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8th Floor at Jalan Changkat Raja Chulan

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Note : This is not really a horror story but more of a weird stuff that could have happen to you. Its still something puzzling for my friend until today.

My friend, James works in an office building on the 18th floor located at Jalan Changkat Raja Chulan for almost 6 months. Already since the day he joined the company, he has heard many rumours of the haunted 8th floor which happens to be unoccupied for many years. Everyday, he would take the elevators to work but nothing weird or mysterious happened. That was, until one particular night when he left for home at about 7pm on the month of the hungry ghost festival. As usual, he pressed the elevators button to the lobby for and the elevator started moving down towards the lobby level. Suddenly, the elevator stopped at the 8th floor and the doors opened. After a few seconds, it closed and proceed down to lobby. James did not suspect anything although he felt that it was a strange thing to happen since the whole floor was totally unoccupied. He dismissed it as a weird incident and thought nothing much of it.

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Haunted Office in Petaling Street

Monday, September 15th, 2008

I used to work in a haunted office in located in Petaling Street back about 4 months ago and although I did not experience anything unusual during my short tenure there, my colleagues that worked there for the past year swore that there is definitely something there. If you have been to Petaling Street, you wouldn’t be surprise that the buildings there are mostly some 50 years back (I think) and I guess its no surprise if anyone mentions that there’s a ghost or two in some of those vacant building.

My office in Petaling Street are those 4 storey building. Back then when the company was still young, the company only occupied the first 3 floors (including the ground floor) leaving the 4th floor as a storage area. However, after the management decided to expand its business, only did they started to hire more people, thus moving the old furnitures and archieved documents to a warehouse nearby.

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Ghostly Office Sightings

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Here are some short stories / rumours of office sightings where I’ve heard my ex-colleagues claiming that they accidently “bumped” into supernatural beings.

IT department in my previous company always have one person that would be on stand by in the server room just in case if anything happens. One night, after leaving the locked room (you’ll have to scan in and out with your own name tag) for a late night toilet visit, IT guy came back and saw a couple (male and femake) with their backs facing him in the locked room. He freaked out and left the office immediately. IT Guy told me he saw 2 old people wearing traditional chinese clothing of a cheong sam and sam fu.

On another separate case, IT Guy B was working at the late night shift at the office. After a while being busy with the problems on hand, he decided to stand up and streach himself. The sitting and computers in the office are situated in such a way that its in 3 rows of PC. IT Guy B was sitting at the last row nearest to the door and when he got up to streach his legs, he was surprised to see a back of a lady sitting at the first row adjecent to where he was sitting. Confused and confident that there was no one beside him, he kept quiet and sat back in his office until the next morning when the next person came in. Surprisingly, the mysterious woman disappeared as quietly as she came.
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