A passerby in Puchong’s house

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Author’s Note : My friend who is currently staying in Puchong swears that there is no such extra forces or supernatural powers at her house although while she was telling me this story she was pretty sure that she saw something unnatural at that time.

You know how it is that sometimes your eyes can play tricks on you? Well, perhaps it did on that day but I was sure that I saw something. You see, my sister and I lived together in a rented house, a double storey one. Usually, we would talk to each other sometimes she would be in her room and I would be in mine as our bedroom doors are just opposite of each other. It was pretty convenient although I’m sure there are times when the conversation needed a bit of shouting here and there to get some message across.

Anyway, as usual, we were talking to each other, both of us were in our individual rooms. I forgot what the topic was but my back was facing the door all the time. I remembered I was looking through the window while talking and at one point, I turned around. I remember I saw flash of hair passed by. You know, the sight when someone is running and their hair is trailing behind, flying in the wind? Yes, I saw that. At that time, I did not think of anything and thought that my sister just walked downstairs. I even walked out of my bedroom and peered over the stairs and talked to her shouting. When no answer came, I thought that she could not hear me and I walked down to get the conversation going.

When I reached the ground floor, I looked around but my sister was no where to be seen. I was quite surprised as it was impossible that she walked downstairs so quickly. In fact, as soon as I saw that flash, I was already following from behind. Surely I would have seen her shadow? Without a second thought, I walked back up to her room and looked for her. It was when I reached her bedroom that I realized that all this time, she was in the bathroom. I checked with my sister later that time and towards the end of the conversation, she had already gone into the showers. So what was it that I saw? As I’m sure that what I had seen was not some imagination. Perhaps my eyes were playing tricks on me that day

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6 Responses to “A passerby in Puchong’s house”

  1. Ted Says:

    how is that scary??

  2. Lynn Goh Says:

    This is scary. I wonder how you felt after you chase the thing and realizing it’s not your sister.

  3. pisang Says:

    One possibility OPTICAL ILLUSION

    Our eyes can play tricks to our mind

  4. john91 Says:

    probably a thief..luckily u chase her away..

  5. Anusieah_Tasya Says:

    huhu~ i live in PUCHONG!! is`nt the ghost will came to my house???
    gud night creepy ghost!:p

  6. raj Says:

    mayb u overlooked ur self at mirror

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