Ghost Story of UUM (University Utara Malaysia), Kedah

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Author’s Note : University Utara Malaysia located in Kedah is also fondly known as UUM. The following ghost story is told to me by a friend who personally experienced the ghost herself while studying in University Utara Malaysia.

University Utara Malaysia was a place that every student knows some form of ghost story. In fact, it was circulated as a true ghost story that before the whole university was built in the middle of no where, the government sent busses empty with passangers in the middle of the site and strictly instructed the bus drivers not to turn around or look back at the rearview mirror. After a while, the bus drivers would drive into another faraway area in the middle of no where. It was said that this action is to “ferry” all the ghosts away from the woods and carry them to their “new home”.

I experienced one myself not long after studying in University Utara Malaysia. You see, I had the habit of returning back to the university after the holidays a day before the class starts. It so happened that it was just after Hari Raya Haji and as usual, the hostel would be particularly quiet as most student are not back from their hometown yet.

It was 11pm when it happened. After studying, I left the book on the table, switched off the lights and left only the study lamp on. You see, I had the habit of leaving the book opened, untouched at the pages where I left off as it would be easier for me to pick up from there. As I was lying on my bed trying to fall asleep, I suddenly heard sounds of pages flipping. Quickly, I got up and looked towards my study table but there was nothing. Again, I tried to go to bed, and as I was falling asleep, I heard noises of someone scratching against the window mosquito net. Immediately, I opened the curtains to check if there was anyone out there. Not even a shadow could be seen.

For the third time I lay on my bed, again I heard 2 knocks on the door. However, I wasn’t sure if it was just my neighbour or my door and I decided to quickly ignore it because if it were my friend looking for me, I would hear persistent knocks. After some time, I started to drift off to sleep. As I was about to drift off to a deep sleep, I could suddenly feel heaviness. I tried to fight it off and as I opened my eyes, I could see a black figure sitting at the other end of my bed staring hard at me. After a while of struggling, I saw the black figure jumping to my roommate’s bed and as mysteriously as it appeared, it disappeared.

The next morning, my friend asked me why I did not answer the door. When I checked with her what time did she come to look for me, she told me it was about 11pm. I swore I could not hear her consistent knocks as she told me she knocked on the door for quite sometime but had no reply from me.

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15 Responses to “Ghost Story of UUM (University Utara Malaysia), Kedah”

  1. cathreeN Says: it true??i’m also a student from uum…n i think i havent experience tis kind of situation before as i used to stay alone in my block during sem break…maybe tis happened due to the way u think…in ur mind is full with ghost and scary stories so…it will affect ur emotions..n u said u felt heaviness…actually according to scientific thinking, it’s due to fatigue and the air circulation in the room is not good…i think u should change the way u think bout ghost…i used to walk alone back to hostel after night class…n there’s nothing…i used to stay awake alone to online in front of my college hall till 5 am…n there arent any 3 am ‘ghost bus’…the 3 am bus is the express bus tat departure from KL at reach out uni at 3 am…all the ghost stories are craps…nonsense

  2. sha Says:

    Cathreen. I think u got wrong idea about the buses. I’m also a graduate from UUM. What was meant by the writer were buses used to transport “that thing” before the opening of UUM. I had gone a few spooky experienced while I was studying there.

  3. Another UUM Ghost Story - Spooky Corner Says:

    […] University Utara Malaysia (UUM) does have it share of ghost stories. Have you heard of the bus incident? Yes? Well, I’ve always thought that it was nonsense right until that very day, it changed […]

  4. kabiru bello Says:

    my name is kabiru bello
    I want to be a they plece

  5. Fatima Says:

    Well nice story but story is story. I also experienced the same kind of thing for almost 3 days in Kachi when I first came to UUM. There used to be knock on the door or window (I dun know bcoz I used to be fall asleep) at night. I used to wake up and I was pretty scared also but I didnt know they had ghosts here. hehehehe so the later part I didnt experience. After meeting some peoples I found out that It was monkies knocking the windows. It happens mostly. So dear don’t think in this way. May be after hearing the knock you just fell asleep and you had this dream which you think is true story. People here mostly believe on that but i never experienced. The only experience I have is monkies coming to your room and messing up things. I wish any bus can take them away like they did to ghoosts. hehehee

  6. leeya_ Says:

    yeah..heard about the bus story before but i wasn’t so sure if it really happened.

