Blurred Vision

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This story is contributed by Lyndy

This incident happened just recently, I am not sure whether it was sort of like imagination or it was that i got in touch with the underworld…maybe as you read you are able to tell me.

It was like any other morning, I took my bag, my laptop, car keys and was ready to leave my house for work. As I was about to walked into my car, I heard my neighbour calling, I looked up and saw her, standing by the fence looking at me, seems like wanting to tell me she is home.

Well, the fact was, my neighbour had passed away a few days ago due to cancer. So how was it possible that she was standing opposite me, looking at me??

Alright, the weird part was this, when she was calling me, I seem to be in like a bubblish moment. At that moment, I thought I made a mistake that she had passed away, I seem to think that she is still alive and she managed to return home safe and sound. So clearly I saw her.

It wasn’t until my mum walked out of the house and called me, wandering why I just stood still and stare into blank space, that the bubble burst. It seems like a hit to reality, and only at that moment I realised it wasn’t my neighbour standing opposite me…

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8 Responses to “Blurred Vision”

  1. Lynn Goh Says:

    Wow, i think she was back, possibly she happened to walk into her house when you walked out to work. Time just stopped. Luckily your mom called you or else you will be standing there for goodness chatting with her about her condition and others.

    I am just thinking, whether anyone else staying with her? Why don’t you check with her family see anyone dreamt of her or something..if it’s on the same day.

  2. Lynn Goh Says:

    forgot to mention, usually on the 7th days, the soul will come back (chinese beliefs)

  3. KinaKina Says:

    Wow,great story.To bad I only saw an alien in my bathroom… -_-

  4. Navinesh Says:

    nothing scary! grrrr.. 🙁

  5. SheDaly Says:

    Usually souls will go back to their home on certain days (am not sure what day)..just to check upon their family and loved ones..

  6. leonkei Says:

    possible she want see you for last time before she departed to new world.
    and let you see her for last time forever and ever.

  7. Xyler Says:

    my older brother experienced the same thing.. i think the dead wanted to pay a final visit before departed into the other world..

  8. Shan Mindfreak Says:

    Hello guys ! I really need help ! I think my house is haunted ! As I’m writing to you i felt a presence behind me ! When i turned around, I saw a shadow move past me ! I was quite bulky so it couldn’t have been my shadow ! Anyways i am staying alone in the house ! FYI I’m 16 years old this feelings of fear has been controlling my life since i moved to the “house” back in 2003 ! There is a particular room and washroom which makes my senses go of the chart ! The washroom is kinda weird because when you open the light, the light doesn’t seem to show up until I leave the washroom but when my parents are at home it works perfectly fine ! While the “room” (my room of course ) seems to make weird sounds at 12 o’clock and 3 :30 in the morning ! We did bring a bomoh from Thailand and he said the spirit was sent away ! However, I still don’t feel right and my problems still haven’t come to an end ! Does anyone have any suggestion on what’s really going on ! Urgent !

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