Haunted Surau at a beach in Negeri Sembilan

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Yin and her friends love to go for the nearby beaches at night to enjoy the night’s sea breeze. One particular night brought Yin and her friends to realize that sometimes things are not were they seem to be.

It was a cool and breezy night for Yin and her friends when they decided to stay by at a mamak stall near a beach in Negeri Sembilan for drinks. There was in total 2 cars and everyone jumped out of the car and hang out at the mamak stall. It was about 2 in the morning when Yin felt the call of nature. Perhaps she was drinking too much of teh-o-ais-limau (Ice lemon tea). Co-incidently, her guy friend James also felt the call of nature and asked the owner of the mamak stall if there was any toilet nearby. The mamak stall owner told Yin and James that the nearest toilet would be some distance away and the easiest way to relieve themselves was probably at the bushes nearby. Yin refused to relieve herself that way and urged James to accompany her to the toilet the mamak stall owner was talking about. After asking for some simple directions, Yin and James informed their friends and headed down the long and lonely road.

After some 20 minutes of walking, Yin and James found the toilet. The toilet that the mamak stall owner was talking about happened to be a Surau (a place for Muslims to pay their respects to their God). Although the Surau happens to be a holy place but Yin and James felt a creepy feeling that cannot be described. Not only was the place dark without any street lights (the nearest street light was some 2 – 3 metres away), the Surau had a big tree next to it which made the whole place looked even darker than it already is. As Yin walked into the dark Surau, she tried to reach for the switch lights. After fumbling around for the switches, Yin and James could not find the switch. As Yin and James walked out onto the road again, they battled within themselves if they wanted to go into the Surau again. Although Yin and James did not mention about the nagging creepy feeling that each of them felt, they reached consensus that perhaps it was a wiser decision to relieve themselves at the nearby bushes.

After a relieving themselves, Yin and James was about to walk back to the mamak stall when they saw 2 cars approaching fast. They realized that their friends came to relieve themselves as well. As the rest of her guy and girlfriends went to their own separate toilets, Yin and James decided to stay in the car and wait. Yin refused to walk into the Surau again. After some 5 minutes of waiting in the car, Yin suddenly heard her friend Tina screaming and running out from the toilet. At the very same time, all her friends also ran out from the Surau, quickly got into the car and drove off.

After Tina manage to calm down, Yin and the rest of her car-pooling friends asked Tina what she saw. Tina related that she was having her menstruation and after she relieved herself, she noticed there were some blood stains on the toilet walls which was not there before when she entered the cubicle. Thinking that perhaps she accidentally stained the wall, she began to wash off the blood stains. While splashing some water onto the wall, she suddenly realized that the blood stains were too high to be caused by her and immediately felt something very wrong. That was when she screamed and left the toilet.

No one spoke a word on their way back to Kuala Lumpur.

What do you think?

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11 Responses to “Haunted Surau at a beach in Negeri Sembilan”

  1. icequeen Says:

    pisang, thanks for the info! my muslim fren obviously gave me the wrong info when i asked her what is the surau actually for… i’ll go “scold” her later.. haha… 😉

  2. pisang Says:

    make sure you scold kaw kaw to her

    waka ka ka ka ka ka ka……

  3. DJM Says:

    Hello, excuse me, sorry to interrupt…….

    First of all, let me get this straight. Suraus and Masjids are both the place to perform the prayer, and sometimes when a death occurs in a family, we’ll take the deceased to the surau or masjid for the process of bathe/clean and kafan the body. Kafan is the process of covering the body with white cloth called kain kafan. There’s a special place for the process and the place is actually within the mosque compound, not inside the prayer room.

    Secondly, Suraus and Masjids are considered as a holy place, because us muslims refer to this place as The House of God (ALLAH). It is our duty to keep the place clean at all times, especially the praying area. They must be respected at all times. So, in this story, I assume that the narrator herself isn’t a muslim and so are her friends. I believe this incident happened because her friends didn’t respect the place, by barging in without covering the aurats. I’m not saying that non-muslims cannot enter the area but there are restrictions. For example, you can’t enter the place wearing shorts or tight fitting clothes; this goes to both men and women. More specific, the women must cover their hair and neck, cannot show both arms, only the hands can be seen. The hair, neck, arm, knees shins are what we called aurat. This particular area must be covered when you’re in the surau compound. Oh, and menstruating women are definitely not allowed within this area. Please keep that in mind.

    Finally, I hope I’ve corrected those misunderstandings. The holy place aren’t haunted, it’s just that you have to respect these places. So, the next time you need to use the toliet in the surau area, you should remember to cover those we call aurats. Just a friendly reminder, thanks.

  4. Alfred Kok TL Says:

    My Moslem friend said that the food of ‘ Jin or Poltergeist ‘ are bones and excreta. Thats why you all have all those strange encounters of the ether kind in the Toilets; eg. public toilets.

    A local Newapaper once reported that a 4D punter striked Jackpot by praying to them and later thankd them by praying to them a hearthy feast of chicken, rice, fruits, drinks and of course Joss Papers.

