Haunted Places in Singapore

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I’ve posted a list of Malaysia’s very own haunted places. Now its our neighbour – Singapore’s turn! If you have any additional places you know that would like to be included into the list, just add it to our comments column! Here it is now, list’s of Singapore’s most haunted places

  1. An Old School in Singapore (name of school is unknown to the author, names anyone?) -This building was constructed in the early 1900s. Many former pupils reported scary noises and passerbys reported strange lights in the building at night. Rumours include a locked toilet due to unremoveable blood stains on the floor. Others heard that “the white lady wept in the toilet every night.” The building was demolished recently.
  2. Bedok Block of Flats -When these block of flats at Bedok Reservoir was still standing, it was left empty for years. Rumors included that a whole family had committed suicide in their flat and that a person had been killed by a ghost in a lift/elevator. Passerbys would sometimes see lights flinkering in the supposedly now empty flats.
  3. The Cemetary – There are many incidents about a cemetery in Singapore. Some frightened passerby heard someone call from the cemetery, “Please dig the soil. Open the coffin now!” Others reported witnessing ghosts wandering around the cemetery. Foods left on the grave area to honor the departed often have teeth marks as though someone took a bite. Some heard knocking sounds coming from the cemetery. Cats meowed and dogs barked at something or someone in the cemetery. The mystery is still very much unsolved til today.
  4. Changi Beach – This area is believed to be haunted by the ghosts of the executed chinese during the Japanese occupation. Passersby often report hearing strange crying and screamings. The heads of the chinese dead bodies are sometimes seen flying everywhere. Headless bodys walk around the beach as well. More scary cases include a passerby witnessing a ghostly execution leaving blood stains.
  5. Changi Old Beach Houses – These houses are for rent. Mostly families wanting a break by the sea will rent them. However, a few unluckly ones would return home with a scar. Most people reported a feeling of being stared at. Few unluckly ones were slapped by unknown forces while bathing. Few had heard scary noises at night like the crying of a lady. Witnesses said that the door of the old houses creaked while opening and closing without stopping. Some cases even involved possession of body by a ghost and the sighting of a ghost. The mysteries remained unsolved til today.
  6. East Coast Beach – This area is believed to be haunted by wandering ghosts. Stories include a person walking along the beach at night seeing a lady in white floating around. Strange noises were also reported. Many reports indicate that there are many people drowning in the sea. Be careful if you take an enjoyable swim or stroll along the beach at night or the ghosts could disturb you anytime.
  7. Kind Ghost – Often, people returning home late at night would unexpectedly see a lady dressed in white who would claim that she was waiting for them. People would rush up the stairs only to find the lady already there. Most of the people would faint. The lady dressed in white would be seen often at Sembawang Road, Mount Faber Road and Choa Chu Kang Road.
  8. Lor. Halus – This is an area known for smoke and dust as this area is a sand and stone storage area. The coast is near and often people fishing overnight reported strange happenings. Some fishermen screamed when checking their fishing rods only to find human heads attached to the hook. Others reported appearances of ghosts asking for food.
  9. Lost – There have been many reports of people travelling on the roads of Singapore late at night meeting strange looking people asking for directions. Mostly, the strange looking people’s heads would be covered by a hood. Upon closer examination, one would discover that there are no face under the hoods. Others say that the blood from their faces can be seen along the road.
  10. Midnight Basketball Matches – Sometimes when it is late at night and you happen to glance out of the window, you would see a basketball match being played. Strange however, that no sound could be heard and you could not see the faces clearly. If you have the guts to go downstairs and have a look, you will discover that there is no one there. But the basketball could be seen bouncing continuously on the basketball court. This incident has been remained unexplainable.
  11. MRT Stations – It is believed that certain MRT stations are haunted. People in trains, mostly last trains stopping at these stations, report seeing headless apparitions walking down the aisle or hearing loud laughter. Strange noises could sometimes be heard in the MRT stations. MRT stations are located at Bishan, Braddell, Newton, Novena, Toa Payoh, Tanjong Pagar and Jurong East.
  12. St John Island – There are deserted buildings in this island. Stories include a student who heard someone calling him at night. Others include thumping sounds and someone running. Some have witnessed a white figure roaming around the bungalows and the forests. The villagers believed that Japanese troops killed the numerous people a long time ago.
  13. Taxi Passangers – Often, taxi drivers doing the midnight shifts, would see a lady in white or in pale colors flagging down their taxis near the Kranji MRT station. If they had the guts to stop, they would mostly be ordered to go to a cemetery. The payment would mostly be in “hell notes.” Some unlucky drivers would be treated to a view of the ghost’s real appearance. That is why taxi drivers will not go to Woodland, Sembawang or Khatib late at night.
  14. White Houses -These are believed to be houses with no owners. The houses are white in color and are believed to be haunted. These white houses are well known among teenagers of Singapore as places of adventure and horror. Most of these houses have a tragic past. One such house in Punggol had been declared as evil and had to be demolished.

Source : http://www.otherplane.com/stories/singapore/sinindex.htm

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195 Responses to “Haunted Places in Singapore”

  1. believer Says:

    hi all!! can anyone tell me wad is the exact location for this old mental hospital and st john camp? thanks!

  2. SPI Crew Says:

    Living Hell for POWs
    (Source: Changi Photographer George Aspinalls’ Record of Captivity)

    A general order went out all over the island that all surrendered Allied troops were to assemble and march out to the Changi area, to Selarang Barracks. If you had had an aerial view, you would have seen a long line of Allied troops marching towards Changi from various parts of the island during the next three days. The local people were all lined up beside the road watching them walk past. The Chinese were particularly sympathetic, offering them bananas, coconuts and drinks of water when they could. The Japanese had decided to put all the Allied prisoners-of-war on the Changi peninsula on the north-east side of Singapore island. Although Changi Gaol was in that area, they didn’t go there until much later – until after they had been to the Thai/Burma Railway in fact. At first there wasn’t even any barbed wire, they just congregated in and around the buildings of the Selarang Barracks. After all, there was nowhere to escape to and the Japanese knew this.

