Toyol in Batu Pahat, Johor

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This story is a courtesy from Siti

This happened a few years back. It happened in my hometown at Batu Pahat, Johor. I was actually taking a break after graduation and staying at home seemed like the perfect choice as I was always away staying at the hostel studying. During that time my grandmother’s sister’s daughter had just married a man from Kedah. They then built a simple house next to their mother’s house which is situated just opposite of my parents house. The house is such a way build that the back of my house is facing the front porch of their house.

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One evening around 6.45pm as the surrounding was getting quite darker, I went to the back of the house to gather the clothes where my mother would put up the washed clothes to to be dried.There was still light and I could swear that my eyes were not playing tricks on me. I was standing at the placed marked “x” when at first I notice a small naked boy running back and forth their porch. The little boy was bald and had no clothes on, naked it seems. As I was busy picking the dried clothes, I wonder to myself if it was their son. But then they’ve just gotten married and I thought I remembered my mother telling me that the man was a bachelor.

Maybe out of curiosity and amusement seeing the kid running like that, I stopped for a while to observe him. The boy then suddenly stop running and slowly turned his head towards me as if noticing me observing him too. The distance between the backdoor of my house and their front porch is no more than 30 meters. And somehow, I could not explain in any logical way but I could see that this boy was not a boy at all. He or ‘it’ was like an old man with big round eerie eyes that I thought could pop out. I move forward to look closer, just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming or that my eyes playing tricks at me. It seemed that the thing was just as amused with my curiosity as I was with him and move closer to the fence that separated my house and it.

Suddenly, it snarled, yes, snarled like a cat showing its pointed teeth and now I could even see its pointed ears. I screamed and jumped then ran quickly into my house. My mother and father asked me what was the commotion all about and in my short of breath I told them what I had saw . We all then tried to glimpse at the house through the window but clearly the thing or whatever it had been had gone.

It was then that my mother told me that the villagers had been complaining that their money had been stolen. The amount was not much but it happened quite frequent recently. They believed it is the doing of a creature called ‘toyol’. My mother then recall that the incident happened just right after that young man moved to this village. That man was the same man that built his house just behind ours. After that my mother quickly went to my grandmother’s house to tell her about my incident.
It is believe that the work of a ‘toyol’ as a servant to its master is to steal money until the master’s rooftop is made of gold. A few nights later, I was told that my grandmother secretly threw a golden needle on the roof top of my neighbor’s house. The next morning we could see that the couple at the back arguing about something and that very same day, they packed their belongings and moved to back to Kedah and did not return for several years. They did not even say goodbye. Thereafter, there were no more cases of villagers losing their money. Is it really their ‘toyol’ doing all these? I could not answer. But what was that little bald thing that I saw playing at their house? It all seemed like a a mystery.

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7 Responses to “Toyol in Batu Pahat, Johor”

  1. Lynn Goh Says:

    Interesting, but what’s the reason of throwing gold needle onto their rooftop?
    Why the argument between the newly weds? They packed back to Kedah as in couple or they split ways?

    Does that means the bachelor guy who is also the husband of your grandmother’s sister’s daughter is the master?

  2. Benjamin Says:

    @Lynn: the toyol supposed to work until the masters roof is made of gold ma… so throwing some gold stuff up there symbolically makes the roof gold. so the toyol don’t have to work anymore.

    first time I head of this “roof of gold” thing tho. normally you hear that you have to feed the toyol with blood from the masters big toe.

  3. Lynn Says:

    When i think of feeding toyol with blood, yucky!
    How come this kind of staff still exists in the modern world. That means that are still witches (bomoh) or normal ppl like us practising this to get wealth.

  4. The_POPE Says:

    in the beginning it was all well balanced.. we started screwing with the ghost.. then the ghost will start screwing with us.. thats how it all begins..

  5. pisang Says:

    well for more info. that thing when we buy from (filtered)
    with specific of money…
    that’s mean if you buy that thing with 10 cent and that thing will seal 10 cent eveyrday.
    if you buy $100 and it will steal $100 every day.

    I will post more of this story more some time in futere…

  6. Lynn Goh Says:

    Oh, it works like that? That’s an interesting piece of info.
    Is toyol the baby ghost which bomoh rears but since the toyol in this story has an adult face.

    The malays sure have many types of ghostly creatures in the ‘market’.
    Unlike chinese, I think we have only jumping pontianak and normal ghost (white and red dress ghost).

  7. John Says:

    Hello Pisang,

    Please share what you know of ttoyols and this counter to the toyols, especially the golden needle which I have heard of and always wanted to find. The golden needle seem to be a magical device of the Malays and southern Thais. Please share. Thanks very much.

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