    So you see not all of them are bad. Apparently they just existed in another Dimension, another Vibration level, another Light World.

    Our eyes cannot see everything, ie. we cannot see music, virus and wind. Hence what oue eyes cannot see does not mean there is nothing there.

    Our Mobile-phone is the best example……can you see who are you talking too……..in the 1970s you will be despised as a Mad-man talking to the Ghosts. But now all cannot live without one too.

    Mebbe sometimes in the not to distant future Man can REALLY talk to Ghosts via 010101- ??????? and perhaps check his Bank Underworld account too.

  5. Zoe Sam Says:

    DJM is right, suraus & mosques are holy places. no such thing as evil or demons sitting inside. from the story, the gangs are not muslims and they do not know the boundary. came back from PD with gals & guys together, I wondered what happened there.. so, the guardian and God himself does not like or allow those who are not pure or commit sins!!

  6. Angel Says:

    Hi to everyone..especially to Pisang..
    I just want to clarify something here…about the truth behind the surau or masjid…
    Surau or masjid are holy places for islamic for their prayers… and in terms of haunted..i have to admit that some of the places are haunted coz sometimes they serve as a place to “clean / bath’ the deceased one before burying them.So, it may be haunted…Only the surrounding area (e.g toilet) …
    The place where the prayers are done is clean and no need to worry on any supernatural things…

    Just felt like to explain..to every person who read through the post in this website…so that all of you can have a clear idea and not to be misunderstood…^_^

  7. Vasily_Hknen Says:

    Hi everyone,

    I know it’s been pretty long since the last post (which is on 28th August, 08).

    But just want to strengthen the statement that suraus, mosques, any praying area for the Muslims aren’t considered to be “haunted” at all. The fact that they’re also the places for cleaning/bathing the dead ones doesn’t support why we should label these places as so-called haunted. Why do you think so? I don’t see it that way.

    And there shouldn’t be any wandering spirit, poltergeist, any supernaturalistic things whatsoever near the mosques and suraus. Because these places are solely built for the purpose of worship and protection. Ghosts, spirits don’t hang around near these spots where goodness, pureness, sincereness to God are all that matter to us. Supernatural things will be easily defeated by the Azan (call for prayer), people reading the Quran, doing religious activities and others related. Strong in the heart alone can beat fear itself. I can’t recall back seeing “different than usual” things becoz we all have been to the mosques/suraus before many times to perform daily/Jumaat prayers. It’s how we (Muslims) think. And we consider it true. But even we Muslims cannot maintain the strength in our hearts, and we are constantly influenced by the devil’s wishes. We humans are all equal regardless of different religions.

    As stated on the posts before me (thanks!), non-Muslims should care to cover up their attires before entering suraus/mosques. That’s just one of the natural rules under any circumstance. And behavior matters too.

    Some questions toward the storyteller – Are you sure you weren’t hallucinating? I don’t know but humans are prone to imagination and hallucination. Because you know, it was 2 am and it was dark. You were a little tired/excited maybe. Maybe it’s not really blood. Toilets near suraus are always maintained clean. (Insight – I’m also prone to such hallucinations).

    So just stick to the restrictions and thoughts and you’ll be fine, not just here but everywhere. Anyway I’ve mentioned the line “strong in the heart alone can beat fear itself”. Sometimes I can do it, MOST of the time .. I can’t. So just like you guys, I’ll be really scared if I encounter scary moments. I rather not to take any risk. ;D

    Thank you. Sorry for being so serious.

  8. jimbo Says:

    to all you muslims that are trying to explain that the place isnt haunted..sounds like yous are offended and trying to justify why this happend.
    well i believe no place is clean doesnt where you are.when i say not clean i dont its dirty either.any place could have good or evil entities.i dont believe these things would bother anyone unless theyre offended.when i was young i saw a figure in a church at night but i wasnt scared.

  9. anonymous Says:

    you do not go to any religious place when you are under the menstrual cycle ^^

  10. pisang Says:

    for more info
    my science teacher also is a MUSLIM RELIGIOUS TEACHER

  11. Ic3Que3n Says:

    Hi all,

    Regardless of whatever comments everyone has left in this post, I feel some storm brewing up here. Spooky Corner does not mean to insult anyone’s religion or holy place and this story was just written as the way the person that told me this story. Sincere apologies if anyone has felt insulted.

    As much as I believe in ghosts, I believe in respecting everyone’s religion be it muslim or hindus or even jews. We all have our own religion and something I believe each and everyone of us hold strong to. Our individual practices are as different as our individual opinions. The reason why I had approved each of these comment because I believe in the freedom of speech. I hope I would not need to take the extent to shut off all comments for this post… Really, in case a storm REALLY REALLY brews up. I seen countries fighting over religion and I don’t think I need another one here.

    Let’s just stick to the fact everyone is here to be entertained by other people’s spooky experience. There may be those out there that are still skeptics or the believers and the non believers but whatever reason you are here in Spooky Corner is to be entertained, right?

    SpookyCorner Admin