Types of Thailand Ghosts

August 9th, 2012

I ‘ve touched base before on the types of ghosts for Malays in general but what about the types of ghosts for Thailand locals? While Thai culture is also abundance and no short of paranormal and ghost stories. Perhaps you might be wondering if Thais have the same opinion (although many times with different names) as our own culture.

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A Miraculous Recovery – A Story About My Grandma

July 31st, 2012

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Sometimes when we dream and wake up, we often find ourselves forgetting much about the dreams. What happens when you dream about your relative? When my grandma was sick, we would often ask for prayers and wish her good health and she would recover soon. Although my grandma was not much of a religious person, she accepted this and would often request us to go for prayers whenever she fell sick.

However, there was this once my grandma felt so sick that it was a moment where doctors said that there was nothing that they could do and she was at a touch and go situation. We gathered prayers at the temples for her but we were dumbfounded when this time around nothing worked. Continue reading A Miraculous Recovery – A Story About My Grandma »

Top 9 Most Haunted Places in Asia

July 15th, 2012

I stumbled upon these places while I was searching for some haunted places to blog about and guess what? Malaysia actually made it to the top 9 most haunted places in Asia! Take a wild guess on what’s the place before reading is on and see for yourself if you have guessed correctly.

While these places are not chronically arranged, if you are a trill seeker, perhaps you might one to drop by on one of these top most haunted places in Asia if you are visiting the said country Continue reading Top 9 Most Haunted Places in Asia »