Haunted Places in Australia

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We’ve previously covered Haunted Places in Malaysia and Haunted Places in Singapore. And now, we are about to explore a little bit further into Australia, the land of the down under. Be ready to be spooked out by some of these locations

The Alkimos, Western Australia
The Alkimos is from the beginning haunted after the death of numerous welders who were sealed between the hulls on the first day of construction. Bizarre happenings and eerie apparitions plagued the vessel for years after that and even when it is finally ship wrecked off the coast of Perth, the ghosts there did not give up. Built in 1943, the ship finally was sold as scrap. Not only were the wreck’s salvagers too terrified by the haunting to continue their operation, all 8 buyers of the wreck claimed an inexplicable run of bad luck until they sold it away. There were reports of footsteps head on ladders and following the salvage workers at night, cooking smells and noses from the galley and tools being moved around. With vanishing divers, even the horses refuse to pass the wreck on the beach.

National Film and Sound Archive, Australia Capital Territory
The National Film and Sound Archive did not used to be a nice archive like it was now and was previously the National Institute for Anatomy where human bodies were sliced and diced. The archive is said to house a few raucous souls who likes to be seen and heard. There were reports of people being pushed up against the walls and feel like they were being choked. There was also a spirit of a Lady who stands on one of the balconies in the present Library and watches on.

Quarantine Station, New South Wales
This is the first port of call for the commonly diseased convicts arriving at the colony. A medium believes that there are more than 50 spirits wondering around the dining halls, hospitals and shower blocks. Visitors reported seeing ghosts, feeling cold spots, uneasy feelings in certain spots and being tapped on the shoulder when no one was anywhere near them. Nurses on night shift over the years of operation there reported seeing ghostly China men with long ponytails wandering through the wards and across verandas. Mysterious lights have also been spotted in unoccupied hospital wards. A ghostly girl with blond plaits occasionally holds a tourists hand and leads them around the pathways. Some visitors have spotted her hiding behind bushes or even tugging at their jacket sleeves. At times, she even speaks to them. There were also unusual sounds such as music and the clattering of pots and pans as well as smells such as lemons or potatoes.

Monte Cristo Homestead, New South Wales
Known as Australia’s most haunted houses, the Monte Cristo Homestead was known for its macabre history that involves nothing short of murder, torture and suicide. Built in 1885 by Christopher William Crawley, it is currently now under the care of Reg and Olive Ryan. There was the maid said to have been pushed off the balcony, a stables boy who was burnt to death and a little girl who was dropped down the stairs after the person who was holding her felt her pushed out of her hands. Then there was the man who was mentally retarded, the son of the housekeeper, who was tied up in an outhouse for more than 30 years. And in 1961 the caretaker was shot dead by a boy who had seen the film Psycho. With 10 unhappy ghosts reportedly living there, it is no wonder reports of invisible force fields, poltergeist action and screams have left even the most hardened mediums shaken.

Princess Theatre, Victoria
In 1888, Frederick Baker was a British/Italian actor born in Florence Italy, nicknamed ‘Frederici’ travelled the world with the acting company, “D. In 1887, Frederici decided to move to Australia and performed in an opera named ‘Faust’. In this opera, Dr. Faustus feels that he has wasted his life and so sells his soul to a devil named Mephistopheles in order to make him young again. Frederici played the part of Mephistopheles and it was said that before he went onto stage he said, “I will give a fine performance tonight, but it will kill me”.
During the finale of the opera in which Mephistopheles descends back into hell, taking with him the unlucky Dr. Faustus, Frederici would be lowered down through the stage via a trapdoor into a basement below the stage. As this happened it was presumed that Frederici was so overwhelmed by the play that he suffered a heart attack. He was dead by the time he was at the bottom of the cellar. After the play had finished, the director told the rest of the cast what had happened but the cast was confused by this as they had just seen Frederici bow to the audience along with the rest of them.

Since then, the ghost of this baritone is often seen in Princess Theatre. He likes to appear more often when there is a play taking place in the theatre, and is often seen in the plays dressing rooms. He has been seen in more than one outfit and can often be seen staring at the stage as if he is preparing to perform. The show goes on with Federici around and spotting him before an act is said to bring good luck. At one point, he was so commonly sighted that a seat was always saved for him in the dress circle.

