Adventure with a Fox Spirit

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Author’s Note : I got this story from a Taiwanese TV talk show program called “Unbelievable World”. Last round (get the previous story here), I wrote about a Feng Shui Master so here’s another one about him telling the story about his experience during one of the classes he held.

Out of the many classes the Feng Shui Master (FSM) lectured in, there are definitely some students that are skeptics. Skeptical about the supernatural world and skeptical about the book of I Ching. If you have not heard about the book of I Ching, this book is The Book of Changes, one of the oldest chinese classic texts (for more info, you can click here). During one of the classes on Fox Spirits, one student, let’s call him A, challenged the FSM about the existence of one. You know what they say about seeing is believing? Well, the FSM decided to bring that A to personally experience the power of a fox spirit. After the FSM calculated the right timing to “visit” the fox spirit, he made a date with his class to be at the Yang Ming mountain at a specific time.

On that fateful day, as everyone gathered outside the cave. The FSM waited until 3.30 pm before instructing A to go into the cave of the mountain to look for the fox spirit. A was skeptical but nonetheless worried if there might be more sinister things waiting for him. The FSM assured him that nothing bad would happen as they would be just standing outside waiting for him and that he would just need to scream and they would all rushed in to save him. Unsure but at the same time curious, A turned around and walked towards the mouth of the cave.

Inside the cave was dark. Although A had the torchlight with him but the torchlight seemed to be of no use especially when the darkness of the cave seemed as if it were eating up the lights. As A walked deeper and deeper into the cave, suddenly he saw an arrow with the speed of light flying towards him. Before A was able to react, he saw the arrow passed through him and into his chest. A screamed and the next thing he knew, he had passed out.

Then A opened his eyes, he was surprised to see himself surrounded by FSM and the rest of the other students. Still blur, A asked what had happened. FSM asked A if A saw an arrow and A immediately replied yes. A immediately recalled his harrowing experience describing it as somewhat shocking as he thought he was going to die because the arrow pierced through his heart. FSM told him that the I Ching did mentioned that if one saw an arrow chasing after him, it would meant that there was indeed a fox spirit living around the area and that you have trespassed their territory. The arrow served as a warning to A as A had trespassed the fox spirit’s territory. At the time that he entered the cave, the FSM had already calculated that the timing is the weakest point in the entire day for the fox spirit and therefore, the arrow did not harm A in anyway.

It is just a coincidence or something more sinister?

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4 Responses to “Adventure with a Fox Spirit”

  1. assye Says:

    served that boy rite… Too curious and too skeptical… Sometimes, being human, being skeptical can made a life go dull… =.=”

  2. Lynn Goh Says:

    never challenge the unknown .

  3. pisang Says:

    spirit, demon, Satan, genie,
    DO NOT CHALLENGE them even you are skeptical

  4. unsightly Says:

    Yawn! Care to share which ghost story book you got the story from? better to read it from source. That way, u get the full story. If it is not from a story book, pls share the name & contact details of the FSM. Don’t tell me that the FSM no longer exist etc.

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