2 Short Stories – Sounds from above

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Author’s Note : For those of you that stay in apartments and condos, have you ever experience cases where your upstairs neighbor makes so much noise at odd hours that it irritates you? That you couldn’t even sleep at all? Well, here are 2 short stories of 2 different people that experienced something similar

Short Story 1

During weekdays, Reene usually stays with her parents whereas on weekends, she would stay with her husband. Her husband, on the other hand, would be living with his parents during weekdays as this arrangement was due to the convenience of both parities working nearby their parent’s house. As usual on Saturdays, Reene and her husband would go to their house and clean up. Recently late last year, Reene and her husband as usual were cleaning up the house when the doorbell suddenly rang. Reene’s husband, Max answered the door and got a surprise when the person introduced himself as their neighbor who was staying directly at the unit just below them, Mr A. Mr A apologized profusely for disturbing them and requested if some of his requests could be obeyed. Curious, Max asked if there was anything that he could help Mr A. Mr A then told him that they had recently just moved in after their marriage and told Max that his wife was having trouble sleeping.

Mr A explained that his wife was disturbed with noises coming from Reene’s unit and requested Max if they could tone down or stop moving furniture in the middle of the night. Max, puzzled, replied Mr A that they do not do such things and offered an explanation that the noises were perhaps coming from the pipes in their bedroom bathroom. Mr A then asked, “What about the dumb bells? Perhaps you could put the dumb bells down gently instead because it quite disturbing as well,” but again Max rejected telling Mr A that he did not own any dumb bell. Mr A then apologized again for disturbing that perhaps it was some misunderstanding and left. Reene who was quiet all the time asked her husband if she mentioned to Mr A that they do not even stay there for the most of the time but her husband told her he prefer not to mention it for not wanting to scare Mr A any further. So what was that noises coming from?

Short Story 2

It all started with scratching noises and sounds of furniture moving right above the apartment Chris was staying in together with her housemates. Even her housemates would complain about the noises their neighbor was making in the middle of the night. Irritated, Chris and her housemates would talk about how they needed to confront their inconsiderate neighbor. One day, one of Chris’s housemate came back with news that she had accidentally walked one floor higher than supposed to and realized that the unit above them seemed to be vacant. Unbelievable, Chris decided to investigate together with another of her housemate.

The very next day, Chris and her friend planned to go up during the day as it seemed to as scary as the night. So there they are, 2 girls planning to confront their upstairs neighbor.
As Chris and her friend walked up stairs towards that unit, their courage diminished by the seconds as they got closer to that unit. In the end, they had just decided silently to pass by the unit instead. As the passed by, Chris noticed that the unit was indeed vacant as how could someone be staying in that unit which was just impossibly dusty? The doorsteps just front of the door between the gate and main door was filled with dust and so were the windows. From that day onwards, Chris and her housemates dared not to mention a single word each time they hear noises from above their unit.

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5 Responses to “2 Short Stories – Sounds from above”

  1. Lynn Goh Says:

    I believe I had the same experience happened in my mom’s unit. My mom stays in a condominium. Before I got married in which I stayed at 2nd room, I always got woken up by noises of furniture dragging from one end to the other end. Mind you, Room 2 is not big.

    Anyway, this unit has some story on it. Before the current new neighbour moved in, that unit has changed hand at least 3-4 times. The first owner who was a landscaping person cum interior designer liked to redesign the whole house. He has a wife and 2 children. Before they moved in, the ower has totally changed all the places and as the result, feng shui changed too. They moved in and they stayed for about 1 year.
    In that one year itself, many things happened to them. Firstly, the wife keep getting sick and became real sick until unable to cure. Funnily no problem with the children or the husband.

    Mrs F, the neighbour next to it by then had befriended the owner’s wife. One day, Mrs F went to see her to talk about some food stuff and the owner’s wife came out and as usual, she opened the door, Mrs F saw a white dressed man looking pale sitting on the sofa. You see, if anyone came by passing the place, we mostly can hear foot steps and people greetings when they visit. Mrs F was in the kitchen for many hours and she said to my mom, that day she did not hear any foot steps nor greetings. Mrs F knew that this family do not have any people visiting them.

