Haunted Hotel in Alor Setar

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Ever been to a haunted hotel in Alor Setar? I heard before that every hotel is haunted in their own quirky way, the problem is just exactly how much haunting is acceptable. When my friend, Apple, stayed in this hotel in Alor Setar, she did not expect that she had a frightening experience of her own to share with me when she came back to KL. Her schedule was to stay there for 2 nights so when the first night came and went, she wasn’t too worried about being in a haunted hotel room.

The night before she only came back from her work at 9pm. Although she was tired from the long day, she couldn’t sleep and went on to watch tv until about 2am and feel asleep. The next morning, she had to start her day early and left for work at about 8am. Apple had a long day ahead so when she was back to her room at about 9pm, she was already very tired. Apple has a habit of not disturbing any of the drawers in the hotel as she knew that it would usually contain the usual bible and perhaps sometimes menu for room service.

As she stripped her clothes off and headed for the shower, she suddenly heard some noises “wooo… wooo… wooo….” Shock, surprised and scared at the same time, she initially thought that the sound came from the bathroom but as she slowly approached and stepped into the bathroom, she realized that the sound came from her room!

Walking back into her room, she looked around trying to pinpoint the exact origin of the noise. Ever cautious, she realized that the noises came from one of the drawers on the dressing table. Very confident that she did not disturb that part of the room, she walked towards the drawers. Her heart was beating so loudly at the same time she thought of getting dressed and running out of the room. When she reached the drawers, it took all the courage she had inside of her to pull open the drawer. To her surprise, she found that the hair dryer was working which explained the “wooo… wooo… wooo….” Switching the off button on the hair dryer, she slammed the drawer shut loudly and started to recite some incantations that she knew silently in her head.

Luckily enough for her, nothing unusual happened after that. Was it just malfunction on the hair dryer side we will never know but she was pretty sure the room was haunted because she never touched the hair dryer so how did the hair dryer turned on by itself all of a sudden?

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