    Selarang Barracks was the main camp for the Australians. There were English and Dutch troops on other parts of the Changi peninsula. The Dutch were in Roberts Barracks nearby was the hospital, and where the bulk of the British troops were congregated.

    At 8am of the second morning, all the POWs in the Selarang area were called out of the buildings and they had to parade in the Barrack Square, which was an area about two acres and bordered on three sides by seven two-storey buildings which were their living quarters at that stage. They were ordered to sign a no-escape-document by the Japanese. Most of the British troops were at Roberts Barracks, not far away, and they had to come in with what equipment they could carry. Robert Barracks was also the main POW hospital, and all the sick had to be moved to Selarang with whatever medical equipment that could be arranged. A lot of the gears was brought on car and truck chassis, pulled and pushed by the troops. It took all day, but by the evening of September 1 1945, there were 15,400 men assembled in a barracks area that normally housed one battalion – about 1200 men. There were 1900 Australians in the Square and the rest were mostly British.

    The seven barracks buildings were really three-storeyed if you counted from the roof area, where people camped as well. Different buildings were allocated to the AIF, the British and the Indians. And then there was another building set aside for the very serious hospital patients who had been brought over from the main hospital at Roberts Barracks. This was only three or four months after the surrender. People were just recovering from bullet wounds and amputations or having had their limbs blown off. Some people had been completely or half-blinded, some had chest wounds or were recuperating, with their wounds not properly healed. There were more patients than would fit in one building. Now many of the patients had been pushed or pulled from Robert Barracks on their hospital beds, which had wheels on them.

    The most urgent problem they had to face up to was the lack of toilet facilities. Each barracks building had about four to six toilets, which were flushed from small cisterns on the roofs. But the Japanese cut the water off, and these toilets couldn’t be used, and people used to line up in the early hours of the morning and that queue would go on all day. You were allowed one water bottle of water per man per day, just one quart for your drinking, washing and everything else.

    They had to dig latrines through the asphalt of the barracks square. Some of these holes were dug twenty and thirty feet into the ground. The area was infested with flies, which carry dysentery and a lot of other diseases, so it was vital that the excreta was covered up so that the flies would not contaminate what little food were left available.

    The first day there was no food available, only a few tins of stuff that had been hoarded away for emergencies. But by the end of the second day, the Japanese allowed some rice to come in and be cooked. The rice was cooked to to a kind of gluey soup. Actually it wasn’t all the cooks’ fault. The rice issued came from a bombed bunker on the Singapore docks – known as ‘broken rice’. It had been mixed with lime, probably to keep the weevils out of it. It had a most unpleasant taste and was very gritty. Sometimes the outside of the grains were soft, but the inside was as hard as shell-grit.

    The doctors were worried that the POWs were not getting enough vitamins, so working parties were sent out to gather great bundles of lalang grass. Bundles of this grass were put into 44-gallon drums and boiled over a fire for many hours. It was thought that this would be a source of vitamin B. The finished brew was called grass soup, and you were supposed to drink half a pint of this foul stuff with your pint of rice. It tasted so awful a lot of men wouldn’t drink it. What made the rice taste even worse was that they had no salt to add to it. Working parties were organized to carry salt water up from Changi beach to cook the rice in, to make it a bit more palatable.

    The food was bad, water was scarce, and the place was overcrowded and uncomfortable. Nevetheless, some days later, the POWs were sent away from the Changi area to Burma where they were ordered to build a railway – known as the Railway of Death. Many were tortured and suffered to die, out of exhaustion and deadly cholera.

    Denghi fever and malaria were common over the POWs. When a person was having a bout of malaria, he felt as if the heart stop. It would be a kind of malarial seizure, with a high temperature, perspiration and so on, and the heart seemed to stop beating. Another more deadly disease is tropical ulcers. Next to cholera, ulcers were the worst thing that could happen to you. They would start as a small scratch, or sore, and just eat into your flesh and keep on growing and growing. One of the methods used to treat them was to scoop out the bad flesh of the ulcer with a spoon sharpened on one side. The idea was to get back to the good flesh, in the hope that it would heal – so the deeper and the wider the scooping a higher chances of healing. It was an excruciatingly painful procedure, of course, and there were virtually no anesthetics. It it doesn’t work, the leg had to be amputated. Most patients died, not so much of the painful operation without any anesthetic, but from the shock of the operation.

    Some of the bad cases had the shin-bone exposed. You could see their tendons clearly. Sometimes the bone would go black and start to break down and rot. Then the flies would get in and lay their eggs, and the maggots would actually be in there, feeding on the bone marrow. They would start to work up, all the way up the leg. That would be the worst thing that could happen in the POW camps, bloody maggots gnawing at the marrow in your bones… They would beg the medical officer, ‘For Christ’s sake cut me leg off .. I can’t stand this any more’. That was why a lot had to have their legs amputated during war time, they were not just bombed off.

    1. On every floor of the barrack one or two rooms are mysteriously sealed up. You see how narrow the corridor is.
    The door will be bricked up to a wall leaving the room inside tightly contained.
    2. If those rooms that are not sealed up, it would have a similar layout like this one.
    3. And the rooms facing the other side have this typical layout.
    4. The stair that connects the three levels at one side of the building.

    Bloody Satanic face in sealed chambers
    (Source: SPI Investigation Team)

    For a long time, we have had information telling us that unusual things happened in those Changi barracks. A most stunning one is that the wall has a Satan face in red blood appeared at night, scared a NS man to death. The face that resembles a devil Satan just appear on the wall from nowhere, with red blood-like color. It alert the whole platoon as they were ordered out to investigate and clean up the face drawing. The death is classified of course. After the drawing was cleaned, on the next day, the face drawing appeared again as though it was a curse! That was the ultimate horror to everyone. The officers were ordered to clean the drawing, then it reappear, again and again day after day. Every time when it appeared a life was claimed mysteriously. Somebody in the barrack would just had died during the sleep at night. At the end, a decision is made to just seal up the room which had that Satanic face drawing.