    Curiosity killed the cat, Mrs F asked the owner’s wife ‘Eh, you have visitor today?’ Maybe I can come back later’. The owner’s wife said ‘No I don’t have any visitor’ and looked at Mrs F puzzlingly. When Mrs F looked again, the white man had gone and Mrs F thought maybe the owner’s wife forgot about the man inside the room. Anyway, a few days later, Mrs F met the owner’s wife again and asked ‘Hey, that day, is that your uncle?’, the owner’s wife said ‘Which day and no, I don’t have anyone came by visiting us’. Shoot, Mrs F knew something not right about that unit.

    You see, that unit has been vacant for many many years and some how nobody wants it. It was only sold after many years. As time goes by, owner’s wife getting real sick and finally was diagnosed as breast cancer and the wife has been pestering the husband to move but husband did not want to because of the down payment and all sorts of investment has been made into that house. Finally after the husband realizing the unit was not suitable to them, he immediately moved out and found a residential house to stay. By then it was too late, the wife was not able to cure and slowly dying.
    Leaving 2 children behind in the end. Her children were very young about 2 years old and 4 years old at that time.

    After the owner left, the unit was left unattended and for almost a year. Mrs F said to my mom that at times she can hear noises from next door.
    And I didn’t realized that the owner left coz I was still hearing furniture dragging in the middle of the night, I got to know this when one day Mrs F came by to our unit and talked and suddenly the topic went there.

    The unit was then purchased by some MNC top management for one of his mistress. The mistress came and we have the most annoying tenant ever since. Noisy and inconsiderate bunch. The mistress came with 3 kids and all the kids were poorly taught. Anyway, they too were not able to stay long. I suspected that the children might have seen something. At night, when the children were not in, in the middle of the night, I can still hear furniture dragging. The unit has since sold off after the mistress no longer became the mistress (due to infidelity) and a newly married couple moved in. I didn’t hear any complaint from my mom about them but I have seen them. Boy, the man (though he’s young), he sure looked fierce to me. Maybe the ghost scared of him.

  2. pisang Says:

    This I can explain….

    my brother rent a APARTMENT somewhere in puchong
    like our author he had a same experience BUT his LAST job is in CONSTRUCTION
    He said the wall made from HOLLOW sand brick SO a gentle move of furniture or even close, open and lock the door
    we can hear it.
    FURTHER his investigation SOME APARTMENT have this problem.

    sound may be came from down unit, because echoing sound you hear that you think it was from above unit

  3. DanSiowGui Says:

    i m moving to an old apartment this weekend, what should i do to make sure the house is “clean”? any advice?

  4. Lynn Goh Says:

    Dan, asap (smoke) the whole place before you stay there, meaning, every room, every curtain, every underneath of beds, the balcony and the front door. You know those kemanyan stuff? You shd check with your family members or friends on how to do it.
    it works well. but when you do that make sure you standby the kemanyan stuff coz as the kemanyan burns, you need to refill so that it’s ‘enough’ for the whole apt. Before you start smoking the whole place, you must also do 3 rounds of asaping on yourself (front and back) first. you might want to get someone to do it for you the 3 rounds x 2 . After the 3 x 2 rounds, then only you start to smoke the whole place.

    of course the whole place will be smoky, make sure you open all windows to let the smoke goes off and switch on the lights (lights if you do it at night only).
    hope this helps. my hubby and I always do that kemanyan stuff after we came back from hospital, cemetery (for chengbeng) or if we have ghost dreams or too many dreams at night. this works for us but not sure about others.

  5. Soon Says:

    I agreed with Pisang’s theory. I also ever heard the furtinutre dragging type of sound, normally at apartment.. especially at night. and also sound of guli dropping.. now at my double storey house, i also hear the dumb bell dropping type of sound. i think is the changes of temperature which causing the house making this sound. 🙂

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