My Hairstylist’s Ghost Story

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Author’s Note : This is a story related to me by a friend who visited her hairstylist and not only got a hair cut back from her visit but also a story and it goes like this.

I just wish sometimes that my hairstylist would shut up and leave me in peace while he was busy cutting my hair. I wish that this visit was different this time and he would just let me finish reading the magazines that were lying on the tables but instead I got a ghost story to tell you, he said. It was the 7th lunar month and the last thing I needed was a ghost story but I didn’t want to disappoint him (just in case he snaps and decided to cut my hair all the very wrong way) so I let him entertain me again, just for this once.

He told me it happened a few days ago. His boss (the owner of this saloon) was an avid collector for antiques. As soon as I heard the word antiques, I knew nothing good would come out of this story but back to the story, anyway. His boss would often invite him to come along on his antique hunts and sometimes my hairstylist would follow just for curiosity’s sake. And so, it was not so different a few days ago. When his boss told him about a house owner that intended to migrate overseas and had a whole load of antique to sell off, he asked my hairstylist if he wanted to follow so my hairstylist said yes.

The very next day, my hairstylist’s boss drove himself and my hairstylist to the intended location. There, they stood outside an old abandoned house. Apparently, the owner had already immigrated some 2 years back and decided to stay overseas for good and wanted to sell off everything and therefore, the house was left abandoned. It wasn’t that the house itself was rundown but an unkempt house of 2 years would collect lots of dusts inside. My hairstylist wasn’t surprised at all because it wasn’t uncommon that his boss would often scourge good and beautiful antiques from old houses or storage places. As soon as they entered the house, my hairstylist noticed a huge round table located in the middle of the dining hall. Most of the furniture there was still covered to protect them from dust so when his boss motioned my hairstylist that it was time to go, my hairstylist thought of nothing. It was also common that his boss always knew what he was looking for and would leave after a moment when he saw that there was nothing that interests him.

Little did my hairstylist knew, his boss could sense and see ghosts. As soon as they drove away from the house, his boss asked if my hairstylist saw anything. My hairstylist shook his head and said no and his boss told him in that case, there was nothing to worry about. My hairstylist pressed on and only then did his boss told him he saw a kid ghost standing on the round table. Surprised of this new knowledge, my hairstylist kept quiet and did not give the matter a second thought.

That night, my hairstylist had difficulty sleeping. He tossed and turned the whole night but he could feel that he was very alert. Thinking that it was probably the effect of the coffee that he drank in the evening, he decided to try sleeping again later in the early morning. But that night, or was it morning, he did not sleep a wink. That morning when he prepared himself for work, he was puzzled that although he felt tired, he did not feel remotely sleepy. His brains were still very actively functioning when the day pressed on and when night came, he couldn’t sleep at all. This went on for another night when at last he felt that something was seriously wrong with him. He had not slept for 3 days and he wasn’t sleepy at all.

On the third day, my hairstylist took the decision to visit the temple and seek for advise from the temple master. My hairstylist related his lack of tiredness and sleep to the master and after some prayers, the master told him that a small kid was following him around. Immediately, my hairstylist thought about the recent antique hunt and his boss’s new revelation about his 3rd eye. My hairstylist asked the master why the kid was following him around and the master told him that the kid had liked him. The kid liked my hairstylist’s funky haircut and his sense of fashion. The master advised my hairstylist to burn some clothes and chanted prayers for the kid to move on to another realm

The same day, my hairstylist brought paper clothes and burned them for the ghost kid. That night, he had no problem sleeping again.

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