Haunted Hotel in Johor Bahru – It’s The Same Hotel!

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Author’s Note : I remember once I wrote about a haunted hotel in Johor Bahru and was threatened by the management that I would be sued for defamation. Not wanting to create legal matters, I removed the post and shortly after that, I perhaps or might have and maybe posted it again but removing the hotel’s name altogether because I think everyone has a right to know what is happening. While haunted hotels are not something new and uncommon. Here’s another story that only proves that this hotel is indeed haunted.

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Ever since I found out I could see ghosts, I’m practically a magnet for all things horror. A tradition that I kept since I was young was to carry a protective charm which I would keep beside me at all times especially, and I mean especially when I need to stay a night in a hotel. A night without it would meant a sleepless and horrifying night for me so imagine my horror when I realized I left my protective charm at home during a business trip to Johor Bahru a few years back.

Perhaps it was sheer coincidence or perhaps just a string of bad luck but one bad thing led to another. The first incident was me leaving behind my protective charm. Then because me and my other 2 female colleagues were travelling together, we rented a 3 bed hotel room and I was assigned to sleep in the middle bed. If you have not heard before, people would warn that usually the person sleeping in the middle would experience disturbing and unexplained phenomena. Then there was also the realization that our room was located on the far end of the floor. Another case of bad luck because it is said that the last room is usually haunted. So this was the setting that I had to endure (luckily enough for me) for the night.

That evening after a tiring day at work, my colleagues were soon fast asleep. As I tried to start falling asleep, I was suddenly surprised by my blanket being thrown over above my head. I was being suffocated! The ghost started fooling around by waving and disturbing the blanket from the outside while I started panicking. I watched helplessly and started citing mantras and chants but still it continued happening. This went on for quite some time and in desperation I tried calling out “Amen” or other religious efforts but nothing was helping. Frustrated and angry, I started scolding bad words and thought of the foulest words that I could remember. Slowly, I felt the blanket releasing and the waving and fooling around stopped.

While all the commotion was going on, my 2 colleagues were still fast asleep oblivious to my terror. That night, I tried to fall back to sleep again but I was too scared so I ended up staying awake the whole night thereafter. The next morning, I persuaded my colleagues to check out immediately and as soon as work permitted, we rushed back to KL

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  1. dave woods Says:

    hi, i know baru hiway haunted, got attacked thr and at home by small ape thing, also ghostly vw car parks at nite.

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