    Initially SPI thought of it as a pure rumor. On day in late 2001, SPI ventured into the barrack for investigation. We found that the sealed room really did exist. Along the corridor in the barrack there are two rows of rooms. Each has about the same layout, a window and a door, except there was one room, totally sealed off. It was too strange indeed. That was clearly a room but the door side had made into a wall, leaving no access into it. We tried to climb in from a window from the next room, but operation was failed because the window of the seal room was locked (from inside). We almost fell to death. Only if we had some explosive or a X-ray camera then we may be able to reveal the truth. After all, the mystery still remains as a mystery till today.

    Here we have some related information to this case from other SPI club members:
    (Source: Winston Ng on Sunday, October 20, 2002 7:12 PM)

    Back when i was doing my BMT at Tekong, my P.C. (Platoon Commander) brought us on a little tour of the old SISPEC training ground. After walking through the barracks that were lined neatly in rows, there was one particular area that stood empty among the rows of barracks. My P.C. told us that that empty area used to be a barrack once, but was demolished due to ‘reasons’ unexplainable. Rumour was that in the past, trainees who slept in that particular barrack were disturbed by sounds of ‘people’ walking in their barrack in the middle of the night.

    After much complains from the trainees, a priest was invited to exorcise the barrack. After inspecting the barrack, the priest said that this barrack is not suitable for humans to stay in as a portal to the otherworld was situated inside it, which explains the spirits wandering about the barrack in the middle of the night. The priest also said that a particular area of the barrack should not be blocked by any physical objects as that particular area was the opening of the portal.

    The trainees were transferred to another barrack and the haunted one was used as a storeroom.

    Unfortunately, one day a trainee was assigned to put a box inside the haunted storeroom and as luck would have it, he placed the box in that particular area which contains the portal. When he went back to his bunk to sleep that night, he was suddenly awakened by a presence beside him. The next day he was ill with high fever and was admitted into hospital. When questioned about his previous day’s activities, he told his officers about the box which he placed in the storeroom. When they removed the box from that area in the haunted barrack, the trainee’s fever had gotten better.

    In order to prevent such ‘mistakes’ from happening again, the barrack was soon torn down.

    I believe that the sealed rooms in Changi Barracks could be related to this case. Maybe there are similar portals found inside them and in order to prevent the living from disturbing the entrance of the otherworld, the only logical thing was to seal the entire room from public. To explain to people that there are spirits and other hauntings happening around will make a mockery out of the Army. So I guess denial is the only way rather than through education of the public…

    1 & 2. A very quiet and spooky road leading up to the Robert’s barrack that is on the hill top. The whole place is in absolutely darkness.
    3. The back view of the barrack with some compound like structure; 4. That is the other side of the barrack. Close up.

    1 & 2. To get close you need to climb a small stair; 3. Once you got up on the left hand side you will see the backyard of the barrack;
    There are rumors that the access to the secret underground bunker is from one of those compounds.
    4. On the other side there was the post of the security guard who was murdered.

    Night guard died mysteriously at barrack
    (Source: a Singapore Newspaper)

    It was mid-2001 or may be earlier. An ex-SPI member showed me a newspaper cutting. The news was about a security guard died mysteriously along Cranwell road. The story was roughly like this. The guard was appointed to jaga a Changi Commando Barrack (think it was Robert’s Barrack) on top of a hill. The place was very ulu and was out of the way because the barrack was sited on top of hill. The footpath slope leading up to the compound round the hill were quite long and very quiet. No electricity was available to that hill area and even the street lamps on the slope were not lit. One morning, the poor security was found lying dead just at the foot of the hill along Cranwell road. He died with a very scared facial expression. He got stab wounds all over his body. Streaks of blood were found all the way from the hill top to the road along the footpath. Strangely no lost of property or any money from the victim. The wounds were result of stabbing of sharp object, may be a knife or a metal stick. The very strange thing is; it looks like a murder attack from the compound within. That is, he was believed to get attacked when he was in the hilltop compound, struggled, and ran for life down the slope to the road. But at the end he fell down on the road and died of blood lost.

    That was indeed a horrible murder case with a touch of mysteriousness. It sparked off our determination to go in to the barrack and checked out the truth… though we knew it was very dangerous.

    Pictorial Tour

    (Part A – The Hilltop Barrack)

    1. This is the commando barrack clusters near Selarang; they are lit up at night that shows they are in use and in operational
    2. A little further up there is a bulldozer parked at the roadside. When we looked around we didn’t see any road construction.
    The bulldozer looks as if put there to block off something, very suspicious. We walked over it and checked what was behind.
    3. Wow, a hidden road was found. It was totally covered in darkness and, in front it got a ‘mound’ road block hastily built up one.
    4. We believed have found the entrance of the road to the secret barrack that was said to have a security guard murdered.
    With a fast thumping heart we quietly walked up, without using any torch light. We guessed the road will take us to hilltop barrack.
    The army camp was just some yards away parallel to the road and surely we didn’t want to catch any attention.

    This is one of the scariest paths we ever walked. Ahead is unknown but rumored to have a hostile force (a guard was murdered),
    on the left there were active army camps, and the atmosphere around (as can be seen in the picture) was full of orbs! It was pitch dark.

    1. A short cut sprang out from the road to the backyard of the barrack; 2. The barrack is standing on top of the hill when the road ends.
    3. This is a very eerie picture – a fierce ghost apparition was accidentally captured at the bottom left.
    4. Along the dark road winding up the hill, a streak of blood red light appeared on film. It wasn’t a camera strap or any reflection.
    It was nothing in front when the picture was taken.

    We closed in to the barrack; it looked grand and the doors are refined. At the corner an oil lamp that belongs to a security guard was lit.

