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Bearded Man outside Window

Monday, October 9th, 2006

Husband and Wife were about to get into bed after a long tiring day. After checking on their 6 mth old baby (whose baby cot is situated by the window still), husband and wife went to bed. Its been such a long day because Baby keeps on crying the whole day until Husband and Wife had to take turns to keep Baby entertained.

It was approximately about 2a.m in the morning when Baby started crying. Wife, seriously tired woke Husband up so he could check on Baby. Husband, tired as well, nudged the Wife instead. In the end, He could not tolerate Baby’s cries any longer and got up from the bed. Blurly, Husband went over to the cot and saw Baby sitting up crying and crying. Mistified, he asked “Why Baby are you crying?”. Baby cried louder and louder and pointed outside the window.

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