The Ghost of My Ex-Girlfriend

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Author’s Note : I heard this story a few months from a friend of mine during a lunch session. We were all into each other’s ghost experience and here’s something he also heard from a friend’s friend. Enjoy!

Sam always loved his girlfriend and had been together for some time. Sure there were ups and downs in this relationship but lately things have gotten much more complicated. His girlfriend, Sue was always picking fights with him and Sam couldn’t stand it much longer. During one heated argument, Sam accidentally killed Sue in his fury.

Panic stricken, Sam immediately disposed Sue’s body and set to work cleaning the whole house up. No one noticed anything was amiss as Sue had no living relative. Sam continued with his life as if nothing had happened but that was what he had been trying to do. For the past 2 days ever since the incident,
Sam couldn’t get much sleep at night. He always felt uncomfortable like something was following him and in the night he would stay awake as falling asleep became harder and harder. Convinced that his ex girlfriend was seeking for revenge, Sam seek the advice of a well know master.

The master told Sam his girlfriend was indeed seeking for revenge and on the 7th day of her death she would appear before him. Scared, Sam asked the master if there was anyway to solve this matter. The master then advised Sam to dispose of his murder weapon and wash the clothes that he was wearing when the killing had happened before the clock strikes 12, marking Sue’s 7th day of death.The trick however, was the things needed to be done on the night of the 6th day.

Sam went back home agitated and excited hoping that this nightmare would end. On the night of the 6th day, Sam quickly found the knife that he used and immediately wrapped the knife and dispose it. The clothes were however a little tricky. Although he had cleaned the clothes that night the incident had happened, but blood stains were hard to get rid of. There were still a little bit of blood stains here and there. Immediately setting of to work, Sam scrubbed hard. As the hands of the clock drew nearer to 12, Sam started to panic. No matter how hard he tried scrubbing the clothes but the stain were still there.

Even a minute before 12am, Sam was still scrubbing hard. He had already been sweating profusely and still the stain looked not any much different from when he started. Suddenly, he heard the clock alarm rang. Chills ran down his spine when he realized that his time was up. Looking up from the bloody clothes, he saw the spirit of his girlfriend. Ready to take the consequences of his actions, his girlfriend spoke to him the last words, “Why did you not use the most powerful detergent of them all, Fab?”

Happy April’s Fool!!

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6 Responses to “The Ghost of My Ex-Girlfriend”

  1. Lynn Goh Says:

    Fab? Serious? I tot it’s Dynamo or Tops! Get rid of the smell at the same time.

  2. pisang Says:

    he should use ” VANISH”

    nice joke…..

  3. little kitten Says:

    what a lousy joke…kill the intensity right away

  4. Kry Says:

    i got hooked with the stories you guys published… eventhough i’m not really fond of ghost stories… but i enjoyed you guys’ comments… so funny and warm at times….

  5. Lynn Goh Says:

    Don’t stop, pleeeease. The only source of my reason for going online besides checking my emails and work.

  6. FAIZ Says:

    Nice one…

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