A Dying Wish

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Chinese has this saying about a person’s last wishes and that if it is left unfulfilled then the dead person would not be able to rest in peace. This happened to my beloved aunt who left her husband and only daughter. My cousin was always the sort of person that loves traveling so when my aunt fell sick, she was not able to return home. Why? Because she entered America but had over extended her stay. If she were to return back home, she would not be allowed to enter America again. When my aunt announced that she was suffering from the last stage of cancer, my cousin had intended to return home. But my aunt told her that it was not necessary and persuaded my cousin to stay back.

To occupy her retired lifestyle, my aunt was a very generous woman that often attended charities and fund raising events. When she was diagnosed with cancer, she still went about extending her volunteering work whenever she could. There, she met up with her master who thought her that chi kung has marvelous affects on one’s health if u practice it often. Through that, my aunt learn to control her chi and miraculously, what the medical doctors told her about her short life of a few months since her diagnose became a few years. I would say my aunt lived her life to the fullest and I enjoyed her company very much. She would often share with me her experiences and stories about how her master thought her about compassion. What I wasn’t aware of was that her master’s knowledge not only extended to the teachings of chi kung but also to the realm of the mysterious and supernatural world.

When the cancer finally won over, we were all only too sad to express our feelings that another great person has been taken away from this world. What we were most dumbfounded about was my aunt’s facial expression. When she was laid to rest in the coffin, we all saw that her one of her eyes was opened while the other was closed. We were all of course puzzled with this phenomenon as the mortician tried closing her eyes but it just wouldn’t shut. As nothing could be done, we proceeded to continue with her wake. During the morning of the first day of her wake, my aunt’s master came to pay her condolences and asked to see my aunt. To her surprised, she saw my aunt’s one opened eye along with creases between her eyes above her nose bridge as if she was worried.

Immediately she turned around and asked my uncle if there was something that she was worried about. My uncle looked at her sadly and told her about my cousin who did not come back from America as it was my aunt’s wishes that she was to continue staying there. My aunt’s master told my uncle that a deceases with open eye is not a good signed and then requested to open the coffin so she can assist in helping my aunt.

The master placed her hand over my aunt’s eye and whispered softly to my aunt as if she was speaking to her. When the master removed her hands, we were all surprised to see both my aunt’s eyes were closed and her face no longer express signs of worries. The master later told us that my aunt, although told her daughter not to come back even in her death, still held worries to her heart as it was almost 6 years since she last saw her daughter. The master told my aunt that she had nothing to worry about and all mortal worries should now be laid to rest on the hands of my uncle and my cousin’s soon-to-be husband. With that, she chanted a few lines of prayers to help ease my aunt’s worries and help her along the way.

The wake and her burial ceremony went along without a hitch. My cousin, after a few years later, came back to visit her mother’s grave.

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