Supernatural Hearing Power – Telepathy or Telekinesis

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This story was told to me by a friend of mine who’s aunt works as a hairdresser in Puchong. She believed that she possesed te power of telepathy or telekinesis. FYI, telepathy or telekinesis is the ability to communicate,  be it receiving or sending, information through senses. 

My aunt opened her saloon for quite sometime ago and not long after that gained a couple of loyal customers. There was one particular loyal customer that she remember very well and it was not only because she frequent her saloon n buys shampoo from her. Mrs X was a very strong religious person carrying pendents of Gods where ever she goes. You see, my aunt was after a while pretty curious about why Mrs X is so peculiar and found out one evening during one of Mrs X’s hair cut session that she could see ghosts.

My aunt, however, was pretty skeptical about it although she could tell Mrs X was not lying. Mrs X, it seems, could not only see ghosts but could also hear them. She would hear them all day long, whispering to her, although at times she could just feel their presence. The Gods located all over her house was a reassurance to her that she was protected and safe from whatever that was supernatural. However, it does not seem to be working as the ghosts were still disturbing her. What made the matter worse was the fact that Mrs X was not only rich but she was staying in a huge house alone all day until her husband was back from work.

My aunt’s staff, Jean, had a taste of Mrs X’s “friend” when one particular day Mrs X was not feeling well and called my aunt to deliver some shampoo to her house. My aunt often obliged in special requests like these especially towards the loyal customers and decided that she could do this one favour. My aunt drove Jean to Mrs X home and told Jean to drop off the parcel while my aunt waited for Jean in the car. Jean agreed and walked towards Mrs X’s house gate.

After ringing the doorbell and waiting for several seconds, Jean saw Mrs X coming towards her. Mrs X opened the gates and invited Jean inside her house compound. At that time, Jean took the opportunity to speak to Mrs X about the costs of the goods and also some instructions and suddenly felt something was amiss. She saw Mrs X was no longer looking or concentrating at her but instead was looking at something behind her. Jean turned and could see no one behind and suddenly felt hairs standing behind her back. Jean knew about Mrs X ability and quickly excused herself and walked towards my aunt’s car. Mrs X, on the other hand, did not response and kept staring at the space.

When Jean entered my aunt’s car, she was all pale and in a state of shock. My aunt was concern and asked Jean what was the matter but all Jean could reply was to ask my aunt to drive. After reaching back to the saloon only did Jean manage to relate the whole incident to my aunt.

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8 Responses to “Supernatural Hearing Power – Telepathy or Telekinesis”

  1. Purple-Mushroom Says:

    This is not scary.

  2. ic3_que3n Says:

    Purple, the scary part was when that the person that Jean was talking to was staring at something behind her in a really weird way that causes Jean’s goosebumps to raise. According to my friend, Jean could really feel that Mrs X was really looking at “something” that only you would not have seen.

  3. Max Says:

    the story is scary, no doubt. however, it is very misleading to say that Mrs X has telepathy or telekinesis. the definition is correct, but only for telepathy and ability to see ghost is not telepathy, nor it is telekinesis. telekinesis is the ability to move objects with only the mind. (tele means far, kinesis means movement). what i think Mrs X has is, what westerners would call, the third eye or, what chinese would call, the “ying yang” eye.

  4. renaye Says:

    i got goosebumps after reading it. max is right about the usage.

    i could see spirits when i was younger and sometimes i saw them running beside my classroom. sometimes when i was talking to my friends in high school, my eyes dashed to the left or right out of the blue because i saw something else passing by us.

  5. rottencarrot Says:

    err… there’s a possibility that Mrs. X is sufferring from mental illness though…

  6. Leia Says:

    Oi cannot be lah.I also can see does things ok loh wait until you kena wth does lah rotten carrot.

  7. Aproxyte Says:

    Iinteresting, Firstly I have to agree to Max’s explanation on telekinesis and telephathy. Clearly Mrs. X third eye was somehow open, the account of the story did not state when Mrs.X had acquired the ability, hence I deduce it could have been recent judging from her being not used to the incident.

    I digress, I have a story of my own. Well, my uncle told me ths story when we were back in our hometown during CNY and we were talking about ghost. I think the ghost story started as all the cousins were speculating whether our malacca baba bangalow is haunted or not (It apparently is, if you want to know the details, check my blog when I’ve update it lol)

    So, uncle claimed that he has this particular friend, a guy *lets call him C*

    C is quite unpopular amongst my uncle’s friends because they feel he’s abit wierd. (Personally I pity the poor guy from the sound of it)
    The reason because, out of the blue you would catch see mumbling to himself or stare at you (actually he keeps staring behind the person he’s talking to)

    One day, C was invited to a yam char session with my uncle’s friends. Everything seemed normal, C actually talked to them like normal and they were ready to change thier perception on him when slowly everyone started feeling uneasy.

    Midway during the conversation, thier skins start to crawl as they realised C was no longer in thier conversation, he was talking a different topic to them…he was talkin to someone else behind them and staring right ahead….thing is..NO ONE WAS BEHIND THEM, just a tree and a dark lane…

    After a few tense minutes, C went back to normal and talk to them again as though nothing unusual had happen.

    It was then later that they found out the reason why C is so weird, he can SEE and Talk to the ghosts.

    Needless to say, we were freaked out listening to the story. Weirdly enough, we keep asking for more stories after that lol

  8. eksk Says:

    why so scary … well if they can see “things” see lar.. why be freaked out by other people abilities? if you cannot see it why be scared of something? if it were really malevolent it would have harmed you already … and you’d think a person who is able to see other “things” would be able to use their discretion to not freak out others…

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