    1. From another view you can see that a bottle of material water is there; 2. With our eavesdropping device, we heard no activity;
    So we moved further in and took this picture; 3. You can see it was like a small home with all the cooking utensils.
    4. Strong evidence that shows a guard is staying at this place. We didn’t want to mess with him especially after the previous guard’s death.
    Who knows he may be armed and will shoot at us! The last photo is believed to be a bedroom – we heard snoring from inside.

    1. Our whole team retreated, and detoured to another way bypassing the guard. The front door was wide open.
    2. Inside the lobby it was quite clean and empty; 3 & 4. All the doors were open where you can walk from one side to another.

    1. Wait, SPI Gate suddenly said.. ‘I smell blood’. A few feet ahead we found the blood stain. Gate was studying the blood scene.
    2. Not far from the blood scene we found a label on the wall ‘+’ ninja. This place is damn wrong.. consider the guard’s murder,
    the potential dangers and the fact that all the doors are open, windows are not shut – we are in a very vulnerable position.
    You would feel that as if at anytime a werewolf may emerge from any corner, or somebody with weapon attack you from your back.
    3. Lets get the hell out of here, now! We swiftly and stealthily sneaked out of the building and ran down from the hill.
    Just before we got out of the whole premise we discovered some wordings written on the ground – Dogs Inside, Please Don’t Enter
    4. A little further away, it has an English version too. We noticed that the yellow paint used was similar to the yellow paint on the barrack
    It must be written by the guard. But then if it were a state land, why there was no official board of no trespassing?
    Anyway that is a very hostile place and it certainly takes a bravo to be the night guard here.

    Recently we have seen a sign board at the entrance of the road to the barrack. URA is going to sell it to developer for building a hotel.
    This place has a rich history traced back to half century ago during the war, many secrets yet to be discovered…

    (Part B – Barrack Block 33)

    1. The commando barrack which we nicked it Block 33 is sited just next to OCH; why is it called Block 33? 2. Here is the answer!
    3. The whole building is locked and metal framed on the windows like a fortress. This is the barrack that has secret sealed chamber
    4. Through the metal gate at the front door we snapped a photo of what is inside. Gee, on the wall there seem to be bullet holes.
    Also on the left panel two large Chinese characters are written there as a warning..

    1 & 2. These two photos are taken consecutively one with flash and the other without.
    As you can see that in the second photo there was a very bright orb when no flash was used (hence it was not reflection)
    3. The orbs were moving away from the building. We picked up very strong EMF energy near that area;
    4. The exterior of the building looks very aged and eerie

    1. This a side view of the barrack 33; in this photo we have captured one of the most interesting entity – a pink Caucasian like face orb.
    Wouldn’t that be spirit died and trapped in this house telling us how much suffered he had gone thru?
    Or it has relation to the secret sealed up room?
    Wouldn’t the accuse of the Japanese war crimes by the persistent spirit mistaken as Satanic face? It was reported as a red face appearing.
    2 & 3. You can see that the windows are mesh-wired.
    Are they stopping people escaping from the building or preventing people from going in?
    4. The other view of where the pink face spirit orb was captured. This barrack is rumored to be very haunted.

    1 & 2. SPI continued to checked around the building; 3. At the other end of the barrack we found some rubbish dumps
    4. Particularly we found a Thai statue that wasn’t belonged to here. The spooky statue has another story which will be reported later.

    1 & 2. The two blocks of barracks 33 and 35 are connected by a footbridge. Of course without any lighting, the bridge looks very eerie
    3 & 4. We found documents and some junk food belong to the security guard of these barracks.

    1, 3 & 4. The top floor is the spookiest one. This looks like a training ground before but now is empty.
    2. In this picture, a mysterious dark shadow somewhat hanging upside down (inverted) was on the wall.
    See a brightened up version here which is more prominent. It wasn’t any camera trick. But what is it?

    1 & 2. Our fear didn’t stop here. You can see in the photos that ‘something’ had flashed across. What is that? Light reflection?
    But we know that is a wall and is not shiny. In fact when the photos were taken one of our members suddenly screamed hysterically.
    The fear on his face indicated that he saw something very frightening. We then held our camera and snapped photos back and forth.
    3 & 4. Finally we found the sealed rooms. It was sealed up as if they never exist. So was the rumor real? What was covered up inside?
    We checked the rooms next door and estimated the missing space in between – exactly as big as one of the rooms!

    1 & 2. Typical interior look inside a commando barrack; 3. Footpath connecting to buildings;
    4. This place is damn haunted, some even swear will never come again

    There is actually a very ulu hidden path to the barrack.. but it takes a whole lot of gut to walk through it at night.

  3. ayu Says:

    i used to see “things” easily when i was young….. too much to recall back, but ill today i do believe that ghosts does exist.hmm….

  4. Midnight Hour Says:

    Yes ghosts as we name them, do exist amongst us, although we may not be able to see them. Honestly, they are not things to be frightenened about. We become fearful of them due to our own ignorance about them. They belong to another realm of existence. There are some people who have psychic ability or some called it the third eye and are able to see the ghosts even in broad daylight. There is also reason why they appear to some individauls. The reason is due to certain link that the ghost(s) have with the person in this life or in previous lives. If this happens, you can pray (not just simple praying, but it requires a certain ritual to be performed) for the spirit in order to liberate it from that realm. If you are not accomplished to to that, then you should engage a monk(s) to do it on your behalf.
    To SPI, it would be a good idea to have someone with some psychic abilities in the nature of your investigations. I will share something with you all.
    The abandoned Old Changi Hospital is said to be haunted. But many so called thrill seekers set out to see for themselves if it is the truth but were disappointed.
    There were this small group of about 7 guys who not so long ago, embarked upon this similar “adventure”. When they came out of the hospital, they remarked that it was nothing scary after all, until one of them who possessed the psychic ability told them that when they were all inside the hospital, the ghosts were all there and were looking at them. This guy did not disclose his psychic ability to his friends before and he is not afraid of ghosts because he have already got used to see ghosts from very a young age.

