Country Height’s Dark Road

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Author’s Note : As fictitious as this sounds, my friend told me that what her brother experienced is true. So let’s just hear what you guys think after reading about my friend’s brother, Abu has to say

Abu works part time as a delivery man for our local pizza chain Pizza Hut to pay off his study loans and earn extra cash. Abu’s job description includes delivery pizza as soon as it comes fresh off the oven. On one delivery call from a customer in Country Heights, he was assigned to deliver to that particular household. If you have been to Country Heights before, you would know about its tight security and lone and ridiculously big houses along the stretches of road.

Off he went without thinking twice about the order. Perhaps it was unfortunate on his side but as he cleared the security guards, he went in search of the particular house that has some hungry customers. That night was already quite late and moreover, it was football weekend so he too was rushing get a glimpse of the world match before the match ends. As he was wondering around (it was his first time there), he noticed the strange misty white cloud in front of the road.

As he drove his motorcycle forward, he notice something among the mist. He could not see properly due to the misty condition and the next thing he knew, he saw a flash of what seemed to be a head with long hair and blacked out. He could not recall what happened but found himself lying on the middle of the road unconscious with the Country Height’s guards surrounding him. According to the guards, they found him sprawling on the road as they were doing their rounds.

Abu couldn’t remember a thing and needless to say, his delivery was a catastrophe. When he went back, he got a good sounding from his boss.


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4 Responses to “Country Height’s Dark Road”

  1. Lynn Goh Says:

    I am not surprised that places that are high end has this as well. Example, a colleague friend has a relative whose friend lives in The Cove~Penang. He went to visit his friend and at the same time has a look at his place. He happened to have a 3rd eye, he saw a long female ghost laying on his friend bed. He dare not inform his friend about this. Imagine his friend sleeps there every night , next to a female ghost, yikes. Until now, we are still trying to get some details about the ghost (young or old, pretty or ugly, etc). My colleague has yet to find the opportunity to coax her relative to tell more. He was very quiet about it. This incident took place during this year CNY.

  2. Maerc Says:

    why abu? why not ali? haha

  3. Shan Mindfreak Says:

    Hello guys ! I really need help ! I think my house is haunted ! As I’m writing to you i felt a presence behind me ! When i turned around, I saw a shadow move past me ! I was quite bulky so it couldn’t have been my shadow ! Anyways i am staying alone in the house ! FYI I’m 16 years old this feelings of fear has been controlling my life since i moved to the “house” back in 2003 ! There is a particular room and washroom which makes my senses go of the chart ! The washroom is kinda weird because when you open the light, the light doesn’t seem to show up until I leave the washroom but when my parents are at home it works perfectly fine ! While the “room” (my room of course ) seems to make weird sounds at 12 o’clock and 3 :30 in the morning ! We did bring a bomoh from Thailand and he said the spirit was sent away ! However, I still don’t feel right and my problems still haven’t come to an end ! Does anyone have any suggestion on what’s really going on ! Urgent !

  4. Melan Says:

    It’s quite a common things with the misty roads somewhere in Country Heights residential areas. FYI there was an old grave situated somewhere in CH but am not sure wether the grave is still there or not. Last time i visited friends in CH area is 1988. At that time the area was planted with rubber trees.

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