Malaysia Court House Haunted?

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Now here’s an interesting read. I thought all these while when I’m writing SpookyCorner,  I’m either paranoid or crazy or think too much. Meanwhile, the rest of you readers out there are either paranoid, crazy or think too much like me! That is until, I read an article mentioning about one of Malaysia’s Court  Houses is haunted. You have got to be kidding me!

In the article, it said that a building in Malaysia that houses at least eight civil courts is deemed to be haunted after court officials (seriously, court officials) claimed to have experienced paranormal activities.

It also mentioned that a court policeman claimed the ghostly incidents occurred shortly after the courts moved into the towering Menara Cyberport at Jalan Bukit Meldrum, formerly called Menara Sarawak, in January.

Now here’s something interesting, the article also mentioned that the senior officials actually sought the help of local bomoh to “cleanse” the place after one court employee became hysterical when she saw ghosts in her office. Its not just one, but several! Some employees has also either seen ghosts or doors opening or closing on their own. Now that’s what I call a court house full of “ghosts”!

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3 Responses to “Malaysia Court House Haunted?”

  1. Dog Sense Says:

    Ghosts of the wrongly accused and sentenced to death?
    The judges must be made to go thro’ the terror of misjudgement!

  2. leonkei Says:

    court of after life is in that building……
    may be TBH inquest is better sent there

  3. yoyoyo Says:

    TBH is merely a politician who passed away at macc building .. i don know why DAP is trying to make so much publicity with it (TO GAIN MORE VOTES?) Leave TBH family alone .. i believe TBH wouldnt wan this thing to be dragged forever .. Real victim is not TBH .. its his son !!! For gods sake STOP IT BLOODY DAP

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