  5. stupid Says:

    I heard from my friend that the old Yishun Primary School is haunted. They say they saw a girl called Jenny in the mirror when they turned behind there was no one. And my friend told me that theres was this SINDA class. And 1 student say to the teacher that he saw a woman in white outside the hall. i dont if this is true. if anyone here know about this old Yishun Primary School rumors do reply

  6. lelia Says:

    ai tong primary is also hunted

  7. 6thmono Says:

    What they mention about the old Keat hong camp is true! Most of batches, they experienced it before and some is with story behind it! Right the camp is empty! They have move to their new premises.

  8. agnes Says:

    hi pple do u guys heard of any suicide case or ghost sighting of a lady in white @ sentosa current merlion tower…

  9. Panick alot Says:

    Point 10, midnight basketball matches. If is me the one who witnessed that, I won’t go down to take a look. Cos it would bemore intersting if I have a good binocular I would use it to see what’s going on at there:) maybe you can even get to see a ghost:)

  10. kitabakor Says:

    does anyone know abt history of chai chee secondary?i really wanna noe abt chai chee secondary past..if any of the ex chai cheean who encounter scary incident in chai chee sec plz share ur story:)

  11. Vins Says:

    I moved one year ago in this house but i dont feel good …. no body will believe me but i feel spirit is there in my house ! i want to know dat ROBIN ROAD have some stories or wht ?
    if anybody knows the story pls reply me asap …. thanx !!

  12. SOLESOSI Says:

    any1 knows anything about tanglin secondary school?im studying there right now

  13. Irvin Says:

    I found the areas near Sembawang Park to be really creepy at night. Those who stay in Sembawang should very well know about this road that leads to Bottle Tree Village. There are 2 roads to it and one of them has a bend with a mirror on it. Well, based on what I heard from some people, and my own experience, if you travel by car or bicycle in that particular area, there is a very high chance of seeing supernatural beings. Once I went there and saw 2 ghostly figures among the dense dark forest and that really creeped me to the max. Secondly, the area around Sembawang Park are full of houses and roads that almost looked like it was built quite a long time ago. One perfect example was the road near the entrance of the first parking lot of the park. At the end of the parking lot there is a road which leads you to the housing areas. And this also proved to me the scariest road ever. During my trip there at night in my bicycle with my dad, I heard dogs barking around, though I didn’t see any signs of dogs around. And there were many instances where I felt my bicycle tires deflating. I really freaked out I never went there again!

  14. Solesosi Says:

    The third floor. It was the most ‘well-talked of’ area. The library is or was there if am not wrong, and the science labs. Before the renovations, those who camped in that schooll will try to avoid that floor. And the area where the bomb shelter is? There’s a reason why some of us didn’t stay too long at that area. Been 6 years I left that place. Still rmr all the stories though.

  15. Vidra Says:

    Wait… ^ was me. Was trying to reply Solesosi.

  16. Kazuya Says:

    They are really a lot of ghost stories in Singapore. My grandmother and aunty are ‘gifted’ with the third eye and had experienced countless incidences regarding that of the supernatural. In fact, my aunt’s ‘link’ with the supernatural is so strong that she keeps on drawing spirits or djinns to her house. And when I stayed there, indeed I could see huge black shadows lurking in the kitchen. My grandmother is rather similar too, albeit her ‘link’ being weaker than that of my aunt’s. But when she worked as a maid, she said she saw a lot of stuff especially at Pasir ris. There used to be houses near the sea and at some time, a being from the sea will arise and enter the houses. When dawn breaks, the houses will have this salty smell and algae can be see decorating every inch of the place.

  17. freaky marsiling Says:

    may i know more about the old english college or the old marsiling primary school.. now its marsiling sec.. do u have any pictures or articles? i really want to know more about it..

  18. woodgrover boy Says:

    rukia and nimbort ur right i am studying in woodgrove pri in p5 last year i heard some1 said a girl walk in the toilet 6 tiles then a ghost appeared hanging from the ceiling and once me and my friend went to pee when we zipped up and my friend was going for the flush button the button dropped without touching it we then ran all the way to class ,at that time there were alot of rumours about the huanted toilet and it was so scary but things have become normal already

  19. Taufiq Woodlanders Says:

    I’m sure all of you know about the old haunted changi hospital.It was haunted because of the murderings in WWII.My mother has work ther before in the 1980s but no experience but my aunt was at the hospital before to take care of my late grandmother whos in the hospital bed.While she was at the bed she was half awake and half asleep.Her eyes were still wide opened and before she knew it someone slap her on the face but saw no one when she look at it.In 2010,i think you all should know this,there was a crew team planing to go to the old changi hospital and to haunt the place.the most scariest part of the REAL FOOTAGE is when one of their crew members,a women,was going up with another crew member,a man,and suddenly her camera dropped.She went to take the camera up back before someone help her to take it for her.There was only two of them and the person who help her to take the camera was another women.There was only one women.And guess what,there,was the scariest face ever i have seen in a REAL FOOTAGE video when the women ghost went to take the camera.The face was damn scary and i would never forget it.

  20. Lily Says:

    Peoples! To what I know weather u believe or not the god told my sis n I not to go to all this haunted places as they said if anything happen to us they are not able to help us from it as the ghost is too evil for them to handle it..

  21. CliffeRain Says:

    Hi, Do need your help. have a question to ask… Is old rifle range house haunted? Thank You!

  22. Maryjanr Says:

    I went to the abandon asylum at woodlands 5- 6 yrs back and it was quite an encounter. We werw very sure der was noone but only our group were Der. While walking , suddenly a big flowerpot came crashing down and almost hit a friend. We rushed up to take a look but d thing is, all d floors parapet have fences, no way a big pot could have gone through it. It was a mystery up til today. The place was super scary we did not finish walking cuz it
    Was too nerve wrecking. U need to go to believe this. 2 of my friends saw ‘kakak’ flying at d basketball
    Court in between d buildings. That was when we just were about to start d tour. Gosh. 2nd encounter is at old japanese school, changi. Der were only 5 of us, i was d only girl having my red days. Welcomed by a strong chinese inscense burning smell. We walked at d parameter and suddenly we heard d school bell rang and a japanese lady voice was doing an annoucement at 4am & the school was long abandoned.
    Upon hearing dat, i ran wf all my
    Might to safety down d slope to
    D car.
    Oh man. Dat was scary. I swear all of this encounters are true!

