Beyond the Cursed Curtains

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What was supposed to be a very happy holiday became a nightmare for a group of friends. June was what some people described as a special girl. Some may say she’s lucky and some may not but its just a matter of perspective. She has a special gift of the 3rd eye. The 3rd eye is a gift or rather a curse that the particular person is able to see things and people of the underworld.

It all started when June and her friends decided to go spend their holidays at Genting Highlands, Malaysia. At which particular hotel did they stay in, I shall not mention but what are the rates that a bunch of high school students could afford?

As soon as June and her friends checked into the hotel room at Genting Highlands, they decided to wait for another group of their friends that were on the way up. So what they decided to do to kill time was just hanging around the hotel room chit chatting. After a while, Christy noticed June was looking around feeling uncomfortable. It was a common knowledge among friends that June possesed the 3rd eye and asked if there was anything wrong.

June, not wanting to spoil the whole mood kept quiet and said nothing.

That very night, everyone slept sharing beds of 2 per bed. It wasn’t until when Christy screamed that everyone knew that something was very wrong with the room. Everyone woke up in the room and asked Christy what was wrong and saw the blue black marks around Christy’s feet. Christy then urged everyone to pack up and leave immediately

At that moment, no one questioned her because she looked frightened and did as she said. Arriving with the bags all packed at the hotel lobby, Christy related her part of the story that she was sleeping soundly when she felt something grabbing her feet. She thought that it was one of her friends playing pranks on her and woke up but however, as soon as she opened her eyes, she saw everyone sleeping soundly. When she saw the hand print marks on her feet color in blue black, she screamed out of shock.

Then, June admitted that she felt really uncomfortable in the room for the first time when they were chilling out waiting for another group of their friends. Before she slept, she saw a group of people, or at least that was what she thought she saw. Because, actually, she couldn’t really see who those people were. She could only describe that all of them were wearing shoes because they were all lining up hiding behind the curtains, the shape of their bodies buldging out. She realized that they were from the underworld because non of her friends noticed anything wrong.

Whether this story really happened at Genting Highlands, Malaysia, I have no idea. But what I do know is that there were too many rumours circulating that place to be false.

Footnote : One of my friends claimed to used to work at Genting Highlands at the reception desk and told me that they actually have a room there reserved especially decorated as an altar. Truth or just plain lies?

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3 Responses to “Beyond the Cursed Curtains”

  1. Kenny Ng Says:

    Nice blog here! I love to share these kind of stories. Yes… I heard alot about it in Genting, my uncle experienced it before.

  2. ic3 Que3n Says:

    Kenny, thank you! Maybe you can share your stories too? just write a simple plot to me at submit[at]spookycorner[.]com

  3. Kenny Ng Says:

    ic3 Que3n, I have a blog sharing with a friend also have a similar blog here to share real life encounter story too. Maybe you can get some story from there too at g-files dot blogspot dot com

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