The Ghost with 6 Senses

December 23rd, 2012

Author’s Note : This is going to be a short one. When my friend, Spider, told me about this I had question marks all over as well because she couldn’t really answer and wasn’t sure about most of the background story. Let’s just see how much you can understand from here.

Like I said, this story has basically not much background in it. My friend, Spider, who has a sister that owns a salon, told her that something weird had happened to her one of her 2 staffs recently. Staff A and B and Spider’s sister has always been quite close to each other and they would share almost anything. It was already known for quite some time that staff A has a relative that was having some problems with the supernatural world. Staff B and Spider’s sister knew about it because staff A would share stories about how her dad would try to help out her poor cousin.

You see, her cousin was constantly disturbed by this ghost and it had been going of quite some time already. This was where the question marks came around. Why was it that Staff’s A cousin disturbed? What did her cousin do? How did the ghost disturb her? Was there no solution to the problem? What did staff A’s dad do to help? Did they manage to get some sort of master advice? I couldn’t answer you because Spider forgot what happened. But luckily, in this short story, these are not the essential points. Continue reading The Ghost with 6 Senses »

My Hairstylist’s Ghost Story

December 18th, 2012

Author’s Note : This is a story related to me by a friend who visited her hairstylist and not only got a hair cut back from her visit but also a story and it goes like this.

I just wish sometimes that my hairstylist would shut up and leave me in peace while he was busy cutting my hair. I wish that this visit was different this time and he would just let me finish reading the magazines that were lying on the tables but instead I got a ghost story to tell you, he said. It was the 7th lunar month and the last thing I needed was a ghost story but I didn’t want to disappoint him (just in case he snaps and decided to cut my hair all the very wrong way) so I let him entertain me again, just for this once. Continue reading My Hairstylist’s Ghost Story »

The Unexplainable Happening

December 12th, 2012

Contributed by Kelisa00850

The experience brought me back when I was in secondary school. You see, I was the school prefect and we had to organize yearly leadership camp (usually held in our school compound where there was once in soldier barrack). That very year, I clearly remembered that we held our leadership camp in school compound and I was one of the committee member. After a long preparation and planning, finally the day has come.

Well, it was a 1 day and 1 night camp. All the member in prefect board had to attend as it was a compulsory activity unless you have a valid reasons not to. Before hand, we divided all the members in groups and we selected a leader for each group. We have all sorts of activities like performances, cooking competition, and marching competition. All that carried marks and the group with higher marks are the winner in this camp. Continue reading The Unexplainable Happening »