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The Death Light

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

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This incident involves a traditional believe and premonition as I was told later. It happened during the prelude to Gawai Dayak Festival or Harvest Festival. Let me explain a little bit about Gawai. In olden days, we Iban / Dayak depend on rice cultivation for living other than hunting and gathering. To appeased or to thank the Gods for a bountiful harvest, we celebrate Hari Gawai (which is also a public holiday in Sarawak). In modern days, we look forward for the Gawai Dayak as most Iban / Dayak who are working in the city or studying, return to their long house or kampung more or less like the Chinese or Malays do during the Chinese Lunar New Year or Hari Raya. As Gawai is celebrated on the 1st of June every year, we would make our journey back home to our kampung a few days before the celebration. Continue reading The Death Light »

2 Spooky Exprience of Mine

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

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For you info, I am skeptic when it comes to this topic. Not that I wish to bump to any of those thing in the near future and my mind finds it hard to digest the experience. But what I do believe in are spirits, life after dead as I am staunch protestant. Back to the topic, part of my believe says that your mind / eyes are playing tricks on you, the other part of it says ‘you just want attention of sort’. I m not undermining the people who actully saw it, but as logical person it is hard for me to believe it. It may happen to people who are actually weak inside. I am an Iban from sarawak, believe me, my community had tons of stories which is spooky. Continue reading 2 Spooky Exprience of Mine »

My Hairstylist’s Ghost Story

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Author’s Note : This is a story related to me by a friend who visited her hairstylist and not only got a hair cut back from her visit but also a story and it goes like this.

I just wish sometimes that my hairstylist would shut up and leave me in peace while he was busy cutting my hair. I wish that this visit was different this time and he would just let me finish reading the magazines that were lying on the tables but instead I got a ghost story to tell you, he said. It was the 7th lunar month and the last thing I needed was a ghost story but I didn’t want to disappoint him (just in case he snaps and decided to cut my hair all the very wrong way) so I let him entertain me again, just for this once. Continue reading My Hairstylist’s Ghost Story »