Seppeltsfield Winery, South Australia
One of the oldest wineries in Australia, Seppeltsfield Winery was built in the early 1800s by Oscar Benno Seppelt. Seppeltsfield not only produces grape but also some interesting ghost stories as well. It is said that Seppelt have turned slightly insane after spending hours confined to his private retreat located behind the trophy cellar. People that went for the ghost tours during the summer months felt as if they are being watched at all times. While walking through the barrel tunnel, some said to hear loud footsteps above but there is no floor. After 7pm, the lights will not turn on in the lower levels. Some walking past the distillery and other cellars could hear screaming in the vineyards and see glowing at the top tower of the distillery. While walking past the vinegar factory, some claim to hear machines working and wheels cranking along with sounds of steam blasts when the fact was that the factory has been locked for more than 150 years. In the mausoleum of the Seppelt family, you can still see eerie bloodstain walls that are still wet on the anniversary of their deaths. Because of this, the mausoleum was locked and bolted shut in the late 20th century. Moaning and whispering could be still heard in the dining hall. Staffs and tourists alike claim to hear riffle shots when they are in the garden.

Fremantle Arts Centre, Western Australia
The Fremantle Arts Centre, originally constructed in the 1960s by convict labors used to be a asylum for the mentally ill patients. In 1909, the building became a shelter for homeless women then a headquarter for American Forces during WWII. After lying in ruins after the WWII, it was then restored to its current function in 1970. It is believed that the building became haunted when it was used as a lunatic asylum. The staff at Fremantle Arts Centre and History Museum reported hearing knocks on doors and sounds of footsteps through the hall. Tourists that visited the building reported seeing apparitions and experienced paranormal events. There were reports of tourists so frightened that they ran out of the building or fainted on the spot. Various people have found mysterious figures appearing in photographs, doors that opens and closes on its own and strange feelings of being touched.

The most famous ghost in the Fremantle Arts Centre and History Museum is the spirit of an old lady where she was admitted to the asylum because after her daughter was kidnapped and killed, she went into a deep depression. After a while, the grief and guilt was too much for her to handle with the fact her daughter was killed and she jumped out of one of the first floor windows. She could often be seen in a specific room on the first floor or seen walking the halls.

Port Arthur, Tasmania
Port Arthur was reported to have seen over 1800 apparitions over the past 20 years most who probably came back to haunt the living due to the injustices made to them. Many who visited this historical site believed to have seen or heard ghosts. Between 1803 and 1854, more than 70,000 convicts (both men and women) were transported to Tasmania where escape is almost impossible.
The Parsonage is said to be one of the most haunted places in Port Arthur where there were rumors of ghostly sightings reported dating back to the middle 19th century. When Reverend George Eastman died in the upstairs bedroom, he was placed in his coffin which was too awkward to carry down the stairs. So people took the decision to use a rope to lower it out of the window onto the ground, however, the coffin was too heavy and the rope broke and the corpse was tipped into the gutter. For many years later, people reported smelling rotting flesh, hearing moaning noises and strange lights in the parsonage.

During the early 1980s, there were conservation and restoration works taken at Port Arthur. During the renovation, 3 builders camped in the building and one of them reported bumping into a woman dressed in old fashion clothing. At that moment, the temperature in the room dropped and they saw curtains billowing even though the window was shut tight. Another reported waking in the night feeling as if someone was pressing down his chest suffocating him. All 3 reported hearing banging noises that could not be accounted for.
Those who were sent to Port Arthur were already insane if they weren’t, more become so after being confined in the punishment cells. The screams of a young boy confined in the cell for 2 weeks while waiting for execution were said to echo around the walls of the prison.

Redback Range Tunnel, New South Wales
Visitors to this disused tunnel experienced blinding lights, footsteps and inexplicable temperature changes. It was said that the ghost of a woman ran down by a train back in 1916 haunts this tunnel.

Bogga Road Jail, Queensland
Particularly famous for its series of underground cells called The Black Hole, the Bogga Road Jail has many tormented souls refusing to leave. The most sighted was the ghost of a murdered prison guard who wanders the main block nightly jangling his keys.


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