2 Spooky Exprience of Mine

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For you info, I am skeptic when it comes to this topic. Not that I wish to bump to any of those thing in the near future and my mind finds it hard to digest the experience. But what I do believe in are spirits, life after dead as I am staunch protestant. Back to the topic, part of my believe says that your mind / eyes are playing tricks on you, the other part of it says ‘you just want attention of sort’. I m not undermining the people who actully saw it, but as logical person it is hard for me to believe it. It may happen to people who are actually weak inside. I am an Iban from sarawak, believe me, my community had tons of stories which is spooky.
Experience 1

This happened some 20 years ago, it was narrated by my aunty who witnessed the incident. This happened during the long school holidays at the end of the year if I remember correctly, where we spent our holidays at our kampung (not a long house). That evening our family were invited by my aunty for a dinner at their house which is about five minutes drive from my grand parent’s house. My aunty’s house was located about 200 meters from the main road and is surrounded by fruit trees. Even during day, it casts shadows creating a spooky feeling. But not to me, I found very calm and peaceful. After dinner, my aunt and my mum were doing the dishes while my uncle, my dad, my paternal and maternal grand parents are in the living room chit chatting while me and my male cousin were seating at the verandah. The rest of my cousins and sisters were playing at one corner in the living room. My three sisters were at that time aged in between 11 to 6 years old whereas my cousins were between 3 to 6 years old.  As me and my male cousin were sitting on the verandah, we could hear both the adult’s conversation and the noises made by my sisters playing with their cousins.

Suddenly, we heard my aunty screaming from the kitchen and followed by my mom who scolding the kids for playing outside in the night. Me and my male cousin entered the house to check what was all the commotion and saw my aunty walking out of the kitchen. As she stop at the kitchen entrance, we could see her face was pale with shock and she asked my sister who was at that time about 11 years old, ‘Did you people play outside just now?’ My sister shook her head. My uncle told my aunt that the kids had not left living room since after dinner. My male cousin backed up my uncle’s remarks because we would not miss any of the kids if they went out of the house as we were sitting at the verandah. Sensing that it could be the work strangers that were up to no good, my dad and my uncle decided to search for the culprit(s). Me and my cousin decided to tag along with my dad and uncle combing the house outside premisses in search of the intruder. After 20 minute or so, we return to the house feeling frustrated as we could not see any signs of intruders. When we entered the house. we saw that everyone was gathered in the  middle of the living. My sisters, my mum, my grand parents and my cousin and my aunt was in the middle of talking to them and stopped short when she spotted us entering the house. Everyone’s eyes were trained on us when my uncle announced that there wasn’t anyone ouside the house. We did a through search through the house compound including the pond located at the back of the house but there wasn’t a soul to be seen.
My aunt explained to us what she saw that raised all our goose bumps. She said that while she doing the dirty dishes in the kitchen, she saw a small hairy finger the size of kid around 4-5 years old on the lower part of the window pane as if it was trying to scare her. She thought that it was just one of the kids doing some prank on her and since she was talking to herself and my mum who was also in the kitchen did not see it happen as she was facing her back towards the window, so she decided to brush it of as a prank and shortly the finger disappeared. A few second latter, the finger appeared again and this time it showed her part of the arms and that was the final straw for her, she put down the dish and walk out of the kitchen that was when we heard she scolding the kids. What could it be? baby monkey? Probably, as the house was surrounded by fruit trees. We try to debunk the sighting as a monkey but my maternal grandparent who live there had not heard or seen any monkey before. Could it be something else? By then, my family spent the night at my aunt house as she request us to stay with them for the night.
Experience 2
This incident happen early in 2000, during my bachelor days.  I am hotelier and a Supervisor at one of the five star hotels in Kuching. During the time there, I was renting a room at one of the association buildings. The buildings are about 100 metre or so from the feeder road which is quite busy during the day. There are about 12 rooms on the 2nd floor, 6 rooms facing some bushes and some small tree and another 6 facing the feeder road. And my room? You guess it right, was facing the bushes and the last room on that row. I was clubbing the previous night with my colleague and had to report for duty at 7 am the next day. I went to work the next day with my head still throbbing from the night outing and my day went on with out any glitches and at the ended of my shift at 4pm. Immediately, I went back to my rented room with intention of continuing my sleep! As soon I reached my room, I went straight to bed with my uniform. I don’t know for how long I had been in my slumber when I felt something or a force sitting on the top of me. I tried to fight it with all my strength (and mind you, I’m football player and I played as defend position) but the THING was still on the top of me, I tried to scream but my voice were just in my throat. I tried to open my eyes but it was shut tight as if it is my eye lid are soldered onto my skin. One final fight, I pushed and pushed the weight and finally it broke loose and I was able to open my eye. My room was pitch dark as all the curtains were shut from the night before. I went straight to the switch and flipped on the lights and combed my room for any possible signs of intruders. But what I got was only silence. Eerie complete silence. Sitting on the edge of my bed breaking out sweat heavily., my mind started processing what had happened. What was that? I don’t recall having any or bad dream / nightmare or what so ever. I opened the door of my room to have a look outside and as I was turning the knob it still locked! So there isn’t any possibilities that someone had tried to entered my room.
As I was peering down the corridor there is not even a soul out there. I took a look at my watch and it read 7.30 pm. Walking out of the room and into the lounge in the middle of the building, I sensed that all the people who rent the room were not in their room as it was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. I walked back to my room, with my head still throbbing, I decided to take shower. Until today when I think back to what had happen that evening, it still puzzles me. Is that what people call sleep paralysis? I have no idea.

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3 Responses to “2 Spooky Exprience of Mine”

  1. ghost32 Says:

    Watch your grammar, sometimes it ruins the story

  2. reena Says:

    hi…hmm okay..I were juz looking for a rented room in WangsaMaju & I got here instead !…hehehe…well, being a muslim, all I can say, what your aunt saw was a djinn. I saw it with my own eyes way back when I was 7 years old. I could remember it vividly…it was during HariRaya Puasa. While peeping out from my neighbour’s window, I could see hairy arm (only 1 arm) without the rest of the body was moving around infront my neighbour’s house at 12noon ! That was so creepy!. The ones that you have experienced yourself was some bad spirits or djinn…well what can I say??? you slept during sunset! a very bad timing for sleeping…it is a time where devils, satans..anything evil loves to roam around & hurt us human…scientifically, the changes from day to night is around that time has some effect to human…you’ll get mentally affected as the nerves system gets abrupted or tempered by somekind of force…well..dont sleep during sunset will yaaa? 😛

  3. TheScribe Says:

    Please work on your expression if you want to continue writing. Your language takes away the pleasure of reading the stories. Pay attention to your grammar. TQ

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