Haunted House in Melbourne, Australia

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Author’s Note : My cousin, Shen lives in a haunted house in Melbourne Australia. How does she know that her house is haunted? Well, its not very difficult when someone tells you.

Shen lives in a house in Melbourne, Australia with her boyfriend and his brother. Little does she know, over time that her boyfriend’s brother, J, posses the ability to sense and see ghosts. In the beginning when they moved in together, Shen did not understand why J was a withdrawn and introvert person. Soon, Shen’s boyfriend explained that J was very preoccupied with beings that neither Shen nor her boyfriend could see. Because J is still disturbed with the fact of his special ability, he kept himself mostly in the room blogging. Shen, a curiosity cat she was, always asked J for some ghost stories to tell since he has encountered many but was always faced with rejection from J.

One night when they were in the living room, Shen again pressed J for some ghost stories. J simply replied her, “You want to hear ghost stories? Well, as a matter in fact, there’s a lady ghost in our living room right now.” Taken aback, Shen dismissed J’s remarks as his attempt to keep her from asking him more ghost stories. However, Shen still has a nagging doubt in her mind. Before J’s remarks, she always has a feeling that there was someone in the living room everytime when she was alone there.

One of the frequent incidents that she could not forget after J’s remarks happened one night when her boyfriend was working late at night again in a fast food restaurant. It was quite late about 10pm and J was, as usual, in his room while Shen was relaxing in the living room watching tv with her pet dog, Smartie. Suddenly Smartie was barking at one corner of the living room. In fact, there were times when Smartie would seem to be barking in the living room and it was always that particular corner. Shen comforted Smartie to quiet down and after a while Smartie stopped barking. At the same moment, J suddenly rushed out of the room and asked her why she screamed. Puzzled, Shen told J that she did not scream and that it was only Smartie barking. J’s eyes diverted into that particular corner of the living room and quickly told Shen that it must have been the tv and that he was hearing things. Quickly, J rushed back into his room and shut the door.

Shen was very certain that the tv program she was watching has no screaming sceans and suddenly felt goosebumps crawling out of her skin. Quicky, she too retired to her bedroom. Smartie still barks at that particular corner at different times but Shen comforts herself with the thought that the ghost is probably harmless since she does not feel treathened.

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7 Responses to “Haunted House in Melbourne, Australia”

  1. icequeen Says:

    I stumbled upon one forum which posted my story which one reader, celticspirits asked “First thought is why J would not want to discuss the entities he saw in the house? Second thought is why no one tried to help this boy open up about his gift? Third thought, what kind of experience did J have to make him so closed lipped about the spirits?”

    To answer celtic, J is sort of an introvert which seldom talks unless spoken to. I have no idea why he’s like that but perhaps it was due his experience with a demon possesing him a few years back. I will relate that story later (but that story was told by Shen’s boyfriend). Perhaps it was also due to the fact that its not always he see ghosts but its something off and on that scares him as well.

  2. Dellycat Says:

    Thankyou for taking the time to reply to Celtic’s questions. I am sorry I didn’t notice this comment box on here before or she could have asked them here. I found the story interesting, thankyou for sharing it.

  3. Celticspirits Says:

    Icequeen, thank you for taking the time to try and answer my questions. In my experience most people who see spirits are introverted, they think there is something wrong with themselves. I myself have seen things my entire life, was never allowed to speak about it, was told I was seeing things or had an overactive imagination. It was not until I was an adult that I was able to research the topic and discovered that I was not alone, there were others out there like me.

    I have to wonder if J just needs someone to take the time to listen to him talk, to get things off his chest. It is frustrating when you see something that no one else sees. If J had a run in with a demon, I can see why he would be scared. But perhaps giving J the tools needed to control his “gift” could lessen his fears. Knowledge is power and it sounds like that is what J needs, knowledge of his “gift”, how to use it, how to control it, how to turn it off.

  4. icequeen Says:

    dellycat, its my pleasure!

    celticspirits, thanks for the advice. Although myself have also never met J before, but I’m sure to pass the message to my cousin when I see her soon.

  5. Celticspirits Says:

    Iceqeen, its not as much advice as it is an observation! 🙂 I hope that this young man is able to cope with his gift. I enjoyed the story and hope to see a follow up at some point!

  6. willchua Says:

    No more new story? 🙁

  7. ic3_que3n Says:

    Sorry Will, have to wait a bit cause i’m going for my holidays soon and to tell the truth, as much as i like writing spooky stories, i’m a little freaked out myself about staying in the hotel. So to avoid freaking myself, i’ve stopped for a while so my imaginations wouldn’t run wild.


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