Sunway University’s Washroom Ghost

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Author’s Note : This happened to an acquaintance of mine who’s brother is currently studying at Sunway University

This happened recently to my brother who is currently studying in Sunway University. Some may find it amusing and some may find it rather full of rubbish but my brother is convinced that something happened that day. That particularly unfortunate day for him was an exam day. He was sitting through his exams when he realized that he needed to go to the gents. So off he went to the nearest gent nearby his class. Usually given the choice, he would not wonder off there as the gents was particularly quiet due to its location that far off the building.

Upon entering the washroom, he noticed that there wasn’t a soul in there. Given the particular timing when most of the students are in class studying or having their exams just like him, he was not surprised. He decided to choose the first cubicle he saw and locked the cubicle door behind him. Naturally while doing his business, he took particular note of the washroom’s quiet environment and could only hear stillness.

After his business, he pushed the flush button and went on to zip his pants but suddenly, he realized that pants were already zipped up! Startled, my brother thought that perhaps he was unaware that he had zipped up his pants before pushing the flush button.

So he walked to the basin, he washed his hands and turned the tap off and left the washroom. But something held him back. Out of a sudden, the tap turned on the water by itself. This time, he was not so calm after all and ran away pretending nothing had happened and continued with his exams.

After this incident, he never ever went to that washroom ever again

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3 Responses to “Sunway University’s Washroom Ghost”

  1. myn Says:

    scary… the part pants already zipped u think it was a lady ghost…hmm…

  2. barreneye Says:

    i think he’s freaked-out in the first place..long before he went in.

  3. unsightly Says:

    More like a person who forgot to zip down his pants in the 1st place due to all the exam stress. As for the water part, again the work of stressed up person whose imagination just went bonkers. I have a feeling the fella was not prepared for the exam in the 1st place & was pretty stressed out till he needed to pee badly but forgotten to zip down. Poor fella! Lesson learned, always be prepared for an exam way ahead of time.

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