  23. Chihiro Says:

    Th ‘ White House ‘ is known as th Matilda House . It is an old Kampong built by a British . It is located in Punggol Area . Recently some teenages frm a Secondary school had went in & was caught . I’ld nt named th sch . Alot of ppl has tried to demolish it , but everytym someone wanted to demolished it , tht person wuld died frm accident or illness or other reason .

  24. S-h-a-d-e Says:

    To: freaky marsiling

    I don’t have much info about the Old English College aka the current Marsiling Secondary School, But what i know is that i’ve entered English Colleage more than once before during my Primary school days and Junior Secondary school days (sec1,2).. as what said earlier, everything was intact, even the pool table was there, pictures thrown all over the floor (near the pool table which is facing the old school’s football field) reminiscing it back gives me the goosebumps ..

    At one point of time, there were people staying in the school, i Swore i saw a malay family (aunty) even hanging clothes as I recce whether it safe to enter the place or not.. well, looking @ it now, it’s not as scary as before, the brightly painted marsiling secondary school building in bright orange seems to live up the eerie past of that place..

    The old English College was painted in white.. really scary and eerie looks somewhat colonial and OCH kindda feel.

  25. Tan Qian Yi Says:

    in 2007, Blk 596C at amk st 52 is haunted by a black shadow. I witnessed it once. I was strangely crying out to sleep in the toilet. My dad brought me there and i saw a black shadow. It was at midnight. It was washing its hands. And then it said:, WHOOOO!!! Very scary!

  26. Ceiy Says:

    My friend brought me to this cluster of abandoned houses near somerset few years ago. I think most pple know it as soong sisters houses. It was the creepiest place I’ve been to (I’ve never been to OCH). I was trying to find it on google earth but have problems remembering the exact location. Does anyone know the coordinates to that site on google earth?

  27. P5 student ley Says:

    Yes , the dairy farm is indeed haunted when I went with my school camp (over there in DairyF) when I woke up at (cuz I can’t sleep) 3 am I saw a tombstone in front outside of the window and when I woke up 3 hours later it was gone.

  28. Family Ghost Hunterz- Says:

    try going into admiralty park there, the one beside woodlands waterfront.. go tru the forest, there is one river… very deep inside… got one place bridge… stay there … and enjoy the show of people/whatever flying around

  29. ZUeryni Hayaat Khan Says:

    Hey.. Zueryni Hayaat Khan here.. I just curious.. Do anyone knows which hotel is the oldest ones in singapore? And which hotels is haunted? Hmm.. As i know, there’s ones in geylang area and raffles hotels.. If anyone knows , please reply me here or sent me email.. tarina_arfakhzsyads@hotmail.com. Btw i doing a research for my project.. Your help been appericiate it.. Thank you..

  30. danny eng Says:

    i’ve stayed Hougang for year’s . but i don’t believe in ghost , so this is my story .
    while i watching the movie ” Ghost Game ” it’s a little scary for me , because i’m alone watching it .
    after like about 1 and a half hour , i heard a women crying down my block , so i went down to take a look , but there’s no one ? , so i press the lift button, the crying voice came again . this time it’s not near , it’s coming 3 block’s away from my block , so i went to that block to see who’s crying in this early morning , went i reached that block … it was’t a HUMAN crying it was a GIRL IN WHITE CRYING , oh , i shouted “SHIT” and run back home .

  31. GOLD Says:


    IF U SEE THIS COMMENT PLEASE DON’T GO TO THE PARK LOCATED AT WOODLAND ST 13 PLEASE I NOT JOKING DON’T GO. my friend nearly lost his lives. I DON’T KNOW U PEOPLE SEE THIS COMMENT OR NOT BUT IS TRUE. i use not to believe any supernatural thing until two days ago. story is like this i meet my friend at the coffeeshop at BLK 136 after our late night supper. i decide to send my friend to the marsiling MRT taxi stand. since i promise him that i will company him all the way there as he is all the way to meet me up from bukit panjang. as we reach the beginning of the staircase that lead to a long path. my friend suddenly feel cold and dizzy. in the beginning i was thinking maybe is the food we ate is not clean so and so. so i ask him is he ok and he say that there is someone “pulling him apart from me” i feel strange as i don’t see any anyone beside him and me. he told me that he feel so cold but still ok to move on. so i hold his arm continue walking the long path. as we reach the centre of the pathway we notice a white figure standing next to the big tree which located at the centre of the big green grass field.so i stop and look at it. this weird white figure suddenly wave at us. the kind of hello waving hand. i was was thinking “what the hell is a white figure doing at the tree waving at us. as i know something is not right we decide to move our feet faster. as we move closer that reaching the road which opp blk is 142 we feel more and more colder and colder as i turn my head to the right. she was just beside me staring at me with her eyes that look like a chio bu type with big dolly eyes. but got red blood marking kind of thing in it. her skin is kinda of fair as well. before i was wondering how she can travel so fast from the tree to just beside me i faint on the spot. the next i woke up with a big headache knowing that me and my friend are in a hospital. my mum told me that a passerby morning jogger and a driver so call found me lying at the tree while my friend was lying at the centre of the road next to blk 142 full of blood around his head. and the time that they found us is around 5 am in the morning which is what my mum told me. after i feeling well from the big headache. i decide to ask people around the blk which next the pathway. many people that live blk 3 have say that this white lady figure is use to be a teacher from english college school that facing kinda of problem which they can’t remember in the end she choose to commit suicide by hanging herself at the tree. some say that she fall in love with one of her student and they use to date and picnic at the tree which is the centre of the grass field opp of marsiling sec school now. after this incident my aunt told me that from WOODLAND ST 13 UNTIL THE MARSILING CRESENT which is the location of the shell company is not clean at all include the woodland park near the checkpoint the whole marsiling area is f**king dirty and i here to WARNING ALL OF U IF U SEE THIS COMMENT PLEASE DON’T GO ALONE IN THE PATHWAY NEAR THE MARSILING SEC SCHOOL BACKGATE. THE WHOLE MARSILING IS HAUNTED.

