The Ghost with 6 Senses

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Author’s Note : This is going to be a short one. When my friend, Spider, told me about this I had question marks all over as well because she couldn’t really answer and wasn’t sure about most of the background story. Let’s just see how much you can understand from here.

Like I said, this story has basically not much background in it. My friend, Spider, who has a sister that owns a salon, told her that something weird had happened to her one of her 2 staffs recently. Staff A and B and Spider’s sister has always been quite close to each other and they would share almost anything. It was already known for quite some time that staff A has a relative that was having some problems with the supernatural world. Staff B and Spider’s sister knew about it because staff A would share stories about how her dad would try to help out her poor cousin.

You see, her cousin was constantly disturbed by this ghost and it had been going of quite some time already. This was where the question marks came around. Why was it that Staff’s A cousin disturbed? What did her cousin do? How did the ghost disturb her? Was there no solution to the problem? What did staff A’s dad do to help? Did they manage to get some sort of master advice? I couldn’t answer you because Spider forgot what happened. But luckily, in this short story, these are not the essential points.

So came a day when Staff A and B were supposed to meet up with some friends for dinner the following day. They both had a common friend that co-incidentally was practicing some sort of mastery or supernatural stuff and so when they were discussing about their dinner plans for the next day, Spider’s sister overheard their conversation and she suggested to Staff B to contact their friend for some talisman for Staff A’s cousin. Staff A and B thought that it was a brilliant idea and Staff B immediately took the phone and called their friend who agreed to bring the talisman over for diner the following night

That night when Staff B went to sleep, something horrible happened to her. She was sleeping alone in the room when suddenly she felt something sitting on her. Immediately she tried to move and wake up. She tried struggling, screaming, kicking and even moving her head from side to side but it was effortless. She even tried to open her eyes but her eye lids felt as heavy as iron. As suddenly as it came, she slowly felt she could move her body.That was when something sent shivers down her spine.

She heard very clearly someone telling her something beside her ears. She heard a man’s voice telling her, “This is what you get for interfering with other people’s business. Stop being a busybody or things that are much worse will be happening to you”. She immediately knew that it MUST be the same ghost that was disturbing Staff A’s cousin.Following the next morning, she quickly contacted their friend to forget about the talisman and told Staff A and Spider’s sister when she reached the salon.

Me and spider concluded that supernatural being’s do have supernatural powers, otherwise, how would he have known to feel threatened, right?

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