Sri Mutiara Condo in Sungai Besi

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This story is contributed by Zoe

The most freaking story I ever heard is about a condominium called Sri Mutiara Condo along Sg Besi’s highway which is leading intoto Jalan Tun Razak. My aunt was staying there last time so all the relatives would visit her house at least once a year.

I remember my first visit was back in year 2001 where we went to the wrong floor. My aunt was staying on the 1st floor but my family and I went to the 9th floor instead. My mum was on a wheel chair then so I strolled her along the corridor looking for my aunt’s house. All of us noticed that all the doors on every singe unit either had a talisman or quran or some sort of protection which we felt it was pretty weird.

A year later, my cousin warned us not to go there alone because one of his friend staying on the 3rd floor was possessed. The friend was a lady Fillipino who could only speak English. But all of sudden, she spoke in a man’s voice with an Indonesian accent. She even wanted to jump out from the balcony. At least 6 of my cousin’s friends tried to tie her up and carried her out of the building.

On the way of carrying her out of the building, she bit my cousin’s friend. Upon reaching car park, the condo security guard saw them. Not all all surprised, he asked them if she was possessed. Does this means that the security guard had witnessed this sort of incident often?

There are lots of details but is too long to share. Then years later, my aunt who was staying there was advice by a friend (who able to see things) not to stay there any more because the building is crowded with those things. So my aunt and her family moved out within 2 months.

There are many spooky and creepy stories about this building and I think Seekers should go there to investigate

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3 Responses to “Sri Mutiara Condo in Sungai Besi”

  1. Martyn Says:

    Hello, I am interested in your experience at sir mutiara. I would like to know more about your experiences. I am interested in paranormal activity In Malaysia and would like to go to sir mutiara and do a investigation

    My email is

  2. unsightly Says:

    Martyn, when u r done with yr investigation of the place & u survive the process, plz share with us what you found out. I like to go too but I am lazy to travel.

  3. Pinky Says:

    hahaha i stayed there more than 10yrs nothing happen.

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