Haunting in Australia

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This story is contributed by anonymous

About seven to eight years ago, I did my further studies in Australia. The first year went by smoothly but the second was not so much.. During my second year in Australia , I was rather ‘unlucky’.

It all began when two of my close friends and I decided to move to a new place. My friends managed to find a place with cheap rent, wide space and near to many sort of amenities. It was a villa in a small complex of 5 houses. I couldn’t join my friends for house viewing because of assignments overload but they reported back to me how great the place was. Since they told me that it was a good offer, I told them to go for it. They, however, insisted that I should view it too, but I insisted back that we all should just sign the rental agreement. It was cheap and both of them were extremely excited about the new place. So, nothing could go wrong.

My friends moved in first as I still had 2 more weeks left on my then current rental contract. About 3 nights before the rental contract expires, I had slowly started moving out from my place. As I reached the villa for the first time, I felt extremely uncomfortable. It was nightfall, then.

I saw that neighboring the villa, there was a church. Unlike most churches I’ve seen, this was dark, badly maintained and worst of all, plain creepy. Across the villa was a bird museum with overgrown greens. Our new place was the house located right smack in the middle of the villa.

As I got into the new house, everything seemed to be fine. My friends were giving me a tour around the place and showing me my room. The house interior was comfy and nice. They then lead me to the sliding door facing the garden, turned on the flickering garden lights and opened up the blinds. I immediately froze there on the spot. Facing me in the darkness was an old HUGE tree bark and tied around it was a red thread. I remember feeling chills running down my spine. My goose bumps were all standing and alarm bells were ringing in my head. As they shut the blinds, I asked my housemates if they felt comfortable about the tree. They told me no and was thinking about having it removed. I told them that it wasn’t such a good idea especially with the red thread around it although none of us really knew what the red thread symbolizes.

The final night of my contract, I officially moved in the new place. Upon arriving, I felt my housemates were grim about something and when I question them about it, they revealed to me that the house owner had gotten rid of the tree. I just kept quiet then. That first night, I dreamt of 3 old people. There were 2 old men and 1 old woman, dressed in clown outfits. They kept laughing and talking. Worst of all, the old woman was cuddling ‘me’. In the dream, I had turned into a baby, but my face wasn’t my baby face but my teenage face on it. It was disgustingly bizarre. I woke up scared but I knew deep down inside me that the dream, the tree, the odd church and the museum was a very bad sign.

Slowly over the weeks, I experienced very odd things in/around the house. Like …

Haunting Incident 1
I would be sleeping in my room and someone would knock my room door. I wasn’t too sure if I heard it right the first time but I just told whoever it was to come in. No one came in so I fell back to sleep. Moments later, sound of someone knocking on my door would come again. This time I was somewhat certain there was someone outside my door. Assuming that they person couldn’t hear me the first time, I told them to come in loudly. No one came in. I went back to sleep feeling a little angry. Before my eyes shut, I heard the banging on the door. I got so angry, opened the door and saw no one there. Pissed off, I walked to my housemates in the living room and confronted them. They looked shocked and swore that they weren’t the one who knocked my door. I was too tired to care and went back to sleep.

Haunting Incident 2
Once, I was chatting with my friends on MSN. My computer was facing the window which in turn was facing the villa entrance. You can see the main street from there. As I was happily chatting with my high school buddies, I suddenly realized something was wrong. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed this black shadow beside my window. It was staring at me. I was too scared to take a good look so I decided to casually get off my chair and stroll away to the living room. Once in the living room, I asked one housemate to look outside the window from the main street to see if anyone was standing outside my room window. He said no, and he did not hear heard any footsteps either. When I told him what had happened, he shrugged it off as my over active imagination.

Haunting Incident 3
Once, I was watering the plants on our porch and I heard chanting of some sort from the church next door. As it sounded alien to me, out of curiosity I called for my housemate, B since B is a Christian himself. B listened to the chants for a moment and said that it was odd. He went over to take a good look at the place as I continued to water the plants and suddenly, B urgently asked me to enter the house. Once indoors, he told me that it was a cult and “they are practicing some weird shit”. I didn’t further pursue the topic since religion is very personal.

Haunting Incident 4
While having dinner in the living room, my housemates and I could hear rustling and shuffling sounds in the garden when there is no one there.

Haunting Incident 5
Once, we were throwing a birthday party for B at home. Running out of food, Mitch, Lillian and I went out to take away some more food. On the way back (roughly about 2 turns away from the villa), I saw a white figure standing on the road side. I stared at it and realized it wasn’t human because she wasn’t standing; she was floating slightly above the ground. Mitch didn’t see the figure but Lillian did.

