Short Ghost Story of Tesco Damansara

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This short story was told to me by my friend, Poh recently at a friend gathering session.

I used to have a colleague who’s girlfriend posses what some people would call a curse where some may say that it is a gift from God. Its the “3rd eye”. “3rd eye” people have the ability to see supernatural things that “common” people like us could not see unless our luck is on the low side or simply what Chinese would have called it “si wan tai”. My colleague’s girlfriend, WaiWai, though, could not really “see” ghosts all the time which most of the time makes it hard for her to “recognize” who’s living and who’s dead.

According to WaiWai, the spirits looked exactly like any other human. She wouldn’t have noticed them until the spirits starred back at her and only her. Locked in an eye to eye communication, it was usually only then that she realized that she was the only one that could see the spirit and the spirit knows that she could see them. After each incident, she would fall very sick with fever running high for at least a week. Perhaps this is due to her being too frighten as she confesses to me that til today, she could not get used to her unusual “gift”.

At one particular evening at Tesco Damansara WaiWai was waiting for my colleague after work at the parking lot. As her boyfriend stepped into the car, she told my colleague that someone was waving at him.

“Eh, someone’s waving at you”

My colleague glanced behind him and saw no one and replied to her, “No, I can’t see anyone there”

“There, over there!,” WaiWai pointed to the direction where she saw a lady waving

My colleague once again looked at the direction and could not see anyone, “There’s no one! Let’s go”

“But, that person has to be your colleague. She’s wearing the same exact uniform as you!,” exclaimed WaiWai.

This time, my colleague just kept quiet and drove off. That night, WaiWai had fever which lasted for a week. It was told to me that WaiWai saw a lady waving excitedly and since she was wearing the same exact uniform as her boyfriend, she assumed that it was her boyfriend’s colleague and that the lady knew him and was waving at him.

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8 Responses to “Short Ghost Story of Tesco Damansara”

  1. babyfiona Says:

    So new also got ghost ar…-_____-“

  2. Ic3Que3n Says:

    babyfiona, also dunno wor. i guess they travel the same way like we do?

  3. littleghost Says:

    sad….my friends had 3rd eye too they got used to it and they told me about all this. i was so curious…i hope i have 3rd eye too

  4. raydenleo Says:

    gosh…i dont think it’s happy to have 3rd eye le…
    what if the ghost keeps following u once they found out that you can see them? yikes!!

  5. jeff Says:

    Probably the boyfriend met one of his flings (ONS) and decided to make a dash for it. Deny Deny Deny.

  6. funkfuzio Says:

    as i heard from my friend who also has the “3rd eye”, most of the ghosts look like normal human being. but he also saw many that r mutilated and ugly. ugly in a sense that their face was torn or lost an eye, or half a face gone and also some decapitated.

  7. ScaryBoy Says:

    Whole Tesco/Curve/Ikano/Damansara Perdana built on jungle land taken from Orang Asli, who are still very angry about it. My friend said Orang Asli children will still ride around on bicycles causing trouble because they feel cheated. Maybe there are still things from the jungle left around the area …

  8. niza panagiotu Says:

    the area of mutiara damansara are definitely haunted. I worked in one of the office buildings in Mutiara Damansara. I am a security guard. The office building that I worked were haunted. I had been disturbed by the sound of a woman in the gents! Three times on different days. The last time when I was disturbed by the sound, it was nearly 6.a.m., I got tired, I scolded that THING and until my last day of work in those building, never been disturbed by that thing. But there were many ghost and paranormal things happened in that building. There were a few incident hat happened such as when I did my guard tour and clocking at the top of the building at 12 a.m.-sometimes i just wonder why it always begins with that hours! I heard some of the noise as if contractors were doing their works, but when I went there and opened the door, I saw nothing! I did not check further,there were 6 big black boxes at that room enough for six people to hide if I did not come inside the room. I thought they were hiding from me because I was known as a naughty guard who like to tease contractors! Then I left the place but during my guard tour clocking, I kept thinking what IF THIS IS ROBBERY..SOME PEOPLE TRIED TO STEAL SOMETHING..then after finishing guard tour clocking, I reported the matter to my supervisor,but he thought I was just joking. I stumbled upon my friend who worked at loading bay and asked him whether all of the contractors had gone? He said they already went back at 10 p.m. He then, accompanied me to the place, again. When we were there. The door was opened. I said to him. THERE..YOU SAY THE CONTRACTOR HAD WENT BACK.WHY THE DOOR IS OPEN?..SUDDENLY..the door was bang so loudly. As someone pull the door from inside! I was shocked and scared but never thought that this is ghost thing or what…My friend walked slowly and opened the door. I said to him..WHAT IF THIS IS ROBBERY..WE DONT BRING ANY WEAPON. I had thought of leaving him if the robbers attacked him first!! and running to level 25 where there had another guard from other company who guarded the office floor. Dont blame me because I had bad experience with robbers during my working days in Petronas station long years ago! But then, he managed to convince me to see for myself..I went there…We checked the whole room. There were no other people except us and there was only a door at the room and that was the door that both of us came to enter the room! We left the place in the hurry and after that day, I always skip that place if i had to perform guard tour and clocking..the other story is not my story .but other guard’s story.. I like to buy food at 7 eleven, sometimes I met security guard from shopping complex who also bought food at 7 E. We shared the stories and he said that the shopping complex where he worked also had some spooky stories. He said he did not dare to do a routine guard tour and clocking at Basement 2 as many people including visitors saw a white dressed woman@ PONTI-YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN at Basement 2 and it was really scary even the cleaners who were on night shift did not want to go there! AND FINALLY TO RELATE TO THE STORY OF THIS THREE EYES things. I had friends working there..I mean the place where three eyes girl saw THAT THING..and yes, the carpark area is said to be haunted when I asked further, my friends did not want to elaborate..I personally felt something as I sometimes did come there to buy something at that place…it felt something in the carpark. and maybe my friends were right…maybe…or certain.

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