  7. Chitz Says:

    Well UUM has its own stories to be revealed… of course i would not deny on the experiences by some of our fellow students here as i had also experience some weird insidents. This happened in 5C – Eon college when i was in first year. My roomate who loves to hand on the phone have this tedency to walk away on the field nearby the rooms. It happens that on this particular day, she was using the telephone booth situated at the block entrance. It was almost like 12.00am – to 1.00 am ( i cant remember exactly) that she came running knocking our door and sat exactly in the middle of the room looking very pale with her eyes rolling staring at each of us ( we were four of us). She was speechless and was breathing short. At that particular moment, we knew something was wrong right away. One of my roomate starting to say prayers while i popped out of my bed and asked what had happened. It was when she told us that she saw this faceless white colour figure moving about on the field exactly opposite the telephone booth. We all chilled. We decide to sleep together that night by joining our double-dekker beds. So beware guys when you are around 5Cxxx,

  8. liyana Says:

    korang semua tak percaye ker??? tapi aku sudah mula peryaca sal benda2 nie sebab aku sendiri dah rase..aku da bukti yang leh tunjuk kat korang benda tu still lagi wujud..aku x buang lagi gambar benda tu mase dia lindung kiter orang mase ngah ambik gambar kat court bola keranjang dpp mas(26/4/2010 jam 1 pg…sehari selepas kejadian kapal terbang terhempas di dusun uum)….n yang pasl bus tengah2 mlam mase stiap last tahun 2 mmg betul. aku sendiri tengak bas tu berhenti betul2 depan bilik kiterorng tiap2 kul 3.30 pg..korang pikir logik la, orng pakat2 nak balik mase dah nak abih final exam,tebe2 da bus masuk dari luar nak turunkan penumpang..tapi satu orang pun xda dalam bas yang aku tengak malam tu( bukan malm 2 je setiap malam pun g tu)…and satu lagi mase time add drop budak2 sem 1 tahun lepas (2009) da sorang budak alim nie nampak da lembaga perempuan ngah duk kat satu meja di dalam cafe AM dpp mas mase tu dah pukul 3 pg la..sebelum tu semua budak2 sem 1 yang duk kat cafe seme kene halau ngan pengetua suh balik bilik…tup2 kul 3 pgi beda tu kuo..nsib baik aku da add kat libary not kidding, this all the true story that being happen to me and my friend.

  9. syaza Says:

    ape ni…tlong rr jgan dok cte sal antu sume nih….menakutkan pelajar uum yg akan blajar kat sane….please!!!

  10. Nieza Says:

    Well…from my personal view …… i think it’s quite fun 2 know all these kind of stories 4 knowledge & experience that will keep us know that there’s ‘somebody’ always around us.But 4 others that never enter UUM & happen 2 be there one day, it will be a ‘nightmare’ 4 them. So beware & be strong. it’s will be unorgettable moment of your life to experience it. If 4 me….i’m always looking forward to see it even i’m not that brave but believe me i’m ready.So….yg x nampak, x semestinya x wujud.

  11. Ashiya Says:

    i never give a crap to the ghost stories in uum. i believe in ghost because i ever experienced them twice in my life.for those who never have a chance to see them, you should pray for it. it would be your best experience ever=) especially in uum…

  12. Eddi Says:

    I have seen a real ghost here now. You don’t see it alone ok.