  32. shaaran Says:

    please aurther tell me more about old fuchun school and how was it demolished and why is it so

  33. nurhidayah Says:

    is yishun hunted???

  34. eliza Says:

    My advice, do not go out late at night..Whatever religion u r, just pray to chase ‘them’ away..

  35. lavia Says:

    well, i used to live at blk 113 of woodlands st 13, now staying at marsiling dr…happen to be ex student of marsiling sec…
    1st about marsiling sec, it may be slightly haunted, but those things there are nothing harmful, juz playful only..for there was once during night study, me and 2 fren decided to adventure ard the sch when it’s past 7pm….and weird thing happened when my frens wanted to go toilet (both guys, so i can’t follow them in), after waiting for about 30min, i called out to them but no answer..when i looked inside, there’s noone in the toilet (i was waiting outside the whole time, so it’s kinda impossible to miss them if they had came out already)…after looking ard the whole sch for not sure how long, since the gates are about to close, i went out, thinking i might have somehow missed them while stoning or something, and they might have gone back home already…when we met in sch the next morning, they say they came out shortly after visiting the toilet, and they went looking for me when they didn’t see me outside…
    so tat’s about it for my encounter at marsiling sec..
    as for the park, went there wif the same 2 fren, for ghost story telling at night….nothing happen…but did hear stories frm my bro on him being disturbed while hanging out there wif some frens…but it’s my 1st time reading about such serious disturbance..
    back when i was staying at 113, i used to walk to my cousin place, which is near 211, and i know along tat stretch of road by those single digit block number, there’s a female ghost lingering there….but sometimes i find that those beings are slightly safer than humans, as i’ve been stalked quite a few time while goin back home at night..

    well, that’s juz my POV, mayb i’ve been lucky that all along those that followed me back home are some harmless ghosts, and that even those i’ve encountered so far are harmless as well….
    but i do not deny the fact that EVERYONE have to be careful when exploring the unknown…my cousin almost died in her sleep due to suffocation, my mom’s fren’s son went exploring in some said to be haunted places, was possessed and resulted in death, another of my cousin bumped into those things while he was training at the old police academy, had high fever for mths, admitted to hospital twice, but everything was ok when his family tot might be the works of something dirty and brought him to a temple to seek help and advice frm the higher powers..

  36. lavia Says:

    and actually, ghost are everywhere…

    the reason for “haunted” places are mainly 1, sighting of ghost happen more often in those area, 2, there have been said cases whereby ppl have been hurt by ghosts in that area, or 3, due to a history of blood and violence in that are, which led many to believe it’s haunted (which in most cases, it’s true, as those being harm, their souls are stuck there and unable to move on, and most are bitter ghost who seek tho hurt those living ppl who trans-pass into their “territory”)

  37. meet Says:

    no way Im gonna visit Singapore at late night…
    You guys are freaking me out siaaaa……!!
    Now cannot enjoy my long drive frm msia to singapore at late nights..!! go means must go with one big grp :p

  38. ParanormalHuman Says:

    Okay… for advice,

    The lane along the Woodlands Centre Road, is haunted. For many incidents, most of them came from schools, flats & the garden. For schools, if you are studying in Marsiling Sec/Pri, advice is, try to change to a different school, like Fuchun (Woodlands Ave 1, near the American Houses).

    For flats, you DO NOT need to actually change flats. Its high in prices these day. Okay, for this one, get into the flow by putting up toys outside your house. Because, obviously there are NO toys in the afterlife. So children (who are dead) come to the living world and find entertainment.

    Okay gardens, my advice, just ignore the man carrying the coffin and the pick-up truck. And be careful when you walk at the path where you enter the garden. Its VERY dangerous, because there’s an incident where an elderly lost his balance and fell. Especially when your cycling.

    Here are some haunted place in the city of Marsiling & Woodlands:

    1. Former Fuchun Primary , spotted ghosts hanging out.
    2. Marsiling Secondary, strange encounters in toilets at dawn.
    3. Block of flats at Street 13, children playing outside corridors.
    4. Woodlands Town Garden, a pick up truck and a man carrying a coffin.

    For more information, email me at jdenzel_22@yahoo.com.sg.
    THANKS!!! 😀

  39. aedy Says:

    Will like to share a couple of my personal paranormal experiences here in Singapore:

    I used to stay in Marsiling/Woodlands area between 1985 to 2005. The following are just some of my encounters during my schooldays right up to my early Police regular days while staying at Blk 1 Marsiling Drive,:

    i) Once while on my way back home at around 11pm, as I was crossing over the zebra crossing from Blk 9 to Blk 1 and I was going down the steps beside the old playground, I had looked up Blk 1 and saw a dark apparition with red glowing eyes staring down from over the parapet along the common corridor on the 10th storey. It looked like it was staring at me directly. The very next morning, I went down and looked up at the very same spot where I last saw the apparition, but there was only leaves and branches of a tree planted along the common corridor. But I swore what I saw last night was an apparition of a man-like black figure with his hands resting on the parapet and half his upper body was crouching over the parapet. I was told by my neighbours that the neighbour of mine who stayed at the exact spot of my sighting was actually a medium (bomoh) whom had been known to be keeping spirits in his house.

