Unexplainable Experience at Taman Negara

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Author’s Note : This happened to one of my relatives who visited Taman Negara back when he was still young. We were speaking about some strange things that can happen at forests when he mentioned about his experience in Malaysia’s forest reserve, Taman Negara.

Taman Negara was one of my travel destinations when I first graduated from high school. My friends and I were pretty excited about visiting this forest reserve because we’ve heard so much about the beauty this forest reserve has to offer. So naturally, Taman Negara was our first destination. As it was a budgeted holiday, we only manage to stay one night at Taman Negara hiking the whole day to reach one of the hill’s peaks to see the sunrise.

That day, we rose early and set our backpacks ready for the long day ahead. Upon reaching Taman Negara, we immediately started hiking to our intended location where we would stop by a night there before continuing to watch the sunrise. We had set our camps and build our tent. Because it was quite a tiring day, all of us decided to rest early so we could get up the next day. That night, something unexplainable happened. We were all in our tents, there were about 3 of us in the tent, and the fire was lit outside the camps to give us some warmth. The camp fire casts shadows but it wasn’t the shadows that we were disturbed about. The dead quiet night was disturbed by the sound of a cracking branch on the floors of the forest.

Although we were tired, we were immediately shocked as we were pretty sure we were the only ones at that location at that given time. There were no camps around us so we were quite alert when the sound occurred. We looked at each other again this time fully aware of the presence of another being just outside of our tent when the sound of the cracking branches and leaves came closer and closer. The sound finally stopped just in front of our tent. The light from the camp fire cast a shadow of something large and furry standing on 2 feet like a human. Maybe the shadows magnified the actual size of that creature but we were quite frightened by it as we could hear the sound of that creature’s breathing. The thing circled around our camp and then left. None of us dared to move an inch for fear something terrible might happened so we waited until we were sure it was safe before we decided to move on.

Although there was no sun yet, we still continued to hike up the hill. If you have ever visited the Taman Negara, people would advise you about not shining the torchlight everywhere? Well, it was true because when there was one time when I accidently dropped the torchlight on the floor, the light shone into the woods and for a glimpse of the moment I saw many pairs of red eyes staring right back at me, watching us walking up the mountains.

Until today, I can’t be sure exactly what had happened that night at the tent or the many pairs of eyes that were staring straight back at me.

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6 Responses to “Unexplainable Experience at Taman Negara”

  1. pisang Says:

    bigfoof of malaysia……..

  2. GhostHunter Says:

    I think it’s a monkey, and the shadow looks larger than life becos of the fire

  3. raihana Says:

    quite scary.. i dreamt of being in the jungle but afraid of those animal-beast-ghost thing..huuuuu~~~

  4. David Chan Says:

    I’m curious.. do you think u can post up a sketch of the silhouette that you saw? Makes me wonder if it’s the same creature my mum ran into whilst working in Kampar.

  5. Winchester Says:

    What you saw is called a Wendigo.

  6. barreneye Says:

    the part about not to flashlight pointlessly is very interesting …and those red eyes are creepy.the same way,why you should not call ur friends by their own name,or u might bound into trouble.

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