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Another Haunted Apartment in Wangsa Maju

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Author’s Note : This incident happened to my friend who was staying in Wangsa Maju some 10 years ago.

Back when I was a student at TAR College, I stayed in one of  Wangsa Maju’s apartments. Although nothing particularly significant happened to me during the times I stayed there, but I remembered one weird incident that until today I could not explain what it was. You see, the apartment block I stayed was designed in such a way that it resembled the letter C. Meanwhile, the room I was occupying at that time was located just next to the corridors. The layout of the room that I slept on was a square room with windows that if you peeked outside the windows, you could see people walking up and down the corridors. My bed would be on the other side of the bedroom, opposite of the windows.

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Another case of 3rd Eye

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Author’s Note : My colleague’s niece who just turned 12 yrs old this yr possessed the gift of the 3rd eye. Recently when my colleague’s grandmother passed away, guess who came back?

Our whole family knew that Xian was a special kid. She could see things that normal people couldn’t see and although it was something that she has gotten used to, she knew most of us could not accept the truth.

My grandmother passed away recently and after a month later, we would prepare some traditional rituals to welcome her back home. Nothing unusual happened and all was as planned. It was not until when we had to throw the “sing pui” that it did not succeed even after a few tries. In case if anyone of you do not know, “sing pui” is believed to be a tool used to communicate with the supernatural world. It is red and slightly rounded divided into halves. One side would be flat and the other side slightly rounded.

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Weird Happenings in Kelantan

Monday, October 26th, 2009

This story is contributed by Pisang

My father is from Kelantan and for sometime a whole family of us would go back to my father’s kampung Kelantan when I was just a kid.

On one night when I was about 12 years old, I had an unforgettable experience. It was late at night when I suddenly woke up with a urge go to toilet. Since it was late, I was too scare go to toilet which located inside house. But the pressure was  strong and I could not stand it anymore and picked up my courage to release my need. Before that, I picked up my watch to check the time. It was 5:35am and I quickly move to toilet to poo. After my “business” was done, one would normally either use water or toilet paper. For me, I used the water and while the water was running, I did not notice anything until I heard a strange sound right outside of the toilet. It sounded as if  it was very far far away but was getting closer and closer. The sound I never heard that particular night was not anything I have ever heard before.

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