Menara Hino haunted

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Anyone that stays in Malaysia, particularly Kuala Lumpur particularly Petaling Jaya and more exact near to Jalan 222 or road 222 will notice that there are a lot of office buildings and factories around that area.

One particular building that my friend used to work in at that area was a building called Menara Hino. Menara Hino was a typically normal office buidling except that when as soon as you step into this office building, Menara Hino gives you the chills especially when the night falls.

At one particular night, my friend’s colleague was working late as usual. He wasn’t the type to be afraid of ghosts although he often hear noises that are unexplainable. That particular night, nature called and he decided to visit the washroom. The gents was located just opposite of the ladies. The ladies was situated in such a way that if you walk along the corridor towards the washrooms, you could see the ladies cubicles if the door of the ladies washroom was open. As usual, he walked along the corridor towards the gents. As he was walking along the corridor, unexpectedly, he glanced towards one of the cubicles in the ladies washroom. There to his horror, he saw a lady sitting on one of the toilet bowl wearing all white with very long hair. Obviously, he could not get a clear look at the white lady and quickly detoured and walk back to his workstation, packed and left.

After that incident, all the ladies in the office did not even dare to visit the washroom at that floor. The thing was my friend’s colleague could not remember which cubicle he spotted the white lady.

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7 Responses to “Menara Hino haunted”

  1. Kenny Ng Says:

    That building looks scary at night, I passed by once before. Well, my office event more scary.

  2. ic3 Que3n Says:

    Kenny, really? I can’t really remember how the building looks like but anyway wat happened?! You should share!

  3. Kenny Ng Says:

    my office story? ok… stay tuned in g-files I’ll update it in this few days

  4. kim Says:

    My mom’s old office is just opposite Hino. I used to go there with her whenever she had to work on weekends. The building was probably really old, it just gave me the creeps whenever I went there,and I never dared go to the toilet alone. Anyway some of the security guards have said that they have seen a woman with long hair looking down at them from the 2nd floor of my mom’s office when they are on duty at night.

  5. rayza330 Says:

    My mom’s old office in subang airport is scary as used to be a cargo loading and cargo agents office before MAS took over the place and convert it to their mums 1st encounter with the spirit was during lunch time when she was alone she felt like someone using the tip of a pen touch her head from top to bottom.she thought it wad her friends sick joke but when she turn around … Theres no one.

    Next it happens when she was inside the store to look for some file again during lunch time.that particular store requires ones to register before entry as theres a desl that will be manned by a guard.out of a sudden theres a lady in red in mid 40s holding a file walk towards my mom and asking her about my mums collegue.she said “is Zaki around” and my mum replied”cant u see im alone”.after that she just walk out.after finished with the document she went to thd security outside and ask him bout the lady that came in just now.the guard said theres no one came in except my mom.then she called her friend Zaki telling him that theres a lady looking for him in the store.but until the next day theres no sign of the lady again.

    The climax is when my mom hear someone whisperctp her ears “youre not feeling well?”the next day mum couldnt walk n when to hospital the doc said they had to do some operation on her knee.set an appointment to come back in 2weeks time for the mom suspected something then she went to see her cousin who is gifted n can treat people in this sort ofvproblem.according to my aunty that lady is a spirit whos been there since that place was a cargo store where her body was brought from australia to be burried here in kl but no body came to claim her body.according to my aunty again the spirit is angry becoz she wanna be friend with my mum but my mum doesnt want it.therefore the spirit make my moms feet paintful by stppping the blood flow from her knee downward.just mske my mum feel how the ghost feel no blood flowing.with some water my mum drinks from my aunty she can walk immedietly n no surgery req accprding to doc.

  6. Brian Says:

    Menara Hino in PJ was very old building, at one point of time there was famous medical supply company renting that premises also BBRAUN MEDICAL SUPPLIES SDN. BHD.

    The staffs at that point has also mentioned lots of sitting and erry feelings at nite especially walking back to car park at the rear of the building walking through coridors.

  7. CoE Yeoh Says:

    Hi, I’m Coe from a production house in Malaysia. We are now producing a docu-drama which talking about the real ghost story of ordinary people. So, may i know if anyone interested to attend our show for accept an interview about his or her real haunting experience please do not hesitate to contact me by email with attach a file together with your real ghost story. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

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