Malaysia Urban Legends – Myths and Beliefs

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While hearing ghost stories from friends, you tend to hear advises of what to do and what not to do right? Well, here are some funny ones that I’ve heard by far. Don’t ask me why or how these myths and beliefs came about because as mysteriously as it appears, its passed on from generations (or perhaps friends) to generations. “They” say….

  1. Do not stand at the corner of the lift / evelator.Apprently, that’s where the spirits like to lurk. (this one I can explain, perhaps from those ghost movies that you usually watch? Remember when the victim would just get into the lift and press the button then suddenly in the corner of his eyes, he would see some feet in one corner?)
  2. Do not lean yourself / face etc against the wall. It is said that spirits move about by crawling along the wall so… you won’t want to get in their way, would you?
  3. Do not call out your friends name or even answer to someone calling you when you are jungle trekking. It is said that the forest spirits would lure you by calling out your name
  4. For the Chinese out there that celebrates Hungry Ghost Festival, it is said that once you start offering food during this day, you will need to continue with it as the spirits would come looking for your offering the following year
  5. Remember the rules and regulations of staying in a hotel? You can look for more there.
  6. If you hear something and you know that’s its not right (eg noises in an empty office where there’s no one but you), don’t call out or ask aloud who’s there. It is said that the spirits might just be playing and by calling out, you are acknowledging their existance and thus, the spirits would be more than happy to continue disturbing you
  7. Get enough lighting at corridors. It is said that spirits like to lurk at dark and damp places and corridors are some of the best places. Lighting would prevent spirits from choosing the corridors as their best hiding place
  8. Dog tears would open up your third eye. Anyone tried that?
  9. If spirit disturbs you and its not willing to leave, swear as much bad words as possible. It is said that spirits are afraid of them. See, you now you can officially tell everyone its good to learn bad words first in any language
  10. If the cinema is full and there are empty seats at the last row, do not get an itchy butt and move to the empty seats. It is said that those empty seats are left for our friendly friends. I’ve personally experienced it before where the whole cinema was full except for the seats at the last row but then again, perhaps it was just a bunch of people that bought the ticket but did not appear for the screening.

Anymore you would like to share?

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8 Responses to “Malaysia Urban Legends – Myths and Beliefs”

  1. Jun Says:

    For the dog’s tears, I heard it requires full black dog’s tears or blood to do that purpose of opening the third eye

  2. Benjamin Says:

    hahaha @ no. 10. it’s likely that no one wants to buy that row or they just didn’t show up.

    todays modern cineplexes don’t have much ghosties like before when they were big old buildings. that one really got seats that they will not sell one. even if the whole cinema is full, there will be some “special” seats that they will not sell. i think todays modern cineplexes in shopping centers don’t have that sort of “special” seats anymore.

  3. Lynn Says:

    You are wrong!!!!
    I received an email about a cinema in Qmall. Apparently there is a special row at F section at Hall 8 which appears in the screen as occupied but when you are inside the hall, that row is unoccupied. This email that I received was sent by someone who booked online (the 1st booking) and the F row ( is a 4 seats) occupied. They even checked with GSC why the seats are occupied but no one is sitting the row when they are insdie. Apparently the management said that the row is on standby basis incase there are bad seats.

    I was there atHall8, there’s no one occupying the seats as indicated in the email…but the screen indicated as occupied.
    ai ya ya….imagine, you shift place to that F seat unknowingly..

  4. Angel Says:

    what if it’s a bug in the computer that they never got it fixed, so that the system always show that the back row of that particular hall is occupied?

    tears from animals may not help much for seeing things without proper chants, but they are very good at infecting your eyes with bacteria and causing you to see white stuff that will end you up with eye treatment for several months, so don’t simply try.

    not that i’m skeptical, i’m from a background of real encounters, that’s why in some ways i know what is possible and what is not possible.

    for the lifts, i always stand at corners. if i’m alone, i’d stand by the controls because it’s near the door. if there are a bunch of people cramming into the lift at the same time, i’d prefer to be standing at one of the corners because it seems like the corners have more space, people will keep stepping up to cram on you if you are in the middle with your back right against the wall. even at the sides too. but try the corners, nobody comes near enough to have their hair sticking at your face.

    i used to scold “them” for disturbing me. some still do disturb me quite a bit even with all the scolding, maybe i’m just not fierce enough. right up until one monk gave me a chant that i chanted every morning and night for protection. it’s a strange experience since i chanted, for indeed there are some other beings protecting me from those nasty ones. it was not easy, but until now i’m clear so far.

