A Taiwanese Ghost Story – Haunted Roadside Guest House

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Author’s Note : This is the last saga from the story about A Taiwanese Ghost Story – Night at a Hotel Room and A Taiwanese Ghost Story – Play Merry-Go-Round but this next story has nothing to do with the previous two ghost stories. This time around, it’s a movie director’s turn to talk about his ghost experience

This movie director knows that he is special because he has 6 senses. His sixth sense works in a way that he can feel both bad and good spirits. Every time he goes to the temple, he can even feel if the God is around or not. Or perhaps so he claims because when a God is around the temple, he claims that the feeling he has is nice and peaceful.

One incident he particularly remembered was a time when he needed to travel somewhere for a movie shooting. His crew had already traveled to that place the day before so when he started his journey, it was already quite late in the night. Half way driving to the location, he felt tired as the night wore on and decided to stay overnight in a guest house for safety’s sake.

When he reached the guest house, it was already 2am in the morning. The guest house looked old but he was just too tired to continue his journey so he decided to just stay for the night. After checking in, he was allocated to a room in the 3rd floor. While he was taking the elevators up, he felt the elevators moving really slowly and thought he probably spent about 5 minutes just to reach the 3rd floor. Somehow, he dismissed it as probably the elevators were really old. When he reached the 3rd floor, he felt something wrong as he stepped out of the lift but he was just too tired to continue his journey. Along the way to his room which was located about 3 or 4 rooms away from the elevators, he said in his heart that he only needed a night here so he asked whoever that is or whatever that is to please allow him to sleep and do not disturb him.

As he reached his room, the funny feeling grew stronger. When he touched the door knobs and opened the door to his room, he felt a cool air coming from on top of him and pressing his shoulders until he was unable to stand up straight. He had no choice but to hunch. A few seconds later, he felt his hands were numb and heavy to the point that he was unable to reach the door to close it.

The movie director could not move and talk for about 5 minutes (although he could not confirm the timing but it seemed 5 minutes to him) and after a while, he started thinking to himself and said in his heart, “I am sorry, I do not mean to disturb you so please let me go. I will leave now”.

Suddenly he could move again but still he could not stand up straight. He walked towards the elevators like an old man hunching and when he stepped inside the elevators, he saw from the elevator mirror an image of himself but only that his faced looked 10 years older. As he returned the keys and demanded a refund from the reception, the receptionist immediately refunded the money back to him with no questions asked.

After leaving that guest house, he drove slowly and reached the next town and located another guest house there. However, he dared not sleep so he decided to call upon his friend who knew a bit of these supernatural stuff. His friend mentioned to him that he may have met a ghost and to clear off the bad spirits, his friend asked him to go to places where there are many people or the temple. In the end, the movie director decided to go to the nearest temple and spent the night there instead.

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