Short Ghost Story – Hungry Kitchen Ghost

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Author’s Note : Remember my friend that had a bad experience with a vengeful ghost? Here’s another short ghost story she relayed to me that happened in her house

I did mention to you before that I’m scared of all things ghosts and supernatural right? Well, there’s a reason to it you know. Things like these often like to disturb me. I have no idea why but people often tell me it’s because my heart is not strong enough. It would have easily attracted them because of this. I’m so scared I can’t even cook instant noodles for my husband late at night alone in the kitchen. That was exactly what happened

It was about 1am in the morning. You know how it is watching football in the middle of the night. My husband and I were upstairs with our kids. My kids were, of course, already fast asleep. My husband was watching football and I was reading some books when my husband decided that he was hungry and urged me to cook instant noodles. At first, I was afraid but after some reassurance from him I reluctantly head downstairs to the kitchen to cook.

While cooking the noodles, I suddenly had a bad feeling. It was the same bad feeling I had every time when something supernatural is nearby. I was quite scared at that time and decided to quickly cook everything and leave when suddenly I felt something brushing my hair. It wasn’t that occasional wind brush but it felt like someone was playing with my long hair. I turned around half expecting my husband there but no one was there. Scared to death, I quickly turned off the stove ran upstairs to my husband ditching the half cooked noodles behind.

From that day on, I dared not venture to the kitchen or even downstairs on my own in the night even if it’s only for a moment. If my husband decides for some midnight snacking, he would always be next to me while I prepare the food.

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6 Responses to “Short Ghost Story – Hungry Kitchen Ghost”

  1. Dog Sense Says:

    Your fear has inadvertently invited some malevolent entities attracted to your weak yang energy, alternatively called our aural energy.
    Rebuild your faith in whatever religion you have. This may help restore the yang energy. Also too many late nights can affect our health, thus a decrease in energy level. Next time you are in the kitchen, use salt to throw at whatever that’s disturbing you. It may work. The best method is to cleanse your house with the help of your religious sifu, pastor or professional ghost buster.

  2. DaViDcHaN Says:

    You should seriously get someone to cleanse your house. Else, how will you sleep peacefully at night?

  3. Navinesh Says:

    use salt.. its effective..

  4. pisang Says:

    she cooking instant noodles….
    did you know what’s in that soup base for instant noodles?

    Yeah! salt doesn’t work at all

  5. Win_C Says:

    Well, what I would said is since is your house and you are the ownner.. just stand brave and tell the “whatever” to move out … the more you are afraid of them the more they want to attack you .. so be fierce to them. (weird thing is they can feel our fierceness).

  6. midzu Says:

    i wonder wat happened to the half cooked instant noodle…

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