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The Replacement Body

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

This story is contributed by Ding KoSg

Ding KoSg : This is a true story I heard from my friend about her aunt’s husband who’s possessed by spirit which took place in Singapore.

This incident all started when my friend’s aunt’s husband (let’s call him Ah Huat for the story’s sake) met a long time friend by the roadside and had gracefully offered his friend a lift home in his car. And this was when things started going awfully wrong.

You see, Ah Huat’s friend was staying in a low cost rented apartment which is infamous for its supernatural sightings. In past, developers had tried to renovate and revive the building located at exactly where this low cost apartment was but somehow this particular building just wouldn’t profitably prospers. There were even cases where bad omen happened to the people who had tried to revive the building. In the end, the building had no other option but to indiscreetly turn into a low cost flat catered for low income people to rent.

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Haunted Places in Singapore

Saturday, December 2nd, 2006

I’ve posted a list of Malaysia’s very own haunted places. Now its our neighbour – Singapore’s turn! If you have any additional places you know that would like to be included into the list, just add it to our comments column! Here it is now, list’s of Singapore’s most haunted places

  1. An Old School in Singapore (name of school is unknown to the author, names anyone?) -This building was constructed in the early 1900s. Many former pupils reported scary noises and passerbys reported strange lights in the building at night. Rumours include a locked toilet due to unremoveable blood stains on the floor. Others heard that “the white lady wept in the toilet every night.” The building was demolished recently.
  2. Bedok Block of Flats -When these block of flats at Bedok Reservoir was still standing, it was left empty for years. Rumors included that a whole family had committed suicide in their flat and that a person had been killed by a ghost in a lift/elevator. Passerbys would sometimes see lights flinkering in the supposedly now empty flats. Continue reading Haunted Places in Singapore »