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Ghost Thieves

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

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If you’ve read about my haunted apartment and my roomie Jeannie, you’ll probably know that Jeannie is more in tuned with ghosts than I am. I did not elaborate much about what Jeannie used to experienced in KL but let me share one of the incidents that she had when she was in Australia.

That day, I was having an afternoon nap while Jeannie was playing with the then popular messenger, ICQ. The plan was to take a quick snooze and collect my energy before I proceed to prepare our dinner so I laid to bed and rest. I was quite a light sleeper so although I was sleeping, I could hear Jeannie typing away on the keyboards. Suddenly, I heard a change in the noise. I could hear sounds of a chair pushing back which meant Jeannie getting up from her chair and then shortly sounds of keys grabbing from our study table. The next thing I heard was the sounds of doors slamming shut and then still quietness. Thinking nothing much, I continued sleeping. After a while, I could hear sounds of our stationary moving around subtly but I decided to ignore it and continue sleeping since it did not disturbed me much. Continue reading Ghost Thieves »

Australian Born Chinese Ghost?

Friday, October 12th, 2012

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When I went to further my studies in Australia, it never crossed my mind that the sightings would follow me there as well. When I was studying here, I met a classmate who I could really click with so when we needed to further our studies in Australia, it was only natural that we were both roommates. We rented a double bed dorm and to maximize the small bedroom, we pushed both the single beds to one corner together. The arrangement was that my friend cum roomie Jeannie would sleep on the inside bed (next to the wall) while I slept on the outside.

That day was the last day of our exams and like any other students, we were pushed to the brink to study as much as possible during our exams week. Each day, we only slept about 2-3 hours and when the last paper was finally submitted, we both headed back to the room without any food and crashed until the next day. Continue reading Australian Born Chinese Ghost? »

My Sleeping Friend

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Author’s Note : The first impression I had when I heard this story was funny! Although my poor friend who related this story to me said that it was the most horrifying experienced she had I could not help but laugh. Let’s see if you are entertained by this story

You know how hostels are since you have been writing and hearing ghost stories for the past 7 years right? Well, when I stayed in the hostel, I had my share of ghostly experience as well. Well, you see, we stayed in a 4 bedroom dorm that for obvious reasons 4 of us shared. Every evening, we would study until late and night and no, my story is not those normal ones that you usually hear where people could hear chain sounds at the corridor nor about catching glimpses of floating white apparition. Mine was more frightening! Continue reading My Sleeping Friend »