Another Ria Apartment Genting Ghost Story

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What! Another Genting Ghost Story? Well, everytime when I gather with my friends and ask them for a true horror story, a Genting ghost story is never, ever left out. Here’s another Ria Apartment Genting ghost story that my friend’s friend encountered

We were all supposed to be having a time of our lives until my friend, James saw something extraordinary. It happened in the afternoon when all the four of us guys decided to play the game of Mahjong. However, being the 5 of us, another of our friend, Andy thought that he was hungry and decided to cook up something to eat.

As we started our game, Andy walked into the kitchen and start preparing for his lunch. After everyone of us prepared the tiles on the table, James thought of looking for Andy to ask him to prepare another set of lunch for him and went to the kitchen to look for him.

From the mahjong table where I was sitting, I could see James standing in front of the kitchen. After a minute or so, James walked towards the table all looking startled and pale. We asked if he was alright but James just nod and sat down like a stone, eyes looking distant. After a while, James spoke and told us what he saw.

He was about to walk into the kitchen and call Andy when something caught his eye. Without any warning, he saw a ghost sitting on top of the fridge staring fiercely at Andy. James was stunned and could not move and the ghost just kept on staring and staring at Andy. After when reality kicked in only James could feel his feet bringing himself back to the mahjong table. As soon as we all heard his story, we kept quiet and decided to continue the game as if nothing happened. As for Andy, he was still in the kitchen preparing his lunch.

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22 Responses to “Another Ria Apartment Genting Ghost Story”

  1. Serene Says:

    OMG~ Izzit tru..? I’m really interested in tis kind of issue ^^ But the ghost din do anything rite? @.@

  2. aon Says:

    wahhh….so heartless one….let fren get stared by ghost…hahaha

  3. amanda Says:

    this ria appartment really very haunted. i heard some noise ( eg : ppl knocking on my room door non stop, flushing of toilet on every hour etc ). me & my cousin scared like hell but at the end we pretend that nothing happen & doze off. So whenever i went to Genting, i will never ever suggest in staying in Ria appartment.

  4. Purple-Mushroom Says:

    Yeeee…. so scary! I wonder why is the ghost looking fiercely at Andy? Issit an adult ghost or a child ghost??

  5. Ic3Que3n Says:

    Ok, firstly Serene & purple-mushroom, I can’t answer your question because I never got a chance to ask my friend!
    Aon, I so totally agree with you that guys are heartless la.
    Amanda, care to share some horror stories of yours?

  6. pisang Says:

    that why my mum told me if we stay at hotel and upon entering the room….
    we must say ” dear good brothers ans sisters we olny say in short period please do not disturb us….

    I think all know this…….

  7. belle Says:

    hi there!
    erm..i have strong yin inside me since young so i can feel or if really unlucky i can see them ( blurish )
    i share what i saw with u okie?
    there is tis tv at the corner of my room.and tht tv reflects the cupboard beside my bed.
    in the middle of night i woke up and saw the reflection from the cupbard..guess wat? a lady was standing inside there
    i decided to continue my sleep since ive already biasa with it

  8. Kenny Ng Says:

    They all were quite brave that still stay in the apartment. If for others I think all will run away from the apartment.

  9. Corbazone Says:

    Hmm Ria Apt again… My friend sis (Anna) went with her group of friends. After checking, she decided to take a shower while the others were at the living area doing their own stuff. While she was changing, Anna heard someone knocking the bathroom door. Thought is her friend, she open the door only to find a little boy age around 2 or 3 dashed in circle around her and ran into the room closet…

  10. yan Says:

    tat day me oso meet ghost oh…b4 we slp..we ha lock the door oh…bt aft wake up…tat door open autromatic oh…yee….so scarey…at midnite…i stil heard the sonud of sumelse open n close tat door… i tot is my fren…bt 2moro morning…my fren tel me she saw the door open n close itself…so scarey…n oso my fren me the nvr cum into our room oh…then we think bak…oh….my god!!! b4 we slp is lock the door 1…next time i dun wan go tat appartment again…

  11. Aref Says:

    the most interestin’ thing about ghost stories is that you always hear those things from others…& it never happens to ya…

  12. kokky Says:

    hm im a little too late for commenting but i do say that i would want to encounter the experience of a joyful ghost

  13. dayrelled Says:

    wao…so scary i can’t imagine if i were in andy place……….

