Ghostly Office Sightings

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Here are some short stories / rumours of office sightings where I’ve heard my ex-colleagues claiming that they accidently “bumped” into supernatural beings.

IT department in my previous company always have one person that would be on stand by in the server room just in case if anything happens. One night, after leaving the locked room (you’ll have to scan in and out with your own name tag) for a late night toilet visit, IT guy came back and saw a couple (male and femake) with their backs facing him in the locked room. He freaked out and left the office immediately. IT Guy told me he saw 2 old people wearing traditional chinese clothing of a cheong sam and sam fu.

On another separate case, IT Guy B was working at the late night shift at the office. After a while being busy with the problems on hand, he decided to stand up and streach himself. The sitting and computers in the office are situated in such a way that its in 3 rows of PC. IT Guy B was sitting at the last row nearest to the door and when he got up to streach his legs, he was surprised to see a back of a lady sitting at the first row adjecent to where he was sitting. Confused and confident that there was no one beside him, he kept quiet and sat back in his office until the next morning when the next person came in. Surprisingly, the mysterious woman disappeared as quietly as she came.

In a separate and unrelated stoory, my friend claimed that her office a fatal accident when the building was under construction. Apparently, the crane broke & slammed into the side of the building killing an Indian man and a Thai man.

During a night’s shift, her colleague (also an IT Guy C) was smoking at the corner away from the security camera nearby a window when from his corner of his eyes, he saw a figure. He turned and saw an Indian man staring at him. The Indian man was drenched and looked sad. IT Guy C was shocked as he knows that there isn’t any Indian guys working night shift that day! IT Guy C was paralysed with fear as the ghost was standing at the only exit. The Indian guy seem to be talking to him but IT Guy C couldn’t hear what the ghost was trying to say. After a split second, he turned & disappeared.

At another night, IT Gal A was having her late supper at 3am at the pantry and saw the Indian man standing away in the distance, looking sad. The ghost was trying to communicate with him. After a while, the ghost disappear.

At another office, my friend claimed that her office was filled with ghosts trying to take the appearance of another human being.

Colleague A went to the wash room and saw Colleague B combing her hair. As colleagues, they decided to strike up a conversation and after a few minutes, B went to the cubicle to do her business. A left the toilet and walked towards her workstation when suddently, she saw B at her own workstation. A was pretty much surprised and asked B how did she manage to walk into her own cubicle so much faster and that was when B told her she never left her cubicle the whole morning

One office morning, Colleague C saw colleague D at a distance and decided to call her. However, D couldn’t hear her in fact was walking so much faster that after a corner, she disappeared. C’s cubicle happened to be passby D’s cubicle and decided to wish her good morning when she was surprised that D was not at her place. Puzzled, she decided to get back to her cubicle. After a few hours later, C checked with E who was sitting opposite D on the whereabouts of D when E told her that he did not see D at all the whole morning as D applied for emergency leave. If that’s the case, then who did C saw that morning?

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    Saw at D la…D got emergecency that why D walk away from the office so fast lo…

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