Haunting Incident 6
Lastly, the one that I remember the most. It was summer holidays and that one night, my housemate took my car out as his had battery problems. My other housemate had went back to Singapore for holidays so I had a few friends over. Around 12am, they left and I was clearing the beer bottles when I heard my car (my exhaust is a little loud). Thinking that my housemate was back, I continued clearing the bottles. I could hear B calling out my name. I decided to ignore him, since he has the house keys. After a while, I felt someone tapping my left shoulder. I froze on the spot. The beer bottles that I was carrying fell from my hands and shattered on the ground. I ran into my room without looking back. Why? Because there is no way that anyone can enter the house without the door grill banging. Shaking, I called B who has my car and asked where he was. He told me that he was on the other side of town. That night, I just hid in my room and played music loudly till morning came.

Other than me, a friend has also seen something on the way to my place. She passed by a lady in white and she knew immediately it wasn’t human. Just to double confirm her suspicions, she looked in her rear view mirror. What she saw was the lady in white looking at her back at her. She continued driving but her curiosity got the better of her and she took another look at the rearview mirror. This time, the lady in white was staring back at her smiling with red eyes all gleaming. By the time she got to my place, she broke down in tears.

Four to five months later, I moved out. Apparently, B called a priest to bless the place. My other housemate moved out too, because he was strangled by something one night while he was sleeping

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12 Responses to “Haunting in Australia”

  1. gerly Says:

    the last incident was so spooky..

  2. jeremy choo Says:

    Wow…Looks like the whole area is haunted…
    Mind to name the place you were staying in Australia?:P

  3. navinesh Says:

    lucky theres no harmful stuff happened..should have called the priest earlier..

  4. Lynn Goh Says:

    Maybe I watched too much ghost stories but usually there is always one or two will show tree trunks with red strings. That’s a bad omen if to unstring or to cut the trees.

  5. pisang Says:

    A clown?
    looks like a horror movie name “IT” is real

  6. ZJ Says:

    Wow, this so reminded me of a horror video game I used to play. In Japan, tying a red rope around a tree was a sign that it was worshipped. Some ancient cultures even offer sacrifices to the tree because they believed that a deity, or a God resides in that tree. More often than not, the ‘tree deity’ is malevolent (hence, the sacricifice).

  7. JonSpark Says:

    “they are practicing some weird shit”

    i wonder what weird shit they’re doing XD

  8. monen Says:

    really really creepy la wei the last incident..

  9. DaViDcHaN Says:

    What does the tree with the red thread symbolized?

  10. Adiba Says:

    i dont believe in ghosts ok i may beleieve this story is true but no way i am believing in ghosts

  11. Albert Says:

    Well actually ghost is some one pass away and not be able to rebirth because of pass away without do any ritual ceremony of their religions of that person.Example if that person been murdered and the body have not been found so the spirit of that person will be call ghost after many year unable to rebirth.Some ghost can be seen for few hundred.Some of it try to communicate with us but we are too be afraid with it.But actually we have soul and spirit in our self but why we afraid of some thing we already have.For example Buddha have to rebirth 208 times before he can archive his Nirvana became Buddha.Every person can rebirth many time but do you knew how many time have you been rebirth and some of you may be few hundred or thousand years old soul.

  12. unsightly Says:

    Wowwww Albert, slow down with the reincarnation thingy. I jus think the ghost(s) wanted to communicate but bcoz we are so freaking scared to see something different from the norm, we either brush aside such communications or just plain scared to approach the ghost(s). I mean if they are there to harm u, they would have done so earlier.

    Talking of which, yrs truly also experienced being slap on the thight by an unknown. It happened when I was young & staying at Kepong Baru. Behind my house was a rubber plantation. Now, its cleared and replaced by low cost 3 storey houses. Anyway, I was given the room at the back of the house & from the room window, u could see the rubber trees. The door to my room could not close nicely so u actually have to push hard to close the door or pull hard with both hands to open the door. Also, there will be a creaking noise whenever the door is open so u know for sure if someone is trying to open to door. I have never locked the door for fear it may jam the door.

    One night, while sleeping in this queen sized bed, all a sudden I felt a big slap on my thight. I woke up obviously and thought it was my elder sister playing a prank on me. I checked under the bed, inside the closet and even tried opening the darn door. It was tighly closed. Anyway, if anyone were to open it, I would be able to hear the voice. Thinking it was my imagination, I went back to sleep. Mine u, my eyes maybe shut but my mind was still alert since I was still thinking whether it was a dream or for real. Within a few minutes, I got another slap on my thight. I got up mad & did one more round of check. Same result. This time, I definitely wanted to get out of the room but as hard as I tried, the door wouldn’t open. Also, I realised that I couldn’t shout as well. So, I did the next best thing, I prayed silently in my mind. Guess what, I could open the door. I quickly ran to my sister’s room at the front and just slept on the floor. I never got round to telling anyone about my experience until now. Had I been older, I would surely swear at whoever that slap my thight.

    If I have time, I will share more stories about this house. I not in the liberty to share the house number and road coz there is a family staying there & I wouldn’t want to freak them out with investigators and seekers or whatever u call them.

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