The Mysterious Lady Q

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This story is contributed by Pisang

This time I will tell you a story that happened in my hometown a few decades ago. The incident happened at that time when my mother was teenager.

Lady Q (not a real name) was very rich and wealthy in my home town. I’m not too sure how rich she was at that time but my mom said that if you were to count her wealth in current time, she would own the whole of KL. Back to the story, every year Lady Q would visit China and return with an adopted child.

One fateful day, Lady Q fell sick and couldn’t sit or walk.  Strangely after her sickness, her child (not her adopted child, and yes she’s married with few children) died one by one. Every one of her either die in an accident or sickness. At first it would be her daughter, then her son-in-law, then her daughter-in-law and lastly her grandchildren. In the end, she was the final one to die in her family and no one was there to mourn for her because there were no more family members or relatives left. In those days, if someone rich were to pass away, they would hold a long funeral and Lady Q’s funeral lasted for 49 days.

After the deceased was taken out from her room for the ceremony they discovered a hidden room inside Lady Q’s room. The master Taoist ordered his helper to check the hidden room and within a short time, the helper got out of the room with a pale face and shaken body. The Master Taoist knew immediately that something was not right and cast a temporary seal. He then urgently called his Grand Master Taoist to seek for his help. When the funeral was finally over, Grand Master Taoist decided that it was time to see what was inside that room.

They discovered that hidden room was full of skeletons and skulls. They looked closely and estimated that each skull was only aged around 1 to 4 years old. Not only that, there were also an infant skull plus one coffin in that hidden room. The Grand Master knew he was dealing with a very strong entity at upon looking at the room.

They move that coffin without public knowledge on Lady Q’s relative request and moved to a hill nearby my hometown. At that hill, the Grand Master Taoist finally revealed what is inside the coffin. According to him, the coffin was the home for a huge “devil snake” and that devil is indeed strong. Both of them battled for 3 days and 3 nights.

In the end, both of them suffer of injuries. The “devil snake” was so weak to fight and The Grand Master Taoist tried to destroy that “devil snake” at its weakest point but failed. That “devil snake” was just too strong because it comsume too many life forces so The Grand Master Taoist decide to make a permanent seal and locked that “devil snake” in an unkmown location.

After that incident, they cleaned the hidden room and they found yet another hidden room but this room was not like the one previously. In this room, here were lots of toys and children clothing stored inside and upon further investigation, they found out there was another room lock the whole time. They broke into that locked room and discovered that it was the same room that they discovered earlier, the room with full of toys and children clothing. It looked like the locked room was somehow connected to the hidden room which was then connected to Lady Q’s room.

Finally, her royal servants revealed the truth behind the children skull. Every year when Lady Q goes to China, she would go deep into those remote areas to buy a child in the name of adoption. Sadly that child would not live long because the child was used as a scarification instrument to the “devil snake”. Now, they finally knew why her children died one by one after Lady Q fell sick. It was because she couldn’t  go to China to get sacrifices for the “devil snake” anymore and the devil took her children instead.

Where her wealth came from? From “devil snake”.

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8 Responses to “The Mysterious Lady Q”

  1. raydenleo Says:

    Hard to believe le~

  2. pisang Says:

    yeah I know that
    even know I still hard to believe this story

  3. loh Says:

    you do evil , you get evil…simple answer. It is called “karma”

  4. 9 Says:

    evil snake?

  5. FaxSmoulder Says:

    can make into a movie this ‘script’ 😛

  6. Vidya Says:

    Okay where is the ghost story ????

  7. Lola Incarnate Says:

    May no one stumble across werever that devil snake might hd been ‘locked’. Shocking to know how far some ppl wud go to be wealthy. Duit is not segalanya!!!!!

  8. barreneye Says:

    yep ..this is the nastiest way of all.nway ..glad that the end somehow lola ..hope nobody ever bump into that chicky snake again

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