  13. unsightly Says:

    Oh yeah! I heard about this kind of bus service too. Apparently, the same thing was done when the securities commission was built at Hartamas. If you have been there, its surrounded by jungles. At the initial stages of the construction, many incidents happened e.g. machines broke down, contractors got whacked on the head by tools lying around and trees couldn’t be cut. So the developer consulted a bomoh and was told that they have built on a site where there are plenty of spirits and the land belonged to them.

    The bomoh said that he can help appease the spirits and at the same time transfer them to a place on the condition the developer provide the bus transport. Five 40 seats buses would do fine (that makes about 200 spirits). Anyway, the developer asked the bomoh, where can the spirits be transferred to? Bomoh said, genting highland as most of the spirits are transfered there. No wonder, genting highland is so haunted.

  14. nizam salim Says:

    i am a security guard and always on a night duty. My post is now at ST, Mutiara Damansara. Before I had been assigned to this post, I had worked at various places such as factories, schools, and others. I had found that regardless the status of the places whether it is old building or new building,there will be strange encounters or ghost things or paranormal, whatever the term that people say. I had met pontianak when I had assigned to Bukit Raja Industrial Park where, the ghost knocked the roof of the car and when my brother and i checked, we saw a pontianak smiling at us and you know what she looks pale but it was a light all over her body.believe or not it happened around 6am!! Honestly, we are not scared but rather confused, exhausted and hungry. It was hari raya kedua, and eventhough the industrial park is near Bandar Baru Klang, many shops were closed on that days. I asked my brother whether he saw that, and he said he saw it too and end of discussion, we never discuss the matter after that and I did not know why I had never wanted to discuss again. The second incident was when I was assigned to the factory that produces paints for car in Petaling Jaya. I was doing the routine of clocking and patrolling by bicycle and it was 1 am. I was near at the point no.9 and it was near the garbage waste area. I did not know why I suddenly stop cycling. When I stop cycling, I saw a smoke passing in front of me and when it reached garbage wastage area, suddenly, the lamp was switched off. I had to recite azan to regain strength and let us just say, after that, i did not finish my clocking and patrolling routine that days and the other days!!!The third incident when i was assigned to tyre factory and warehouse in Jalan Tandang. the factory has its office building which called WISMA……. I had this strange and eerie feeling whenever i looked at the top of the wisma. My post is very near to wisma and that feeling made me closed the windows so that i did not have to look at the top of the wisma. after three days, one of the workers came to me that night. (He was looking for his brother who also worked at the factory) He took time to have a conversation with me and to my surprise, he suddenly asked me whether I felt afraid when i looked at the top of the wisma. I had never told anyone about it so it surprised me when he asked me that. I just kept quiet. He then told me that he always felt afraid, had kind of these eerie feeling when he looked at the top of the wisma. He said, four years ago (I worked at the place in the year 2006).one office worker finished working around 10 pm. He parked the car near the wisma. He felt something eerie and he looked at the top of the wisma and he saw one dark creature standing on the top of the building looking at him. Needless to say, after the incident, every 31st december there will be some ritual of sacrifice where goat will be killed and the blood of the goat will be spread to each of the corner of the area of the factory and I was so lucky for escaping to see the ritual as I had asked to be transferred to other place. Still, I had this kind of feeling that asked me to see the ritual this year,sighh…the new things that i have experienced regarding the things are at my new post, ST which is situated in Mutiara Damansara but thank God, it is not that serious hopefully..all of these things actually tell us that they are exist like what the holy book tell us about those things.some of the people say they dont believe such a thing.but then they cannot be blamed as they had never seen those things.if they saw the things, they probably blamed themselves for not having enough rest, stress and others. For me,as a Muslim, I always pray to Allah for my safety as I know that these things cannot harm me if Allah does not allow it. Hopefully Allah will never allow it!

  15. Aunty Says:

    Can someone please translate the story from liyana. Why a person (who can obviously speak English) would relate the whole story in another language on an English blog and only use english in the last sentence is beyond me. Makes no sense…

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