    ii) Before Blk 5A (between blk 1 and 5) was built, I had a full unblocked view of Blk 5. There was this once where a girl had committed suicide by jumping down from blk 5 right opposite where my bedroom was. About a week after the suicide, as I was in my bedroom doing my homework, I heard faint sobs of a girl coming from outside my bedroom window. It seems to be coming from the direction of blk 5. This was about 9.30pm. I immediately ran out of my bedroom and went to the kitchen window to take a closer look and try to find the source of the faint cries. As I was looking up and down blk 5 from my kitchen window, I suddenly saw a figure of a girl fully in white with long hair walking down the stairs beside the lift landing of blk 5. I sensed something amiss about this “girl” as “she” seems to be gliding down rather than walking down and it was moving down rather faster than normal but her flowing hair doesn’t bounce about. At the speed she was moving, it would seem like as if she was running down the flight of steps, and for someone who is running you would be able to see that their hair would bounce about. But this was not the case. I immediately ran to my mom and told her about it. But my mom just told me not to mention anything about it and asked me to recite some prayers before I sleep.

    iii) During my police regular days, I was attached to Bt Panjang North NPP. One day while patrolling with my buddy on our scooter along Woodlands St 13 at around 1am at night, we came across an abandoned motorcycle dumped in the drain along the slip road leading to the English College (formerly Marsiling Pri). We came down to inspect the abandoned motorcycle and screen to make sure that it was not a stolen motorcycle. Both me and my buddy climbed down into the drain to get the registration no of the motorcycle. After being informed by our CCR that the bike was “green” we proceed to inspect the bike further while waiting for our CCR to establish and contact the owner. It was at this time when I sensed like somebody is walking towards ur from the direction of the slope towards Blk 142. I looked up and saw a lady walking slowly along the slip road towards us. She was about less than 100m away from us. I called out to my buddy and asked if he can see the girl. He looked up and said yes. But he mentioned something that suddenly struck me. He mentioned that how come the girl seems like glowing and can be seen clearly although the streetlights along this slip road are switched off. At this point, the both of us looked at each other and as we turned back to look at the lady, she had vanished! There is no other way for her to be out of our view from where she was as on her left was the fence to the english college and to her right is an open field. So there is no way that she can run away or diverted her walk without us noticing. My hair behind my neck stood up and I felt a sudden chill in that warm still night. Both of us decided to abandon the location and positioned ourselves under blk 154 while waiting for the call from our CCR.

    I will continue with my personal encounters while undersoing training at the Old Police Academy at Thomson Rd soon.

  40. Sugumar Says:

    Have you heard of the Ghim Moh railway track? It is now removed as the land is given to the Singapore government. I use to live in Ghim Moh road for 22 years before moving to Bukit Batok. There use to be a story about the Ghim Moh road railway track about a man who carry a dead body and walk along the track at midnight. I was in Primary school. The police were called and crowd gathered along the fence. They even brought dogs and torch light in search of him. But it was unsuccessful. He was a person who got hit by the train a few years back. Many people also committed suicide at the railway track. The bridge that connects the Ghim Moh road and Holland road was not built at that point of time. People need to cross the railway track. Nobody dare go down at night.

  41. Stoldy Says:

    Lol… I reading so many tales of Woodlands. Is that really that Woodlands having many supernaturals and wonders? Well I lived in woodlands since the start of Woodlands New Town (now known as marsiling) from 1986 until present. You can say Im a “Huan Na” of Woodlands haha. Anyway from what I heard, let me give some information:

    1) I remembered there was 1 news in 1990s that a lady was found dead at a alley way between Marsiling Apartments and English College. Believed that is where the paranormal started.

    2) Old Mental Hospital in Woodlands? You mean Viewroad Hospital? Used to cater for little children(s) suffering from mental disorders or over stress. Yet also in 1990s it was abandoned due to an incident (some say homicide). Now it become a hostel for our dear FTs. It is located just behind Republic Polytechnic I believed..lol.

    3) Old Amercian School and Singapore Sports School before built used to be a uphill forest. In fact, I personally witnessed the craters remains of WWII where Japanese bombed that area with their zero fighters bombs. There was a pavillion and a small pond at that area too as I recalled. Now no more 🙂

    4) The Jetty and road alongside used to be my secondary school’s 2.4km site. Well at night people may go there to pray to a god altar there. Anyway there is a spot of a ruin but at that spot, my friends and I saw many god statues and idols. Thinking that they are some relics which is of historical value, we chose not to go in further and destroy the things there ^^

    Hope this intrigues everyone’s paranormal interests…

    Stoldark (SFOGS)

  42. LIm cuiwen Says:

    They said that a girl died there. At night they will see a girl feature pointing at us and then tell you to come here and then dissapear. Another case is I wanted to look at the dog when a bee sting me. Another one is in the hut at night you will hear a girl scream and then see the girl commiting to suicide there.


  43. SimpleMe Says:

    Yeah use to play around mArsilings blk 1-5 and woodlands alot during my insane teenage years.. I stay woodlands ave 1 btw….Yeah it was spooky. And yeah i and my fellow friends who stay blk 1 ,2 ,3,4 and 5 admit that they do saw this ghosts but its natural to them cause they stay ther for years And they get use to it… ghosts are spotted along the corridors of their houses some more .. lolz.. but they and their families got use to it… as long as “it” never bothers them then its ok… as for me, im scared but with my friends around to make me comfortable and pray to god alot, i never been hurt by this things,just saw them and i prayed prayed prayed it dissapeared …some supernatural beings purposely show themselves to play punk with u… Like we humans, we tend to play prank on others so do “they”….

  44. wondering Says:

    So many stories of marsiling but can anyone tell me where is blk 14 marsiling lane?

  45. ely Says:

    Hi all,

    I wish to thank everyone who has contributed their personal paranormal story on Woodlands St 13. The HDB has launched a May BTO at Woodland St 13 and the land parcel for this BTO project is at Woodlands Town Park East (ie., the same park that was being mentioned as above). As, I was not aware of the paranormal activities at Woodland St 13, I have applied for the Woodland BTO and my selection date with HDB is in Sept., 2014. If I am selected, I am unable to reject the offer from HDB bc if I reject the offer, I will be considered as a second-timer buyer in the near future and lost my benefit as a first-timer buyer.

    Now, I can only hope & pray for the best in getting my dream house as a Single.

    Big hug,

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