  14. frigtenned girl Says:

    ok….. not the kind of ghost story i was looking for by the way…. but still it scared me out of my pants

  15. recaro Says:

    I stay there in 2007 but nothing happen , just we saw an indian guy masturbating in his apartment window facing the main road at 4am. haha
    but my wife says last time with her frens they hv been to 1 of the flr (forgotten block or level) n they saw a room door fill with amulets.

  16. Johnny Says:

    Another story from a friend of a friend.. Happens all too common don’t ya think? why can’t the witness tell the story him/herself? Perhaps the real story was nothing like this, only to be peppered with extra “facts”… then again, have to admit, you made it very entertaining.

  17. icequeen Says:

    johnny, you are right! Abit of a coincidence don’t you think? do you have friends that experience supernatural things themselves? I would love my friends to contribute to this but usually they prefer to tell me verbally rather than writing it because not everyone likes writing, you know? thank you for the compliments! I will continue writing as long as my friends permits me to listen to their side of the stories. Or maybe, they are just a bunch of imagination freaks!

  18. heman Says:

    haha…100% agreed with jonny & icequeen….haha

  19. night shade Says:

    this story freaks me out a ghost looks fierce to a kid or an adult OMG

  20. in_God_we_trust Says:

    I personally experienced this

    few years back I went to Genting and they chose Ria apartment. The place was nice and spacious I was happy.

    but the horror came during midnight, I went downstairs for a walk, I knew Ria apartment is famous for its “permanent residence” so I brought along a bottle of holy water/ oil, rock salt and a drawing of the Devil’s Trap. All went well and I returned from my little trip. That is when I saw a ghost of an old lady without eyes at the corridor. Without hesitation I poured the holy oil around her and light it up on fire – the ghost was caught in the ring of holy oil. I gathered enough information from the eye-less ghost and threatened to vaporize it with rock salt if it doesn’t cooperate.

    I found out where the old lady was buried and the next day took a short trip to the location, salt the body and torch it.

    The ghost was nowhere to be found ever since. Torching of the body is death to the spirit.

  21. Aunty Says:

    recaro: maybe the Indian guy masturbating was actually a ghost too! Haha!

    My experience at hotels:

    Was at a hotel in central KL – the corner at Jalan Sultan. One night, I came back after midnight from having drinks with my friends and fell asleep immediately because I was quite drunk. Unfortunately this sickening hum sup kwai woke me up! The idiot actually started whispering in my ear in a Chinese dialect and made some horny sighing noises that woke me up. I was still drunk so I wasn’t scared, just really pissed off man. So I turned on the lights and prayed and nothing else after that. But couldn’t get back to sleep after that. If the hum sup kwai wasn’t a damn ghost, I could’ve killed him!! How dare these things disturb us! GRRR. Ghost hunters: do your jobs for heaven’s sake! The ratio is obviously getting unbalanced – more ghosts than humans!

    Another encounter wasn’t scary at all. This time I wasn’t alone but was spending the night in a bed and breakfast with my husband. He doesn’t believe in ghosts but this made him think. We both went to bed pretty early after a long drive from the city (this B&B is in the countryside). Nothing happened except in the morning, we woke up to find the room door wide open. I even double-checked that the door was locked after my husband had locked it and he saw me doing it because I said to him “did you make sure you locked the door darling” because we were both very tired and he said “yes lah” but I walked to the door and said “I better double check just in case…ok it’s locked”. So we were surprised the door was wide open without any sign of break-in or noise and definitely no noises woke us up from the door opening.

  22. Wong Says:

    More stories here:

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