Singapore Court House Haunting

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This story is contributed by Allen

After reading the “Malaysia Court House Haunted” post, I recalled one of the stories mentioned by my friend working as a court guard in one of the Singapore Court House 2 years ago.

This story was told by my friend who working as a court guard in Singapore.

As usual, rumours have been spreading around by the seniors when my friend started work. But one particular incident in the past has changed the routine of the court guard duties and a new rule has been made to ensure that similar incident does not happen again.

Firstly, let me briefly tell you about the responsibilities of a court guard. There are usually 2 shifts available – Day and night. During day time, court guards are required to serve duty in the courts, escorting suspects to courts and make sure everything is in order. At night, there will be far lesser guards on duty, usually around 3 guards every night, 2 guards will be doing their regular routine duties including switching off the lights in every courts at 9pm, and another guard will remains in the control room monitoring the safety cameras (he can actually sees the other 2 guards through his monitors).

On this particular night, Guard A, B and C were on duties and the routine  today was guard A will be staying in the control room and guard B and C will be doing their duties. Coincidently, guard C was a new joiner who has just started this job a couple days ago and he hasn’t really heard any rumours about any paranormal incidents.

As usual, guard B and C would have to switch off all the lights in every court at 9pm. In addition, the court switches were designed towards the end of the court so that in order to switch off the lights, the guards would have to walk all the way to the end, switch off the lights and walk out from the dark using a touch light. Can you imagine how creepy was that when walking out through the observer seats in pitch dark!

Anyway, guard B who has been working there for numerous years wanted to finish the duty early so he decided to split up the duties by directing guard C to the basement level checking the cells were all locked while he himself in charge of switching the lights off. I forgot to mention that the basement level usually has a couple of cells to hold the suspects during day time while waiting for trials. Due to another incident in the past, they have decided not to hold any suspect over night in the court house.

As directed, guard C proceed his way to the basement level for his duty. However, as this is only his first week here, it took him a while to locate the lift to the basement level (there is only 1 lift to the lowest level due to security). The basement level is usually cold and creepy, so guard C quickly checked all the cells and make sure there were all locked and proceed back to the lift. Surprisingly, on his way back he heard someone call him, “Sir ..”. He turned around and couldn’t see anyone. He can now feel the creepiness and just when he decided to make a run to the lift, he heard the same voice again, a very gentle “Eh Sir …”. Instead of ignoring and run for the lift, he turned around expecting to see the worst.

This time, he saw a guy in the holding cell waiving at him. To his surprise, he is pretty sure that no one was in the cell when he checked the cell couple minutes ago but in fact he was actually quite relieved from seeing a decent person rather than some other unexpected “things”. So he went over and speak to the person asking why is he doing here and stuffs. The person said he was due to a court trial and was told to stay put in the cell waiting for order. He also asked if guard C could let him out because he really misses his family. Of course guard C refused to let him out and tried to convince him to stay put in the cell.

At the same time, guard A from the control room noticed something strange as he could sees guard C standing in front of the cell as if he is talking to someone. But guard A is pretty sure that no one will be or rather, no one can be in the cell! He quickly grabs his walkie and urged guard B to check him out. Guard B did what he has been told and proceed to the basement level.

While guard C is still persuading to the person in the cell, he heard the lift ‘ting’ and expecting guard B is here so that he can get some help to solve the problem. Guard C even told the person in the cell that “Ok, my senior is here, let’s talk to him”. The lift opens, guard B walk out and start yelling “what the hell are you doing here? You lost your way or what?” and when guard C explained the situation to guard B, guard B was puzzled and told guard C “there is no one in the cell!”

Since this incident, a new rule has been made that court guards must be working in a team of two while performing duties at night.

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  1. miz scatterbrained Says:

    secara jujur(honestly) saya agak ngeri membaca cerita ini(i’m in a spooky-trial condition when i read this story)… saya tabik dengan erja sebagai pengawal di mahkamah( i salute the job of becoming a court guards…) hal ini kerana, orang yang bekerja dalam professi ini merupakan seseorang yang mengambil perhatian terhadap orang lain namun dia mungkin mudah dipengaruhi( this is because the one who is in this profession is the most caring one but the one maybe get easily influence by the others) tetapi seseorang seperti ini amat bermanfaat juga( but the one like this has it own benefit) 🙂 🙂 🙁

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