  5. velenma Says:

    1. The corner of the lift is where accidents are prone to happen: some people might have died at the corner of the lift after being crushed by too many people rushing into lifts; Or died of suffocation after someone farts; Or died of claustrophobia; So, the corner of lifts are haunted…

    Corner houses/ Road corners are also haunted coz accidents are prone to happen at sharp corners…

    Speaking of corners, the corners of football fields are also haunted coz some players committed suicide after failing to score a corner kick;

    – Do not watch TV too, coz spirit can climb out from TV (“The Ring”)
    – Do not look at the ceiling, coz spirits crawl down from the ceiling too (“Ju On”)
    – Do not walk on floor, coz spirits crawl on floor too (“Ju On”)
    – Do not take shower/bath, coz the spirit of those drowned in water will haunt your bathroom (“Dark Water”)

    3. It is said that the spirit will learn your name & commit “Identity Theft”. The spirit will pretend to be you, assumes your personality, behaves like you, goes into your house, takes your car, withdraws you bank savings, etc.

    4. YES
    – If you’ve offered laptop, please upgrade the Anti-Virus (subscription expires yearly); add external HDD; Or upgrade the laptop
    – If you’ve offered PS2, please get PS3 this year
    – If you’ve offered HP, please get the latest N97 this year
    – If you’ve offered Transformer DVD; get Transformer 2 DVD this yr
    – If you’re gonna offer Blu-ray disc, dun forget the player

    5. Check out my comments there too.

    6. And if the lights are not turned on, use a torchlight to search for the source of noise.
    – If you see a cat or cicak, dun feel relieved. Turn your head behind you too. Maybe u’ll find something else…
    – If the lights are flickering, brave yourself and go look some more…
    – If some one calls u and said “hey! i need the report tomoro morning on my desk!” & it sounds like your boss, ignore it too.

    7. Lighting should be best placed everywhere. Sleep with lights on, light up your house/office 24/7.

    8. Dog tears, dog saliva, dog blood, cow blood, goat blood, sheep blood, chicken blood, chanting bloody mary/candyman/sandman in front of mirror etc …

    9. use the universal swear words: !@#$%&*()_+ -> print out & stick everywhere you feel like haunted. Else, repeat after me: “exclamation, alias, hatch, dollarsign, percentage, ampersand, asterisk, open parenthesis, close parenthesis, dash/hyphen, plus sign…

    10. Yeah, cinema seats, theatre seats, concert seats, classroom seats (some students committed suicide but still wanna attend class) are also reserved. That’s y in college no one sits at the front row.

  6. The_POPE Says:

    velenma… you must be pretty frustrated with all this postings.. hahahaha… however you make sense!.. God Bless you!!

  7. Mohan Says:

    Well talking about “opening the third eye ” via dog’s tears ..its hell true ! , my mom brother ( past away 10years ago ) he was a full time drug addict and use to bug around the cramp , just incase he frens would pop in my grandpa house to sniff drugs ( since my grandpa house located in the conner lot ) … one night as he was high on his drugs , my granpa dogs started hauling away ,…he wanted to try if the myth of dog tear ever worked …. and yes ! it did …resulting our fren 2 suffer fever for a week after wht he saw …. ( he told he saw a lady with long hair …and he finger was like long as roots of a tree !)

  8. Kuzan Says:

    Hey Guys to tell you all the truth I the belief of not to call out names in a forest is true.

    I was once jungle trekking in a forest with some of my friends and I got lost then i heard what i thought was one of my friend calling out to me
    i headed for the direction of the voice and fell in a hole and there it was pitch black with only light from the above.
    It was not long before my friends found me. when i asked if anyone had called out they said that they didn’t even notice my disappearance and said that I called out to them but, the thing is i was unconscious and only gained consciousness when they called out. Freaky!! I think that these spirits were mischievous and maybe another good spirit called out to my friends to come and help me. thanks good spirit.

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