Haunted house at UKM, Bangi

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Because we were all students studying at University Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, all 8 of us decided instead to rent a house nearby our campus. One of our girlfriends found a really huge double storey house only renting for about RM500 which was really a good deal. Of course, how could anything be too good to be true? We knew instantly that there was definately something wrong with the house because no one had rented that place for the past 4 years. Because we were all desperate for a place to stay and had no extra money, everyone agreed to just keep our curiosity low at all times.

The first few months nothing big really happened. Sure there were the occasional mysteriously on and off of the lights but all of us just thought that it was just one of those innocent ghost games played by this haunted house. We all breezed through staying there for 2 years. After we all moved out, only did I found out some of the mysterious experience that my housemates experienced.

The male housemates of mine all experienced occasionally at night suffocation. It was like as if a ghost was sitting on top of their bodies making them hard to breathe or even move. Because they did not want to frighten us, they just kept quiet all the while.

As for myself, the only really close encounter I had with a ghost in that haunted house was when I was alone at home. Planning to watch a movie, I switched on the tv and sat on the sofa right in front of the tv. The tv was situated just right in front of the panel windows and at that time, I felt a very strong feeling as if someone was staring at me behind me. As time passed, the feelings grew stronger along with the feeling of cold although it was a really hot afternoon that day. I was so scared that I did not dare to look at the reflections at the window for fear of looking at something that I would regret later. Soon, all my housemates were back and quickly the feeling was gone, thank goodness.

The creepiest experience happened to female housemate of mine. It was really late at night when she was rushing for her project. Busy with tomorrow’s deadline, she was concentrating on typing away at her computer. The only computer at the house at that time, was situated in the living room which was a few feet away from the television and a video player. Her back was facing directly a staircase which leads you to the 2nd floor. Suddenly, she realized there were noises coming for the video player and saw the video cassette inserting by itself.

Irritated, she walked over to the video player and ejected the cassette. Then she continued with her work. Again, the video cassette inserted itself again. This time annoyed, she ejected the cassette again and said aloud to the ghost that she was busy rushing for her deadline and asked not to disturb her. She even shouted that if it wanted to repeat this act, repeat it another day like tomorrow where she did not have any deadlines. She then continued with her work. Immediately this time, the video cassette once again inserted itself into the video player and the tv was turned on by itself blaring loudly whatever that was showing at that time.

Freaked out, she quickly left her work and ran to her bedroom and assure herself to bed. The next day when she asked one of our housemate who was always the first to wake up in the morning if he saw the computer and tv turned on, he replied that everything was switched off as per normal.

Author’s Note : Throughout the whole period of staying there, my friend and her housemates did experience mysteriously things lost and found by itself but because they did not want to spook themselves out so much everyone kept quiet until the day they moved out. Luckily, no one was hurt or injured at the period.

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10 Responses to “Haunted house at UKM, Bangi”

  1. Kenny Ng Says:

    U were so lucky nothing happen to your health and life. Anyway, when I studying in Jitra, Kedah, me and a group of friends rented a double storey house before, nothing happen for almost 2 1/2 years there until the last day, our neighbour only told us that house got someone suicide in the room I stayed! But I don’t feel anything wrong with the house.

  2. martin Says:

    where is the house? i stay at kajang and studied in UKM last time. so geri ler

  3. ic3 Que3n Says:

    Kenny, not me ler, its my fren. I guess sometimes when these kind of things happen, its not always that there’s a ghost.

    martin, I not too sure wor. My fren never actually told me the location tho she mentioned that it was just walking distance

  4. bob Says:

    itu bukan hantu…itu adalah makhluk halus yang dipanggil jin…

    that is not a ghost but a jin…if anything happen just call Dato Haron Din nearby..he help UKM to get rid of Jin before….

  5. Xiaoo_EmoX Says:

    wow i wonger if it was mi n my frenz thr staying over nite …..

    thnk god nth happen 2 u guys ^,^

  6. g0thgh0st007 Says:

    maybe the ghost or Jin is bored and wanted to hear the radio and watch the tv….

  7. Aby Says:

    what is Jin?? how come no one ever heard the TV before if it were blasting loud at night?

  8. ghost hunter77 Says:

    plzz…give me d address..i want to go there..

  9. S Says:

    mana rumahnya? mau lihat.

  10. night shade Says:

    i believe my friend also got that kind also at the east coast beach 1 of the bungalows were haunted

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