and when you go to see. Finish liao. They come in sapu everything.. got girls inside, even worse! Always bolt the door and use every freaking lock it has.. If it was a ghost, the fella can open it anyway so you know got ghost.. problem is fake black hair ghost..

    So, be safe, enjoy your stay at genting and try not to lose too much money… hahahaha

  14. Aussie family Says:

    Stayed there last night on the 22nd floor Husband, myself and three kids. Sister-I law let us take her philipino maid and her friend so a party of 7 all together. Overall appearance of hotel exterior and characters hanging about gave it a really creepy feel. We weren’t aware of any ghosts BUT did have a spooky experience. The entrance door was odd, looks like it might have been kicked in once and the locks changed a few times. More for safety my husband propt a chair against he door in such away that would make it impossible for anyone to enter from the outside. Twice I heard what sounded like people having a good time but then turn to screaming, to be honest I didn’t think to much of it. I could always hear the elevator ringing. My husband heard only a woman laughing in a strange sound. I woke in the night and checked our apartment, the chair was against the door still. The maid said she awoke at 3am and the chair was still in place. I heard a loud thump in the night but went back to sleep. When we got out of bed after enjoying the excellent view of KL at sunrise we noticed the chair was not against the door but sitting half a meter away. Our bedroom was closest to the living room and we were the 1st ones up. No one had been in the living area yet the chair had defiantly been moved. The maid said she felt like it was a ghost house. I had no idea about Rai being haunted but Genting in general just had a horrible feeling about it which is surprising because the view and scenery is spectacular. I would only recommend Genting as a day trip anyway. I am only now reading the stories. By the way the lift looked like it had blood

  15. Wong Says:

    Was once in Genting for a course. I remember that the apartments we were at were actually some distance below the casino complex as we had to commute there by bus.

    So, one of the nights there, my female boss came up to the boys’ apartment right about 2:45AM just to thump on their door because according to her, they were making a lot of noise when they should already be sleeping. One of the guys woke up and heard her shouting outside while the rest were actually already fast asleep! He opened the door and suffered the brunt of her wrath.

    The next morning during breakfast they just had to tell her about the whole thing. She said that she heard them moving the furniture about, scraping the floor with chair legs and she couldn’t sleep because of all that. Her unit was below theirs. They told her that they all fell asleep right after midnight because they knew that they had to be ready for the early morning bus trips to the seminar class.

    So, how did she hear those things?

  16. James Mark Says:

    Hello all guys out there, everywhere is full of spirit, those spirit out there is just like us, when they are dead, their spirit is stuck in these world no where else to go to, not in heaven nor hell & perhaps they are waiting for their next re-incarnation I suppose so, & no matter what race is those spirit are, all human race are the same when we die, our spirit were still be wondering around in this planet earth to see what those living are doing.

  17. Kevin kok Says:

    It’s really depends on personal or self esteem of feeling towards those things……….but for sure there are 100% and i can guarantee that apartment had a dirty things n their a
    Are had a such an spiritual some of demon instead……….but it’s depends on wat condition n incidents u can cope it…………..but hope it’ll not face it like this becoz it’s not a good idea n not a very impressions of live like we all ppl human being done……….so next time if u face this things or this thing are really happen to you! PLEASE pray before u go to live their for a few days or long trip or so wat ever is it……….becoz prayer is very important to us especially for our human being……….believe me…………..if u pray the things will not gonna disturb you or annoyed you for a sake of funny or spooky feelings……….becoz it’s just a small demon……….u can ask for prayee or god protection to protect urself from been hurt or been haunted by those things……….so please ladies or gentlemen……….please pray before u live in the those kind of places n or hotel so watever so call vacation trip or honeymoon……….tq for the message……….

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