Ghost Temple

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Author’s Note : This story was taken from one of the chinese written forums on the internet. Apparently, the writer of this story swears that it is true. The origins of the writer is unknown.

I live up north in a small little village. This village is wasn’t really well known until the a few years later when a ghost temple was built. Everyone started visiting the temple to get lucky numbers so they could win some lottery. My mom soon joined the crowd. The first time, she was a skeptic but as soon as the number given to her striked 1st place in the lottery game, she was turned into a believer. Because mom thought that it was something happy that should be shared with your family members, she soon introduced my aunts and uncles to visit the ghost temple as well.

There were certain rules and regulations when you visit the ghost temple for prayers. I couldn’t remember much but here are some of them

  1. Ensure that your pockets are empty before stepping out of the temple. eg no food like sweets in the pockets
  2. For the ladies, they are not allowed to visit the temple if they are having their monthly cycle

By then, my mum, aunty and uncle have already started to strike lotteries. Because of this, they always visit the ghost temple frequently. Soon, weird things started happening to my mum, aunty and uncle. My mum could always hear noises of children playing at the living room when there was no one at home except for her. My aunty, on the other hand, could always felt as if someone or something passed through her body. Not only that, she realized that every morning, her garbage can would be rummaged and rubbish would be thrown all over the place. My uncle, one day while working on his desk late at night, could suddenly feel as if someone was tapping his shoulders. The disturbance of my family went on for a few days until my grandpa came to visit us.

Did I mention my grandpa was the guardian of a temple not far away from my village? As soon as my grandpa stepped into our house, he could feel immediately that something was wrong and approached my mum. Only then he found out all 3 of his children (my mum, my aunty and my uncle) have created a mess. I’m not too sure what my grandpa did but after that, my mum, aunty and uncle did not complain of any weird happenings.

Apparently, the ghosts from the ghost temple followed my aunt and uncle back home because they happen to broke some of the rules there. My aunt happen to visit the ghost temple although she was having the monthly cycle. Due to that, the ghosts there were unhappy with her and follow her back to disturb her. My uncle on the other hand, did not realize that he brought sweets into the temple when his kid put some sweets into the pockets of his trousers. Because of this, some child ghosts were tempted to his sweets and followed him back home. The child ghosts somehow followed my mum back to our house as well which explained the noises my mum heard. Not only that, grandpa found a lost child ghost hiding beneath the desk which explains the disturbance my uncle always felt everytime he used the desk.

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14 Responses to “Ghost Temple”

  1. Kenny Ng Says:

    I heard this before somewhere.

  2. ic3 Que3n Says:

    Yeah, it was in a chinese forum

  3. ppl Says:

    Dont be stupid , if this is true, the gaming companies would have closed long long time ago!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ic3Que3n Says:

    ppl, not too sure but I read this somewhere

  5. _butt Says:

    may i know where is this ghost temple located?

  6. chris lee tae seok Says:

    its very , very lame

  7. watermelon Says:

    yea coz if all oso strike jackpot then magnum,pmp,sportstoto jialat liao …

  8. jimt Says:

    hi can give me the address of the temple..i wan to strike toto jackpot once only

  9. Faker Says:

    oi this is a story fron thailand movie ah ………………….

  10. ghost lover Says:

    guys….sometimes it can be true… aware..i am not challenging but warning… it?

  11. Sexy clit Says:

    Fuck this it’s all bull do y’all believe if I said I got raped by a ghost?

  12. club11sam Says:

    others story i might believe but ghost temple,huh…not so~~

  13. Smell My Ketiak Says:

    berambuslah syaitan-syaitan dari pandangan mata saya.. choi choi choi~

  14. barreneye Says:

    smellmyketiak??? hahhahhaah ..lawak r u ..

    but anyway, i dare not saying anything dat indirectly seems to provoke. this thing can come at u personally, would be so different when this other door opened before u ..u would get that eerie feeling 24/7, daylight could only do little help. e.g, it’s the same place u standing at,but at that moment’s so different, as if it was the first time u being there, wrapped-up in unknown blanket of fear, almost irrational as u could not explain,..deep n dark that distance in your eyes…n it’s nothing of what u see everyday.

    don’t underestimate that mysterious part of your brain, there’s a reseach hypothesis saying every human being has it,or else u r not normal…it’s part of human senses .. some people having it sharp,while some dont even know about it.. until,at the right time..right place.

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